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Halloween 1r 2015


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Animals of Halloween. Learning about adifferent animals related to Autumn.

Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual
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Halloween 1r 2015

  2. 2. BLACK CAT
  3. 3. BAT
  4. 4. OWL
  5. 5. RAT
  6. 6. SPIDER
  7. 7. WOLF
  8. 8. POEMS Boiling Hot! Boiling hot, boiling hot What will we put in the witch's pot? Boiling hot, boiling hot We'll put some spiders in the witch's pot Owl An owl sat watching in a tree, Just as wise as he could be, Watching tricksters from door to door run, Trick or treating and having fun. After he had watched the whole scene, He said, "Whoo, it's Owl-oween!“
  9. 9. THE END