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Give Some. Get Some. Campaign


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Fall 2010- Ad Campaign

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Give Some. Get Some. Campaign

  1. 1. givesome GETsome D S CM 2 ADVERTISING
  3. 3. Hey you! Frat Boy/Sorority Girl,Wanna Get Some??Yeah, you heard us right. What if we told you there was a website that couldmake your life easier? What if there was a website that had all the informationon non-profit organizations located in Tampa that you could use to find yourphilanthropies? Amazing right? Now that we have your attention, there is. Butin order to get some, you have to give is a nonprofit organization that gives individuals theopportunity to become involved with nonprofits through their website. Thereis a college tab with interactive games, contests, and prizes that you can winfor yourself or your Greek organization. With monthly drawings on the bestphilanthropic story, your organization could win a free event paid for by thesite’s sponsors.What’s the catch? There isn’t one. You simply have to simply give some to getsome. Visit the website. Check out the college tab. Join the Facebook group.Your favorite bars and restaurants are on there too. There are coasters aroundtown, flyers and bracelets to remind you that volunteering and donating hasnever been easier or more profitable. Just look for the TampaBayHelps.comlogo and “Give Some. Get Some.”There are so many ways to get some and all you have to do is give your time.Come check out Because we know everyone likes toget some.Catch ya later!Your B.F.F. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY //2
  4. 4. THE INITIAL STEPSTHE PROBLEM:We realized that there was an abundance of information regarding local non-profits that no one knows about. We decided the mission of our campaignwould be to increase awareness of this useful website and to increase foot traffic for our clientby targeting the college demographic.WE FIGURED OUT A FEW THINGS THAT DIDN’T WORK:The target audience was too broad for the website. We had to find a specific niche. When wedecided what that niche would be, we had to figure out how to change the website to make itrelevant to college students. RESEARCH & PLANNING //3
  5. 5. OUR CONSUMERSThe group we are targeting are young adults in college-- Generation “Y”: the Millennial, the Missionary, and the Post ModernNexter Generation. This crowd was born between 1980 and 1990. According to Braskamp, author of Three CentralQuestions Worth Asking, college students are divided up into these different groups and exhibit these characteristics:MILLENNIAL STUDENTS MISSIONARY STUDENTS POSTMODERN NEXTERare conventional, cooperative team are evangelical in their world view, believe STUDENTSplayers, optimistic about the future, in external authority of truth and wisdom, are consumer oriented,interested in math and science, prefer hold traditional views of family and social entertainment oriented, likesecure and regulated environments, interactions, are serious in their studies and instant gratification, have a shortaccept responsibility, respectful of work, view life and work as a calling and event horizon, seek excellence-social norms, engage in community vocation, and are politically and socially without effort, skeptical aboutprojects, and are concerned about conservative. Many, however, can be called life, intellectually disengaged,their future. They are affluent, civic- “counter cultural conservatives” given their adaptable and pragmatic,minded, busy, optimistic, sheltered, support of equal rights, gun control and social entitlement focused, and are oftenconfident, consumer oriented, and justice. They generally reject the “spiritual but stressed about their life. Finallyover-programmed. They focus on not religious” perspective of their faith, and are they are close to parents.grades and performance, rely on not as interested in church and organizationalpeer approval, and prefer not to be issues as they are in their personal faithinvolved in reflective and critical journey. Moreover, many students today arethinking. Finally they are close to very committed to social and secular causes,parents. and have the missionary seal, even though they do not depend on any religious tradition for their purpose and meaning in life. And finally they are all close to parents. RESEARCH & PLANNING //4
  6. 6. WHAT THE CONSUMERSHAVE IN COMMONThe similarities that exist among these groups are they are the Internet generation. Theylike instant gratification, thrive on electronics, gadgets, cell phones, electronic organizers,and hundreds of television stations. They have short attention spans. They are close to theirparents. They view advertising as a nuisance and only pay attention when it is specific tosomething they are interested in, or if it’s really funny. They don’t have time to waste, and willonly listen up if it will benefit them somehow.We’ve noticed our audience is also driven by incentives. They will give something (time,money, support…) on the condition that they get something in return (coupons, free gifts,recognition, self-esteem...). In our case, some of them may claim they would volunteer merelyout of the kindness of their hearts- no ulterior motivations or obligations. We know better thanthat. But, of course, we are not the kind to point fingers. We are going to keep this secretbetween us and offer incentives (without even being asked!) with our campaign that willreinforce our message that helping others will ultimately help you. RESEARCH & PLANNING //5
  7. 7. WE TARGETED-THE GREEKS FROM OUR RESEARCH, WE WERE ABLE TO SEGMENT OUR AUDIENCE INTO THE FOLLOWING... PRIMARY AUDIENCE The Goody-Two-Shoes Greeks: THE VAIN GREEKS: These Greeks take pride in their organization and These Greeks will go to a website simply because their picture is on it. bettering their community. They just want to “make the They are vain and take pride in their appearance. They like to know that world a better place”. Getting recognition for their work others are looking at them as well. will encourage them to work harder, because these Greeks are sometimes left in the background. The Beer Drinking Greeks: These Greeks like the social aspect of Greek life. They like to go to The WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME Greeks: parties and spend most of their days being hung over. They are only These people are all about what they can get out of the arrangement. They interested in doing the BARE minimum in order to remain a part of their like incentives; prizes, money for their non-profit, coupons etc in exchange for organization. For example, if the rules are an whatever volunteer work they do. They want to know how they can benefit individual must complete 10 hours of community from their input. service a year in order to remain a part of the organization, they will only do 10 hours a year. The social Greeks: These people like to go out. They like to see and be seen. They are good The COMPETITIVE Greeks: at schmoozing. They like to take pictures and are constantly texting or on These Greeks just want to win--at anything. Facebook. They are great at networking and organizing events (especially Even if that means who can volunteer the most parties) because these people know EVERYONE. They are fun and interesting among the Greeks. They will be there scheming, and always up for a party. sniffing out their competition and strategizing. They thrive on competition. It makes them feel good about themselves. They are the kind of people who won’t let their 5 year old sister beat them at a board game, because winning is too important.SECONDARY AUDIENCEThe CAMPUS DO GOODERS:They are not always a part of an organization (while some may bemembers of P.E.A.C.E. or similar volunteer organizations). They justenjoy volunteering and helping out in any way they can. Some do itbecause they think it’s important. Others just do it because, frankly,they have nothing else better to do on the weekend. RESEARCH & PLANNING //6
  8. 8. THE BEGINNING THE STORY OF THE TAGLINE After a few weeks of research, we started thinking-- What is at the core ofALLOW US TO What is the essence of what it does? Why is it special? What’s it’s “niche”… And then we finally got it-- this website helps you. And it helps you to help other people.After all of this in-depth So we started bouncing around ideas for taglines. We needed something that was young andconsumer description and smart. Something that could grab the attention of our target audience…research we were finallyready to make some We were sitting around spitting out whatever came to our minds. We came up with things likedecisions. We recognized “Give a little, get a lot”, “Helps you. Helps you help others”, “Be selfish. Be selfless”, “Help you.that right now we’re invisible. Help others”, and we realized that we were close, but just not there as yet.We do not exist in thebrains of our consumers- Then a team member came out with it. And all of us just sat there quietly, taking in the simplicitywe have a blank slate to and perfection of her statement…start from. Keeping this inmind, we all knew we had “Give Some. Get Some.” come with somethingbrilliant, something strong; This tagline speaks to our target audience. It is smart, has a double meaning, and will grabsomething that would catch their attention. There is nothing that will gain the attention of a college student like a sexualthe attention of our A.D.D. innuendo. It’s very tongue-and-cheek and college students love them! You can see them allgeneration. around campus—just look at the University of Tampa’s school newspaper claiming to “Put Out On Fridays”. But best of all, this tagline connects back to the essence of RESEARCH & PLANNING //7
  9. 9. THE COREOUR PRIMARY RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES:A survey of our primary target audience was conducted in order to evaluate the audience’sthoughts on the benefits of the product and the advertising tactics that could attract themfurther. Through convenience sampling, we surveyed 34 University of Tampa students involvedin Greek life. The students surveyed are males and females that stem from various fraternitiesand sororities.The surveys provided us with information that supported our decision to make Greek life ourprimary target audience, with sub-audiences as lower priority. Because they have mandatoryvolunteer hours they must complete, Greek life students said would beuseful. Although they are generally loyal to a specific organization, the students are willing tomove around. The most popular volunteer categories proved to be education/technology, kids/families/pets, and hospital/health/prevention/medical. The idea of incentives, interactivity onthe website, and Greek life competitions also intrigued the target audience.RESEARCH OBJECTIVES1. To discover if is a useful website for our primary audience2. To discover how the website could better fit our primary audience’s needs RESEARCH & PLANNING //8
  11. 11. PRODUCT/SERVICEWE REALIZED THAT IN ORDER TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN, WE HAD TO IMPROVE THEBRAND PERCEPTION WITHIN OUR SPECIFIC TARGET AUDIENCES THROUGH EXAMINING THEIRNEEDS, WANTS, PROBLEMS, AND INTERESTS. NEEDS: They want something that is going to make their lives easier. PROBLEMS: Most college students have a lot May not be able to use the website on their plate as it is. for its main purpose (buying donation gift-cards) but they can volunteer time. However with school, jobs, organizations and social lives they INTERESTS: have a lot going on and don’t have TV shows much time to spare. Music Drinking WANTS: Relationships - Relevance (they do not Friends and Family have much time) The Internet (Facebook, - Budget friendly (college Twitter, MySpace) students don’t really have much of a disposable income) RESEARCH & PLANNING //10
  12. 12. WHAT WE WANT CURRENT PERCEPTION DESIRED PERCEPTION NONE USEFUL WEBSITEDESIRED BRAND PERCEPTIONS:We want people to feel like is beneficial, useful, and rewarding. We wantcollege students to use the website as an outlet for various volunteering and philanthropicopportunities. Because the site is a local organization only pertaining to the Tampa Bay area,we want to create community involvement and excitement. HOWSIZING UP THE COMPETITION: TAMPABAYHELPS.COMWHAT IS VOLUNTEERMATCH? CAN is said to be “the preferred internet recruiting tool for more than 73,000nonprofit organizations” and growing. They work with non-profits, businesses, and government • is aofficials to promote their personal success and the success of their clients. The website has specialized website for peoplea variety of advertising media, such as printable posters and video PSAs, to help promote in a specific areanon-profits more efficiently. The viewer can also add Volunteer Match’s logo link to theirwebsite and easily donate by clicking a button. They offer an “other ways to give” section that • Because TampaBayHelps.suggests donating by mail or phone, donating in someone’s memory, donating a car or cell com has targeted theirphones, etc. services, it is easy for users to find the information they areCURRENT BRAND PERCEPTION OF BIGGEST COMPETITOR: looking for.• The brand’s biggest competitor is The current brand perception withVolunteerMatch is that they are reliable, involved, and well established.• They have 75,000 participating organizationsand millions of volunteers using their services. RESEARCH & PLANNING //11
  13. 13. HOW TBH FUNCTIONSWHILE EXAMINING THE BRAND PERCEPTIONS, WE TOOK A LOOK AT HOW TAMPABAYHELPS.COM FUNCTIONS. WE DETERMINED WHAT THEY DID WELL AND WHERE THERE’S ROOM FORIMPROVEMENT. WE LOOKED AT EXTERNAL OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS TO HELP US DETERMINETHE BEST MARKETING AND ADVERTISING STRATEGIES.STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS- Only website to provide - No one knows about it - Organize website properly -College students andinformation about various so that it can serve a useful potential volunteers may notnon-profits in the Tampa - It is not set up properly yet purpose for target market think the product is worthBay Area (i.e. so that sororities and their time -Lack of sponsors/ funding fraternities can use it to sign- Potentially useful to target up to volunteer etc.) - Better resources thanmarket -Not enough media from individually looking for non-profits - Inform the target information separately- Convenience through audience, college studentsthe internet allowing easy -Company branding, no and those needing to -Loyalty to specific non-access to the site consumer loyalty to site volunteer, that the website profits is not incorporated in exists determining lack of interest-Easy to use donation in the sitefeature-Vast amount of informationon non-profits-“Umbrella” for allorganizations in a centrallocation RESEARCH & PLANNING //12
  14. 14. OUR OBJECTIVESMARKETING OBJECTIVES• Increase foot trafficDriving students to the site is so important! Without enough foot traffic, there are not enoughsponsors; and without enough sponsors, the site will not be able to offer any incentives toencourage college students to use it. Advertising will market as a usefuland relevant tool for college students through promotional flyers, coasters, social networks, anda variety of other outlets. This will significantly increase the foot traffic on the site as well as theamount of sponsors contributing to OBJECTIVES• Bring awareness of• Attract college students to the visit TampaBayHelps.comWe want college students to use the website as an outlet for various volunteering andphilanthropic opportunities. Bringing students to the website keeps sustainable hits andincreases corporate sponsorship for non-profits. RESEARCH & PLANNING //13
  15. 15. CREATIVE BRIEFWHY ARE WE ADVERTISING?College students in the Tampa Bay area do not know about and/orthe benefits of using and visiting the website. We want to change this. We want students,specifically college students in the Tampa Bay area, to visit and use our site, creating more foottraffic and increasing sponsorship.WHAT IS THE ADVERTISING TRYING TO ACHIEVE?The purpose of advertising is to increase foot traffic on the website. To do this, we madesuggestions on how to change the product so that it is useful and beneficial to our targetaudience. First, will provide a relevant service to them in the form of anonline non-profit database and second, we will advertise it as such.WHO IS THE TARGET AUDIENCE?The target audience is college students in the Tampa Bay area. More specifically, they arestudents that are constantly connected to their phone, iPods, and any electronics they cantake with them between classes. They are thrifty, do not have a disposable income, or timeto spare. These are the social media lovers that check their pages several times a day. Theystay up drinking or studying in the library all night. They like to help themselves (being in aGreek organization looks great on a resume and provides good networking opportunities), helpothers (these organizations have an objective of philanthropy and often raise funds to donateto various charity and nonprofit organizations, and have fun. These students also love instantgratification and anything free. RESEARCH & PLANNING //14
  16. 16. CREATIVE BRIEF (CONTINUED) WHAT EVIDENCE DO WE HAVE IN SUPPORT OF THIS SINGLE PROMISE/ BENEFIT/ IDEA?WHAT TONE SHOULD BE USED? The following are suggestions forThe tone should be informal and fun- not needy and guilt inflicting. supporting the single promise. They are not currently in place:WHAT ARE THE TARGET AUDIENCE’S CURRENT BRAND PERCEPTIONS? - The site is easy to use andThe target audience does not have a current brand perception because the site is new and divides all the nonprofits inunknown. categories for simple navigation.WHAT ARE THE DESIRED BRAND PERCEPTIONS? - It shares important informationWe want people to feel like is useful and rewarding. We want for the college students and the non-profits they are interest students to use the website as an outlet for various volunteering and philanthropicopportunities. Because the site is a local organization just pertaining to the Tampa Bay area, - The site will offer incentives forwe want to create community involvement and excitement. visitors and encourage them to be active in the community.WHAT ARE THE TARGET AUDIENCE’S CURRENT PERCEPTIONS OF THEBRAND’S BIGGEST COMPETITORS? - The site will offer fun and interactive ways for studentsThe brand’s biggest competitor is The current brand perception with to get involved in and for theirVolunteerMatch is that they are reliable, popular, and well established. communities.WHAT SINGLE PROMISE/ BENEFIT/ IDEA DOES ADVERTISING NEED TO - People will post interestingCONVEY ABOUT THE BRAND? stories of their is a useful, beneficial site for students visiting non-profit sites online. on a site sponsored blog so others can get some insight intoUsing the site will help you, and will also help you to help others. organizations they would possibly be interested in working with or donating to. RESEARCH & PLANNING //15
  17. 17. OVERVIEWWe designed our “Give Some. Get Some.” concept in a manner that would be appealing to ourtarget audience, but reinforce the story of term non-profit is synonymous with giving away your hard earned money. Many peoplecringe at the thought of another non-profit coming around and harassing them to donate, when,in this economy, that’s the last thing anyone wants to do. We wanted to change this attitudethrough our campaign. is not about donating money, it’s about donatingtime and these kids have to do that anyway in order to remain in their organizations.This website is about improving the community, getting businesses involved, and having fun--and who doesn’t need more fun in their lives? CREATIVE //16
  18. 18. NON-TRADITIONALLOGOOur “TampabayhelpsU” logo will be printed on everything. This will create uniformity and abayhelps Uhopefully result in brand recognition among our target audience. Tamp yhelps aba U Tamp BUSINESS CARDS Our business cards will be given out at bars and night clubs. They will house a code that users can enter online at the website to get a free drink or free entry into the location. This will also be great because our Greeks can take a little piece of us with them, and hopefully share with their friends. GETsome Scan Enter Code: GOTSOME and to get a FREE SHOT or Visit... CREATIVE //17
  19. 19. NON-TRADITIONALFACEBOOKOur Facebook page will be a hub of interactivity. College kids ayhelps TampabayhelpsU abare addicted to this social networking website. Our Facebook U Tamppage will link our various greeks and their friends and family to a ab ayhelps U TampabayhelpsU Tamp“Volunteer of the Month” voting page on our website. They canalso post a direct link to the website on their friends’ pages. Thiswill increase awareness of our brand, and bring unique hits to ourwebsite! Free prizes paid for by our sponsors will also be offeredon Facebook for visiting.BRACELETSOur fun rubber bracelets will be handed out at college campuses. ab ayhelps U TampabayhelpsU Tamp“Give Some, Get Some” will be printed on the outside of thebracelet and on the inside. College givesomekids love free things, especially things they can wear. They will ab U ayhelps TampabayhelpsU Tampalso become promoters of our brand without evenollegknowing it! Thisewill give us free exposure and increase recognition...Pretty sweet, /c ayhelps ab TampabayhelpsU U Tampright? Reverse Side givesome GETsome ge ge /colle /colle Reverse Side GETsome CREATIVE //18 ge /colle
  20. 20. NON-TRADITIONALFLYERSOur “Give Some, Get Some” flyers will give kids the run-down of what givesomeour site is all about, coupled with a cool little tear off section that theycan take with them. This saves them brain power (they don’t have to GETsomerepeat the website address in their heads all the way home)-- it’s alsointeractive! What’s the catch? is a nonprofit organization thatCOASTERS There isn’t one. You have to gives individuals the opportunity to simply give some to get some. Visit the become involved with nonprofits through website. Check out the TampabayhelpsU their easy-to-use website. There is a college“Give Some, Get Some” coasters will be placed in popular bars near college tab. Join the Facebook group. Your favorite bars and restaurants are in on it too. tab with interactive games and contests with prizes that you can win for yourself or yourour target college campuses. They will house a code that students There are coasters around town, flyers, and bracelets to remind you that Greek organization. With monthly drawings on the best philanthropic story, yourcan either scan with a smartphone application or type directly onto the volunteering and donating has never been easier or more profitable. organization could win a free event paid for by the site’s and receive a free drink or some other kind of incentive. This Just look for the:will increase foot traffic of the website and awareness of the brand. aba yhelps U Tamp Tear. Keep. GET and the: givesome some U Tamp aba yhelps GETsome give TampabayhelpsU TampabayhelpsU TampabayhelpsU TampabayhelpsU TampabayhelpsU TampabayhelpsU TampabayhelpsU TampabayhelpsU some... Go to to get your free drink: scan or enter code: GOTSOME (Roll me over.) CREATIVE //19
  21. 21. TRADITIONALNEWSPAPEROur ads will be placed in all the college newspapers in the Tampa Bay areaThey will be vague enough to induce a sense of mystery and thus lure ourcollege kids to visit our website.EVENTSBOOTHS AT GREEK EVENTSGreeks host many events like Greek Sing and Sorority and FraternitySocials. We will have booths at those events where we give out freebieslike the bracelets and pamphlets explaining what our website is about and we’reeasy Get all kinds of goodies when you visit we can make their lives easier. TampabayhelpsU gives you freebies for getting involved in your community. So go to right now to learn more about giving ayhelps ab some and getting some. U Tamp givesome GETsome CREATIVE //20
  22. 22. OVERVIEWCollege students interests can be summed up in three words-- cell phones, computers andsocializing. We knew that for our campaign to be successful, we had to use their media.We developed a $3,168.00 media plan that focuses on non-traditional elements. The budget issmall so that it will be realistic for the client to implement.The campaign will be spread across the 3 main campuses in the Tampa Bay area.The campaign will be strengthened through sponsorship by local businesses and partnershipswith the Greek members of our targeted universities. MEDIA PLAN //21
  23. 23. STRATEGYWHERE’S THE PARTY AT? is a website that rates the most popular places students visit near theirUniversities. After examining’s research, we were able to better target ouradvertising towards these core areas.In the strategy, every media outlet will encompass the “Give Some. Get Some.” slogan toensure brand recognition and consumer awareness. All the different tactics target a differentsegment of the defined consumer analysis and specifically tailored to the desired message. University of Tampa MacDintons,the Dubliner, Hyde Park Café, Kennedy, Starbucks, Pita Pit, Tijuana Flats, rates the most popular places Splitzville, Panera, Moe’s/ Chipolte students attend around their university. University of South Florida Bulls Club, Dallas Bull, Tiaga, Acropolis, Panera, We specifically looked at what they had to say about Tijuana Flats, RJ’s Wings n Things, Mangrove the University of Tampa, University of South Florida, Grill, Smoothie King and Eckerd and used their findings in our strategy. Eckerd Sloppy Pelican, Ultra Lounge, Beef o Bradys, Ferg’s Sports Bar & Grill, Rare OliveTRADITIONALNEWSPAPERSWe will create an advertisement with the slogan and a call-to-action directing the consumer and enter a code. We will also give an example of various incentives tovisit our website. Ex: “Enter this code to win a gift card at participating restaurants.” • The Oracle, USF • The Minaret, UT • The Current, Eckerd MEDIA PLAN //22
  24. 24. STRATEGYNON-TRADITIONALCOASTERS BRACELETSThe coasters will house our logo, “Give Some.Get Some.” with a barcode/code to take the Outside - “Give Some.”person to the website. At participating bars, “Get Some” will be on the top side of the coaster Inside- “Get Some.”with a barcode for a free drink. On the other side, “Give Some” will be placed and a barcode Can wear them with thethat will take the user directly to the website’s “goodies” page and directions on how to outside or inside showing--participate in games/incentives. These target: The “What’s In It For Me” Greeks, The Beer all depending on mood.Drinking Greeks, and the Social Greeks. Both sides will display Is a talking point for students.These sites require upkeep but once the greek organizations reach a certain percentage ofunique hits/ visits, that organization gets put into a monthly drawing to win a prize and/ or a FACEBOOKdonation for their non-profit. This targets the Social Greeks, Campus Do Gooders, “What’s In It Almost all college studentsFor Me” Greeks, Beer Drinking Greeks, and Goodie-Two-Shoes Greeks. use Facebook. This will be the main point of interactionFLYERS to bring students toThese will house our “Give Some. Get Some.” logo, explaining what the website is about with .tear off portions containing a website at the bottom they will be placed in the following locations:UT- Peace Office, Student Activities and Leadership Office, Community Boards, women’sbathroom stalls in restaurants in bars/restaurants, Greek organization officeUSF- Greek village, Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, Community Boards, Bar oncampus, Greek OfficeEckerd- Osher Lifelong Institute at Eckerd College, Community boards, Greek office and lifeBUSINESS CARDSOur cards will be given out a clubs as incentive toget a small discount like free cover or one free drink after going on to the website to enter acode. These will target The “What’s In It For Me”Greeks, Beer Drinking Greeks, and Social Greeks. MEDIA PLAN //23
  25. 25. ON SITE TACTICSMOST OF STRATEGIES WILL FOCUS ON A SPECIFIC NICHE OF THE TARGET MARKETSO EVERY GROUP IS REACHED BY THE ON SITE TACTICS: THE SOCIAL GREEKS,CAMPUS DO-GOODERS, THE “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME” GREEKS, THE BEER DRINKINGGREEKS, THE VAIN GREEKS AND THE GOODIE-TWO-SHOES GREEKSSHARED STORIESStories from different organizations, like Greek members or volunteer organizations on campus,will be uploaded to compete for the most votes once a month. Whichever team gets the mostvotes will win a prize, like a spotlight special on the website, or a small amount of money orsponsorship towards the non-proft of their choice.COMPETITIONSSororities and fraternities will compete with others in the area to get the highest numberof unique hits. The top two will receive spotlight of the month and can pick small prize tocontribute to next philanthropy or put towards their Greek organizationSCAVENGER HUNTThe user may take part in a scavenger hunt that requires multiple clicks throughout the site.This can be used to spark competition through site users and possible competition.COLLEGE TAB- to volunteer with links to easily obtain infoCompetitions between schools and Greek organizationsSponsored events to help them with their philanthropyBooth a Greek events to get coverage and awareness of organizationIncentives – everything listed to get foot traffic on site MEDIA PLAN //24
  26. 26. BUDGETOUR BUDGET IS DIVIDED INTO BOTH TRADITIONAL AND NON-TRADITIONAL MEDIAOUTLETS. OUR BUDGET IS SMALL BECAUSE MANY OUTLETS THAT COLLEGESTUDENTS PAY ATTENTION TO, LIKE FACEBOOK, ARE FREE!Media Quantity Price per unit Total PriceNON-TRADITIONALCoasters 1800 $0.16 $288.00Bracelets 1500 $0.75 $1125.00Flyers 1500 $0.52 $780.00Facebook $0Competitions $0Scavenger Hunts $0Blog $0 4% s2Total Non-Traditional Media Cost: $2193.00 er FlyTRADITIONALSchool Newspaper - color ads Bracelets 36% NewUSF 1 $575 $475.00 s Ad s 31 %UT or Eckerd 1 $250 $500.00 % s9 terTotal Traditional Media Cost: $975.00 as CoEVENTSBooth at Greek Events $0TOTAL BUDGET COST: $3,168.00 This pie chart illustrates the distribution of our budget. MEDIA PLAN //25
  27. 27. FLOWCHART Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec TotalNONTRADITIONALCoasters $288.00Bracelets $1125.00Flyers $780.00Facebook $0Competitions $0Scavenger Hunt $0Blog $0TRADITIONALSchool newspaper $975.00EVENTSBooths at Greek Events Varies on School $0TOTAL $3,168.00 MEDIA PLAN //26
  28. 28. EVALUATIONTo reiterate, our campaign objectives are…INCREASE THE PERCENTAGE OF STUDENTS WHO AREAWARE OF TAMPABAYHELPS.COM BY IN THE FIRST 40%YEAR, MEASURED LOCALLY TO THE TAMPA BAY AREAINCREASE THE FOOT TRAFFIC ON THE TAMPA BAY HELPSWEBSITE BY 20% IN THE FIRST YEARTo track the progress of our campaign, Google Analyticswill be used to measure the foot traffic to the website. EVALUATION //27
  29. 29. THANKSAfter all the blood, sweat and tears, sleepless nights and boughts of anxiety, we believe wecreated something we are proud of and owe thanks to:We would like to thank Ginger, for being such a wonderful client and trusting us with thisimportant task of improving her website. Her enthusiasm made it easy for us to be comfortableand creative. We hope we have this much luck in the future!Thanks to Professor Scremin for guiding us along this intense process, but also for pushing ustowards excellence and stepping back at times, forcing us to step forward. As tough as it was,we came together and created a strong campaign and we are positive that our strategies, ifimplemented, will be effective in propelling to a higher level of awarenessin the minds of our audience.D SCM 2 SARAH WARD MARISA BRASILE DANIEL BERGSTRAND Creative Director Art Director Financial Administer CELINA PEREIRA SAMANTHA GEORGE Copy Director/ Editor Public Relations Specialist ADVERTISING