Poverty & world hunger final pp


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Poverty & world hunger final pp

  1. 1. By: Megan Boushka
  2. 2.  World hunger is a painful and strong desire for food. Often times people become hungry because of a shortage of food like famine or not being able to acquire necessary resources like money. Poverty is a state of being very poor therefore they cannot afford essential resources. These two terms come hand in hand because they often lead to one and another.
  3. 3.  Most of the worlds hungry live in third world or developing countries, like Africa, Asia/ Pacific, Latin American/ Caribbean, and around East/ North America. Out of the 870 millions people that are hungry around the world ◦ About 3/4ths of them live in rural areas, like villages. ◦ Rural areas are so poverty sickened because they rely mostly on agriculture, weather and don’t have any income. Many farmers are in poverty.
  4. 4. Women-Are the primary foodproducers, and when theydo not have enough iron intheir bodies they have Children-under weight children. It is estimated that 146 million kids children live in poverty everyday because they were born into it.
  5. 5.  The answer is yes. When people are hungry they are more likely to get a disease because their immuneThe general economy goes system is down. They coulddown and people lose money then pass the disease on tobecause of high prices on others.goods and services, littleproduction, and loss of jobs. When a country is in poverty is can be because they don’t have an adequate government. Without a decent government, problems can break out (like what is happening in the Middle East) and wars can start. Wars affect everyone.
  6. 6. As stated previously, worldhunger and poverty affectseveryone in one way oranother Seniors, Adults,Many issues can arise from Children, andhunger and poverty like infants are dyingdictatorship, war, terrorism, because theyect. don’t have a healthy diet.
  7. 7. Why is this issue important? As stated previously, world hunger and poverty affects everyone in one way or another. The children of the future are not getting a promising education. ◦ They have to work to support their families ◦ Drop out
  8. 8.  Children die most often from world hunger. ◦ 15 million children die a year  Even though there is enough food to go around for these children, they get trapped in poverty
  9. 9.  Malnutrition is a common disease children can get ◦ It occurs when your body can’t absorb the right amounts of nutrients in foods ◦ Your body gets the disease when there are low levels of food intake. ◦ It causes physical problems to the body Children are more susceptible to the disease because they are young and their bodies need nutrients to grow
  10. 10. Video: Stupeflixhttp://studio.stupeflix.com/v/KVVn9BFMk5/
  11. 11.  Anyone can donate money to organizations that help people in poverty and that are suffering from world hunger. ◦ Some might include:  Harvesters  Mary’s food kitchen  C.A.R.E You can volunteer your time to pack food into lunch sacks or go to a place in poverty and help rebuild it. You can support people running for an office position that want to help people in poverty. Lastly you can vote on laws that help people in poverty.
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