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Public Relations Plan


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Public Relations Plan

  1. 1. CT Bento:"Thinking Outside the Bento Box" April 27, 201113 1 solut ions Silvia Magana, Marc Phillips, Sara Martin, Christina Belli, Jake Indorf, & Tim Gendimenico
  2. 2. Executive Summary ...............................4 Situation Analysis ..................................5- 7 Objectives.................................................8 Target Audiences ...................................9-10 Media Outlets.........................................11 Strategy....................................................12-13 Tactics.......................................................14-16 Measurement and Evaluation................17 Timetable.................................................18 Budget.......................................................19 About the Agency / Staff Bios ...............20-21 Supplements/AppendixTable of Contents 3
  3. 3. 13Solutions is proud to work with CT Bento Cafe in creating a brand identity tomaximize exposure. By creating an identity, CT Bento Cafe will become morenoticeable among potential customers. CT Bento Cafe is a brand new Japaneserestaurant located along Elmira Road’s “Fast Food Corridor.” 13Solutions’ plan willalso engage customers and help CT Bento Cafe become the Japanese restaurant ofchoice among college students.However, there are many well-established competitors who receive regular businessfrom 18 to 23-year-old college students. 13Solutions hopes to highlight CT BentoCafe’s existing competitive advantages compared to other restaurants in Ithaca’sSouth Hill neighborhood. Since CT Bento Cafe is brand new, many of the advantageswill be created through this public relations plan.CT Bento Cafe currently uses several different logos on written or in-house material.13Solutions believes using a simple, unified logo will create a solid identity for therestaurant. To achieve top-of-mind recognition, the client’s name must be consistentwith other forms of distributable media.Opportunity is abound, as CT Bento Cafe is the newest, and most affordable Japaneserestaurant to open on South Hill. Budget-conscious students with a taste for exoticcuisine will find CT Bento Cafe’s selection and location as benefits. However, pricealone is not the only deciding factor among young adults. By encouraging a healthylifestyle through online publicity campaigns, 13Solutions can more effectively engageclientele.13Solutions thanks CT Bento Cafe for the opportunity to create a plan that willeffectively market this soon-to-be South Hill gem as the best Japanese restaurant inIthaca, N.Y.  Executive Summary 4
  4. 4. strengths weaknesses• Reasonably priced to fit needs of college students • Staff has experience with restaurants, and not and budget-conscious restaurant-goers marketing• Japanese cuisine is a healthy dining option, • No consistency within the brand’s identity particularly in an area with fast-food restaurants • No delivery option• A large well decorated space, with tables spread • Brand new restaurant; no customer loyalty or out for privacy reputation• Free WiFi • Small staff, still in the training process• Already provides sushi to Ithaca College’s food • Competition with other Japanese restaurants court throughout Ithaca, N.Y.• Only Japanese option along the “Fast Food • No restaurant reviews in online or print media Corridor” on Elmira Road • Limited media coverage• Located on a high-traffic area near Ithaca’s large strip malls• Brand new; CT Bento Cafe could develop a good • Competition in the restaurant industry is huge. brand reputation from the beginning CT Bento Cafe is entering the market when• The space provides a good atmosphere for there are several Japanese restaurants already in students who are interested in studying off- Ithaca, N.Y. campus. • Rise in gas prices could make it impossible for• Providing catering could be ideal for business CT Bento Cafe to start delivery meetings and private parties • Constant concern regarding the safety of fish • The traffic on Elmira Road could help CT Bento products (Mercury poisoning, radiation, etc.) Cafe reach new customers • Many college students do not spend the entire• Ithaca, N.Y. is filled with “foodies” always year in Ithaca, N.Y., which may equate to slower looking for a new, healthy, and natural place to sales during the summer months dine. (A “foodie” is someone who appreciates • Low success rate of the restaurant industry in quality meals and often tells his or her friends general about the experience) • Decrease in Ithaca, N.Y. tourism• During the summer, the restaurant could team • Employees leaving the business up with the Ithaca Farmers’ Market to have • Bad economy causes casual dining to decrease fresh, organic ingredients• Develop partnerships with local establishments to promote business (i.e.: hair and nail salons, and hotels, etc.)opportunity threatsSituation Analysis 5
  5. 5. Aki Samurai Japanese Restaurant • Delivery with a minimum of $12 • Features a bar, fine dining, romantic setting, liquor license, and karaokeAsia Cuisine • No delivery • Features inexpensive foodSushi O Sake Japanese Restaurant • No delivery • Has a liquor license and has a prominent location in on South Aurora Street, across from Ithaca Commons • According to online reviews, the restaurant’s menu is uninspiring • According to 13Solutions’ online survey, this is the most recognizable Japanese restaurant in Ithaca’s South Hill neighborhood, (see appendix).Kayuga Japanese Restaurant  • No delivery • Features fresh seafood, but is considered expensive Competitor Analysis 6
  6. 6. Kyushu Hibachi & Sushi Bar  • No delivery • Features fine dining in a family-friendly atmosphere • 82% of survey responders would bring their homework to a restaurant if the atmosphere is quiet and conducive to studying. A family-friendly restaurant is most likely loud and busy Plum Tree Japanese Restaurant  • Delivery with a minimum of $15 • Features inexpensive meals, private parties, liquor license, and online orders CT Bento Café  • No delivery • 70% of survey responders do not know where CT Bento Cafe is located • Features free WiFi, restricted liquor license, quiet ambiance, and reasonable prices. In addition, CT Bento Cafe offers free, abundant parking, and room for private parties or meetings • 79% of survey responders ranked reasonable prices as one of the top choices for chosing a sushi restaurant; CT Bento Cafe can use this data as an advantage Bubble Tea Asian & Thai Cuisine  • Delivery with a minimum of $12 • Features a 10% off online discountCompetitor Analysis 7
  7. 7. • Increase awareness of CT Bento Cafe: Increase awareness of the restaurant within the Ithaca, N.Y. community, specifically among the Cornell University and Ithaca College student bodies.• Organize specials or discounts: Bring in new customers or generate more brand loyalty through repeat customers. Events and promotions are explained in the “Strategy” section.• Unify brand image: Revitalize marketing material so that it uses the same color scheme, typefaces and logo. The inconsistency may confuse customers.• Position CT Bento Cafe as a healthy and affordable restaurant: CT Bento Cafe is located in the “Fast Food Corridor.” 13Solutions will differentiate the restaurant from its surroundings with health and price-sensitive promotions. Objectives 8
  8. 8. • College students between the ages of 18 and 22, attending Ithaca College; students mostly from Northeast and New England regions (New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc.) Ū Students with a general income of minimum wage or less who rely on money from on-campus jobs, part-time jobs, and/or parental allowances Ū Specific on-campus clubs to target based on interest: Asian American Alliance, Anime Society, Culinary Arts Club• College students between the ages of 18 and 22, attending Cornell University; students mostly from New York State, Mid-Atlantic states, or International Ū Because of the high international population (at least 17%), an interest in ethnic foods is more common• Teens and young adults looking for healthy dining choices and interesting food at a lower cost; likely to be looking for Asian cuisine and particularly cheaper, fresher sushi options• Students who are now part or full-time residents of Ithaca, N.Y. The city is politically liberal and environmentally conscious. Residents look for abundant vegetarian and vegan options when dining out• Seniors living in Longview and Kendall at Ithaca, who have limited income and enjoy inexpensive dining optionsPrimary Audience 9
  9. 9. • Full-time residents of Ithaca, N.Y., population of 29,006, mostly blue-collar, and with a relatively low level of income compared to the rest of New York and the United States. In 2009, the estimated median household income was $27,342, compared to New York’s average of $54,659 • Comprised of both men and women ages 25+, looking for low-cost, fresh Asian cuisine. Includes a target audience of childless couples in search of an interesting, fun night out. Target audience is a term to describe a specific group of people that will be reached by a public relations campaign • Academics and administrators from Cornell University and Ithaca College, who are looking for convenient, healthy dining options • Tourists visiting Ithaca, primarily those staying at chain hotels near CT Bento Cafe • Businesses in Ithaca, N.Y. seeking cheaper alternatives for dining and cateringImportant locations to distribute menus • Ithaca Tompkins County Convention and Visitors Bureau • Chain hotels • Bed & Breakfast-style hotels • State parks • College admissions offices Secondary Audience 10
  10. 10. Local Cable TV • ICTV 16 - (Ithaca College Television) broadcast to 30,000 homes in the Ithaca, N.Y. area via Time Warner CableRadio • WICB 91.7 – Ithaca College radio station (ranked as #1 College Radio Station in the United States in 2010) • WVBR 93.5 – Cornell University radio stationLocal Newspapers/Magazines • The Ithacan – Ithaca College campus-wide newspaper; paper and online versions • The Cornell Daily Sun – Cornell University’s campus-wide newspaper; paper and online versions • The Ithaca Journal – Paper and online newspaper for the city of Ithaca, N.Y. and Tompkins County • Ithaca Times – Local newspaper that includes a visitor’s guide with restaurant options; paper and online • Edible Finger Lakes Magazine – Local food magazine for the Finger Lakes regionB l o g s : f o o d r e v i e w s i t e s f o r residents, tourists • 14850 Dining – Local restaurant review site • Eating Ithaca – Local restaurant review/news site • – National; popular review site for local businessesMedia Outlets 11
  11. 11. • Become the Japanese restaurant of choice for 18 to 22-year-old college students Ū Revamp the existing CT Bento Cafe Facebook page to include weekly updates with specials and lifestyle advice ▪ Updates could include nutrition facts of other meals compared to sushi ▪ Japanese wisdom/quotes ▪ How to meditate ▪ Reinforces how CT Bento Cafe cares about its customers• Create one, solitary logo to represent CT Bento Cafe across all media Ū Social media Ū Keep basic website, but create new design Ū Partner with and implement logo on personal page Ū Staff uniform t-shirts Ū Restaurant signage Ū Restaurant and take-out menus• Create a “stickiness” factor among the target demographic. Essentially a way to make sure the customers stay interested Ū Infiltrate student-produced forms of media with PR-related stories for free publicity ▪ Her Campus - Ithaca ▪ The Ithacan ▪ The Cornell Daily Sun ▪ Buzzsaw Magazine ▪ WICB ▪ VIC ▪ ICTV 16 ▪ Simple, elegant distributable ▪ Laptop sticker ▪ Bumper sticker or car window decal ▪ Die-cut (custom) door magnet Strategy 12
  12. 12. Su[she] • Offer perks to demographic girls and partner with local nail salon(s) to create the perfect “Girls Day Out” • Start at local salon and buy a discounted dinner at CT Bento. • Customers who participate in Su[she] will have Shoji screens around their table(s) to create a private, intimate settingLet the Good Times Roll • Make-your-own sushi roll for special occasions: Birthday, Date Night, excellent academic grades, etc. • Wait staff can take photo of customers and post on Facebook. • Encourages photographed customers to “Like” the Facebook page and tag themselves in the photo. This action will allow customers to share photos with friends.I t h a c a C o l l e g e a n d C o r n e l l University-related sushi rolls • Bombers • Big Red • Bears • Taughannock • Buttermilk • South HillCreate-a-roll contest • Engages customers through voting and receiving updates on Facebook • Customer cannot vote until he or she “Likes” the Facebook pageStrategy 13
  13. 13. Tactics through the Media • Advertisements in college papers Ū The Ithacan and Cornell Daily Sun • Ithaca Times News Story Ū Contact Ithaca Times reporter Ū Bring reporter to CT Bento’s to discuss business relationship with Ithaca College and Cornell with a complimentary lunch Ū Emphasize that CT Bento is a family business • Advertisement in Ithaca Athletics & Events Center Ū Large frequency due the amount of tourist and parents that will pass through Ū Tourists & parents see Rack-Card at Hotel and then sign at sporting event Ū Out-of-towners for an athletic event will be looking for somewhere to eat • WICB Radio spot Ū Inform students that sushi from the Ithaca College food court is from CT Bento • CT Bento stickers Ū Sleek, cool stickers and magnets students can take for free Ū Other local buisnesses have found success using this methode Ū Increases brand awarenessT a c ti cs t o R e a c h the c o l l e g e c o m m unit y • Informational Flyers Ū Target Ithaca College Circle Apartments Ū Promote specials and events Ū Increases brand awareness • Delivery (IC Campus) Ū Majority of college students do not have cars Ū Gives college students another incentive to buy CT Bento. Ū Delivery car is seen by students Ū Increases spread of menus Ū Invite a member of The Ithacan & Cornell Journal for a free lunch at CT Bento Ū Write a positive review about their experience in newspaper Ū Students will see the name CT Bento Ū Students will trust a review by their peers Tactics 14
  14. 14.  • Culinary Arts Club sponsored event Ū Team up with the Culinary Arts Club Ū Hand out free sushi and pamphlets about Japanese cuisine in Ithaca College’s Campus Center Ū Distribute CT Bento menus Ū CT Bento sign present during eventTactics to reach online community• Create an interactive website for CT Bento Ū Same design as the menus and store-front sign Ū Descriptive and informational Ū Pictures of various dishes Ū Mulitple pictures of CT Bento’s interior and exterior• Twitter account Ū Keeps in touch with customers Ū Keeps customers updated with information• Facebook page Ū Post information about the nutrition of CT Bento food Ū Create Facebook events that will get students to visit CT Bento Ū Post pictures of dishes• Ū Opens CT Bento to potential tourists Ū Expands brand relevance outside of Ithaca , N.Y. Ū Easy for customers to find information• Ū Costumers can view CT Bento’s menu and other specials Ū Adds another vechicle to reach customersTactics to bring in customers• College student discounts Ū 10%-15% discount to college students Ū Draws target audience to C.T. Bento Ū Incentive to chose C.T. Bento over competitors Ū Demonstrates college friendly atmosphereTactics 15
  15. 15.  • College-student specials Ū Menu item tailored for college kids Ū Similar to Dunbar’s, a local bar, and their “Group Therapy” drink special. The special could be a variety platter for a fairly cheap price. Ū Encourages hungry college kids to come Ū Pitcher of beer discount• Rack-Cards Ū Distribute to hotels in area: Hampton Inn, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Comfort Suites Ū Distribute at Farmer’s Market and Ithaca information center Ū Expends customer audience Ū Creates a reliable reputation amongst travelers• Early Bird Special (Early Empire) Ū Discount food for senior citizens from 4-6 p.m. Ū Increase in secondary revenue• Early afternoon & late night discount / special Ū Make customers aware that CT Bento is open the majority of the day Ū Early afternoon 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. will draw business crowd Ū Late night discount 9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. will draw college crowd• ID Express / City Bucks Ū Students are more willing to spend pre-paid debit account funds Ū Less competition in ID Express / City Bucks Ū Healthy alternative to other pre-paid debit restaurants• Grand Re-Opening Ū More prepared this time Ū Ithaca Chamber of Commerce will allow CT Bento to have an official ribbon-cutting ceremony with town officials and local news outlets. • Local Media Day Ū Host various restaurant reviewers Ū Open to journalists looking to cover CT Bento Ū A positive initial review will give CT Bento credibility and spread awareness• Create-a-Roll Contest Ū Contestants submit recipes or ideas for their sushi on Facebook Ū Post picture on facebook or make updates on Twitter Ū Winning roll can become a weekly special Ū Possible addition to menu Tactics 16
  16. 16. F a c e b o o k a n d T w i t t e r m e t r i c s Social networking sites have automatic metrics used for evaulation. The Facebook hits can be measured by how many “friends” or “Likes” are gathered. Twitter is measured through how many followers are gained over a certain duration of time.Website hits CT Bento Cafe’s personal website should incorporate Google Analytics, the industry standard for measuring website activity. Links should be provided to the social media pages within the website.Receipt surveys At the bottom of every receipt, there will be directions to an online survey measuring satisfaction with food, service, and environment. Incentives for customers to fill out the survey should be included. For example, a free Bubble Tea could be offered to customers who complete the surveys.Prior and Post revenue checks A simple comparison of the revenues CT Bento Cafe gained before, during, and after the campaign launch would help estimate helpfulness of the new public relations orders 13Solutions will measure how much revenue is generated exclusively through CT Bento Cafe’s page on is the only destination for college students to order food directly to his or her dorm room.Measurement and Evaluation 17
  17. 17. Type Event Expected Date Create Twitter Account Revamp FaceBook Page Online June 1st, 2011 Revamp Website Register with Re-Grand Opening Friday, June 4th, 2011 Special Events Create-A-Roll Contest May 16th – June 17th Media D June 17th, 2011 Create flyers for Special Events / As Special Events & Promotions Promotions come Promotion Su[she] Night: Saturday afternoons Let the Good Times Roll On-going TimeTable 18
  18. 18. *Social Media NetworksAfter CT Bento reaches brand consistency the company should invest in:• new exterior signage• new restaurant menus• website and maintenence fees• InternsBudget 19
  19. 19. Marc PhillipsSophomore Integrated Marketing Communications major, Journalism minor.I live less than hour outside of New York City, in a town where all of the adults commute into thecity every weekday. Seeing my friends parents work in executive positions at large agencies andfirms has impressed me since I developed an interest in brand management and marketing. I work as the social media manager for BoatYard Grill in Ithaca, N.Y., and manage several other Facebookpages for smaller clients.Christina BelliSophomore Integrated Marketing Communications majorFor as long as I can remember, I have been interested in public relations (more specifically, entertainment public relations). I live in close proximity to New York City and plan on pursuing acareer there in the future. Because technology and social media are growing in our world so vastly, Ibelieve that it is important for a company to utilize them in order to be successful in marketing itselfto a vast amount of consumers, both loyal and potential.Jake IndorfSophomore Integrated Marketing Communications majorI was born in Westchester County, N.Y., but now I live in Vermont. Since I was a child, I have alwayscritiqued what I watched on TV and what I read in newspapers. This later grew to include critiquingeverything from advertisements, to public relations campaigns. I believe the strongest campaignseffectively reach the largest audience possible. Team Bio 20
  20. 20. Silvia MaganaSophomore Integrated Marketing Communications major.Living in New Rochelle, N.Y. and being so close to New York City has expanded my interest in thefield of communications. I have specific interests in the fashion and entertainment ends of Public Relations. I believe that in order for a company to survive it is key to have strong brand identity, andcostumer loyalty. Those two attributes can help any company can succeed. I believe using Web 2.0 technology is essential and can give a company a competitive advantage.Sara MartinSophomore Integrated Marketing Communications majorI was born in riverton N.J. My passion is graphic design. I am currently a TA for Presentation Mediaand Visual Design, and Computer Information and Technology. I decided I wanted to be in themarketing communication field since I was in 8th grade and it has shaped my decisions regarding my academic career ever since. I believe that strongest campaign revolve around the synergy ofdifferent forms of media. Tim GendimenicoSophomore Sports Media majorI’m from Hillsborough, N.J. and I’m interested in general communications; specifically in television. I have a goal of ultimately working the entertainment business. This is fascinating time in the media,evolving at a revolutionary pace, and I think it is vital to be influential in the way one handles new media.Team Bio 21
  21. 21. AppendixPromotional magnet using the a new consistant logoUsed in budget and strategy 22Design used for promotional buttons and stickers, using the new logoUsed in budget
  22. 22. Appendix F -X C h a n ge F -X C h a n ge PD PD 4/27/2011 Fundraiser for Japan raised money to hel… ! ! W W O O N N BUY/SELL: JOBS CARS HOMES APART MENT S DAT ING CLASSIFIEDS CEL EBRATIONS DEALS PLACE AN AD SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES y y bu bu to to k k lic lic C Cw w m m w. w. k.c cw w Helpu - t r a c k . o o doc u -tr a c News Sports Events Viewpoints Business Obituaries Life Social doc Sign up Log in FEATURED: Your Photos Blogs Facebook Find what you are looking for ... SEARCH ADVERTISEMENT Fundraiser for Japan raised money to help 5:52 PM, Apr. 15, 2011 | Comments 0 Recommend FILED UNDER Laurel: The Asian Womens Network would like to Tw itter Viewpoints thank the CT Bento Cafe and its fine staff for hosting Letters To The Editor Facebook our recent fundraising event for the benefit of those affected by the catastrophic events in Japan. Share Email We also appreciate the outpouring of support from the community of this worthy cause, as shown by the Print crowd that went to the CT Bento Cafe that day, A AA despite the short notice and limited media exposure. The $2,500 generated by the event will go directly to ADVERTISEMENT accredited Japanese organizations working on the ground in the affected community of Sendai and surrounding areas. TOP STORIES Cortland soldier who was MIA in 1968 buried at Arlington - 6:26 PM, Apr. 26, 2011 Comments | Share your thoughts » Fall Creek oil source found in buried tank New York leads nation in spending on social aid YOU MIGHT ALSO BE INTERESTED IN SEE ALL TOP STORIES MORE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR HEADLINES MOST POPULAR We cant afford to foul our air, water 1. Fall Creek oil source found in buried tank GOP wants to end social safety net 2. State rushes to rework STAR system 3. Study finds Elmira Correctional Facility has Proposed deer fences are not the answer high rate of sexual misconduct involving staff, inmates Forum to offer ideas about gas drilling 4. New York leads nation in spending on social aidObjectives Selected for you by a sponsor: 5. Cortland soldier who was MIA in 1968 buried at Arlington Glover Burial at Easter egg No Arrests Yet Arlington hunt In National Zoo Stabbing MOST COMMENTED Slashing funds for hungry is not right 16 Broadband access in Tompkins at issue 15…/Fundraiser-Japa… 1/3 Article about CT Bento Fundraiser See Competitor analysis
  23. 23. LexisNexis® Academic: Print Preview 4/26/11 10:24 PM Appendix 1 of 4 DOCUMENTS The Globe and Mail (Canada) April 6, 2007 Friday Wendys aims to connect with young diners; Even the reliable Frosty will be revamped as chain faces pressure for stronger results BYLINE: JANET ADAMY SECTION: REPORT ON BUSINESS: THE WALL STREET JOURNAL; RESTAURANTS; Pg. B8 LENGTH: 1090 words DATELINE: DUBLIN, OHIO For nearly four decades, Wendys International Inc. served only one kind of Frosty: a vanilla-and-chocolate hybrid thicker than a milk shake yet creamier than most fast-food ice cream. No matter how many customers pleaded with him, Wendys founder Dave Thomas refused to add another flavour, fearing it would slow operations behind the counter. But now, struggling to connect with younger diners, Wendys is revamping the Frosty, along with the rest of its menu. Inspired by the success of Starbucks Corp.s Frappuccinos, Wendys is adding new flavours of Frosty that come with wide straws and bubble- shaped tops, and tinkering with a coffee-flavoured Frosty in its test kitchen at headquarters here. The chain also is taking an ambitious stab at relaunching a breakfast menu. The steps could be vital as the nations No. 3 hamburger chain faces pressure from investor Nelson Peltz, whose affiliates have three seats on Wendys board and are pushing the chain for stronger financial results. Fast-food industry observers have speculated that Wendys is a takeover candidate, and the rumours could heat up in June, when Mr. Peltzs agreement not to acquire a controlling interest in the company expires. A Wendys spokesman said the company doesnt comment on speculation, and a spokeswoman for Mr. Peltz didnt respond to a request for comment. Wendys executives say theyre in the early stages of a turnaround akin to the resurgence that McDonalds Corp. started in 2003 when it stopped building more restaurants and began improving existing locations. But besides facing stiff competition from the Objectives reinvigorated McDonalds, Wendys will have to overcome some self-inflicted wounds. Part of the companys problem is that it has catered to the same generation of customers who began visiting Wendys after its first location opened in 1969. "People in my generation, in their mid-40s or late 40s, frankly dont consume as much fast food," says Ian Rowden, Wendys chief marketing officer. Mr. Rowden wants Wendys to instead focus on consumers ages 16 to 34, many of whom are drawn by cheaper food and Internet marketing. But some Wendys franchisees worry that, by targeting younger customers and pushing low-priced items, Wendys could alienate its 24 loyal, older customer base and cheapen its reputation for quality. Franchisees also havent forgotten that an earlier attempt at breakfast during the mid-1980s flopped. When Kerrii Anderson took over as Wendys chief executive a year ago, the chain began tackling its biggest problems: weak Article about CT Bento’s competitors…y%2Fdocs%2F1%2F72%2F1861%3A282435721%2Fformatted_doc&fileSize=5000 Page 1 of 3 See Competitor analysis
  24. 24. AppendixMock up advertisment for the su[she] eventused in strategy Mock up website using the new cohesive branding used in strategy
  25. 25. AppendixSHOGIJI Privace screens for an more private eating experienceseen in budget
  26. 26. AppendixChart showing pricing for magnetic promotional materialsused in budget