Baseball Canada Coaching Development Model 2008


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Description of work to generate new coaching development model (based on competency) for Baseball Canada

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Baseball Canada Coaching Development Model 2008

  1. 1. Better COACHES Better PLAYERS
  2. 2. To develop the support, tools and Our resources needed by our coaches to drive Mission a long term athlete development system To develop competent coaches To develop a culture trained to meet the of long-term coach needs of their development coaching contexts
  3. 3. CORE COMPETENCIES Valuing Interacting Leading Critical thinking Problem-solving
  4. 4. What is LTAD??
  5. 5. • Optimal training, competition and recovery programming with relation to biological development and maturation • Equal opportunity for participation and competition • Athlete centred, coach driven and administration, sport science and sponsor supported
  6. 6. LTAD Strategies – 2007 Report Coach Development
  7. 7. Guiding Principles For the context in which coach participates Relevant Learning outcome-based (new NCCP) Applies Long Term Athlete Development Athlete-centered principles, practices and recommendations Existing experience, certifications and training Respect of active coaches recognized and valued Applies Adult Learning Principles Self-direction, guided learning, reflection, assessment, debriefing and mentoring Access to latest materials, encourages Kaizen continuous learning by coaches, new tools and resources under development 7
  8. 8. Baseball Canada - Coach Development Model November 5, 2005 Community Sport Stream Competition Stream Instruction Stream National Coach High Performance Center Instructor Training to Compete Training to Win Developmental Coach Training to Compete Training to Win Entry or Re- entry into Development Club – Private Enterprise system upon assessment Provincial Coach Training to Train Training to Compete Entry Training to Win Recreational Coach Community Instructor Active Living Regional Coach Learning to Train Training to Train Initiation Coach New stream Active Start FUNdamentals To be discussed in the future Entry Learning to Train Entry
  9. 9. Coaching Contexts - Progress to Date Community Competitive Instructor Initiation Coach Introduction Community Instructor FUNdamentals started Regional Coach / In place – Provincial Coach Development Club On-line + workshop 2008 Private Enterprise To be developed Ongoing Development – 2008 High Peformance Active for Life Center To be developed High Perform - tbd To be developed Baseball Canada
  10. 10. Coach Status Certified Trained Upon: Trained status In Training Making Ethical Upon Decisions at Once you register and start process completion of training for each context, you will Evaluation process 1st step – for that context on-line at be designated as ‘Trained’ in that context “Certified” designation CC Number issued & Portfolio started Baseball Canada
  11. 11. The Pathway to Certification On-Line Workshops Practice Certification Evaluation Baseball Canada
  12. 12. The Resources and Tools Available to Coaches On-Line resources Group Workshops Quality Personal Access to Learning Experience shared resources Printed & On-line Evaluation & Mentoring Baseball Canada
  13. 13. Quality Personal Learning Experience Self- directed Facilitated Sharing Competency & Experience, Continuous Learning Exploration & Reflection Assessment & Evaluation Baseball Canada
  14. 14. Meets needs of coaches Guided Learning - Sharing for that context Theory is integrated Workshop Complete in any order Features 4-5 hours each $10 to Baseball Canada, balance to PSO Baseball Canada
  15. 15. Competitive Context Stages High performance Development High Performance To be developed Introduction Competitive Development Training to Compete Regional Coach Learning to Win Learning to Train Start in 2008 Training to Win 9-12 Early ‘Training to Learning to Compete National Team Train’ ages 12-13 Nat’l Train Center Canada Cup / Canada Games Pro Provincial Coach Training to Train ages 12-15 Baseball Canada
  16. 16. Introduction to Competition Context From On-Line (self-directed) Workshops To Facilitated Sessions Baseball Canada (guided learning)
  17. 17. 2008 Nationals? Old NCCP New NCCP • Full Level 1 plus Level 2 • Regional Coach – Trained Technical and OR and • Complete ‘Making Ethical • Complete ‘Making Ethical Decisions’ on-line at Decisions’ on-line at
  18. 18. Regional Coach Status - TRAINED On-Line module 1st Then 4 modules Teaching & Skills Planning Initiation Learning Analysis Baseball Canada
  19. 19. Active Continuing Education Certification Self-assessment Portfolio Practice Observation Evaluation Self-directed Regional Coach Making Ethical Decisions Certified 4 Workshops Training Steps to Baseball Canada - CDM Certification
  20. 20. Steps to Certification Active Continuing Education Certification Provincial Self-assessment Coach Portfolio Practice / Game Observation Certified Evaluation Self-directed Making Ethical Decisions 6 Workshops Training Baseball Canada - CDM
  21. 21. Evaluation Process • Self-assessment Self • Build Portfolio • Practice Plan On-Line • Skills Analysis • Personal Observation (Practice / Game) Evaluator • Debrief and review (Outcome-based)
  22. 22. System Integration & Maintenance of Certification New Old Now MED by Active Equivalencies Dec 31-08 Continuing Active Challenge Education
  23. 23. Equivalencies Old System Competency-Based • Full Level 1 = • Regional Coach – Trained • Level 1 plus Tech 2 = • Regional Coach – Certified • Tech 2 + Theory 2 = • Provincial Coach – Trained • Full Level 2 = • Provincial Coach – Certified • Level 3 = • Competition – Development to be developed
  24. 24. Pathway for Competitive – Introduction
  25. 25.