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Curriculum teaching of english baou


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Curriculum teaching of english baou

  1. 1. Dr Babasaheb Ambedker Open University Ahmedabad Subject: Teaching of English Paper no: ______ Compulsory/optional/ Buniyadi______ Name of the paper: Teaching of English Credit : 4 Course Objectives: The student teachers will be able to - 1. Understand the importance of English language in global context. 2. Analyse the problems of teaching English faced in india. 3. Prioritise the aims and objectives of teaching English in India. 4. Clarify the difference betwween language learning as L1 and L2. 5. Understand the evolution of methods and approaches in ELT. 6. Understand the need of communicative approach and eclecticism. 7. Consruct tasks , games and activities foe developing and assessing LSRW skills in isolation and in integration 8. Design defferent types of lessopn plans for developing specific skills. 9. Understand the need of incorporating teaching aids, authentic materials and ICT. Block 1 English : Importance and scope Unit 1 Imporatance of Learning English Unit 2 Problems of teaching English as a second Language Unit 3 Aim and objectives of teaching English Unit 4 Understanding L1 and L2 Learners Block 2 Basic Principles of Teaching English Unit 5 Methods and Approaches of Teaching English: Historic Overview (Structural approach, Grammar Tanslation method, Direct method) Unit 6 Teaching of Language Functions Unit 7 Communicative Approach: Principles, Merits, Communicative activities, Communicative Teacher Unit 8 Eclectic Approach : Need and Importance
  2. 2. Block 3 Teaching LSRW: In Isolation and in Integration Unit 9 Development and Assessment of LSRW Skills In isolation and in Integration Unit 10 Task based, contextual, and activity based teaching for developing LSRW Skills Unit 11 Teaching of Grammar and vocabulary in context Unit 12 Language games fo teaching LSRW skills Block 4 Lesson Planning and Material Production Unit 13 Type of Lesson :1 Oral communication Lesson Unit 14 Type of Lesson :2 Reading Comprehension Lesson Unit 15 Type of Lesson :3 Grammar in use Lesson Unit 16 Type of Lesson :4 Writing Composition lesson Unit 17 Use of Teaching aids , Authentic Materials in Teaching English Unit 18 Developing test items: {objective type, short answer and eassay type} Unit 19 Technology Integrated English Language Teaching: Importance and Development of ICT based Material References: Alexander, L. Practice and Progress. Longman, 1980. Cooper, D. Philosophy and the Nature of Language. London, 1973. Harmer, J. The Practice of English Language Teaching. Longman, 1994. Richards, J. Language and Communication. Longman, 1983. Krishnaswamy, N. Methods of Teaching English.Macmillan, 2006 Mac carthy and o’Dell. English Vocabulary in Use. Cambridge University press, 2001 Naagraaj, Geetha. English Language Teachin: Approaches, Methods , Techniques. Orient longman, 1996 Rinvolucri. Grammar Games. Cambridge University press, 2001