E-commerce in Poland


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E-commerce in Poland

  1. 1. March 2012Online at www.postaltechnologyinternational.com CLOUD SERVICES Bringing together data and processes from multiple machines, locations and departments ON TRACK Six essential technologies to keep you on top of tracking Digital switchover SOLUTIONS TO EASE THE MOVE INTO THE WORLD OF DIGITAL MAIL
  2. 2. WE TURN THE MARKET UPSIDE DOWN WHY do postal operators mostly choose easyPack by InPost?> International customer base - additional parcels to your network> The world’s most chosen vendor in 2011 - 13 contracts> ROI in 26 months - case study ROI in 26 months - case study from InPost Poland> 4 months time to market - case study from Estonian Post See easyPack24.com/references Contact Kris +48 668 384 048 kris@inpost.pl Krzysztof Warzeszkiewicz EASYPACK24.EU
  3. 3. 54 PROD CTS SER ICES h o mar oa ro om h I P o h m or a c o h c or o h o a r Over the past several years we have noticed the increasing importance of e-commerce, due to a greater broadband and internet penetration, wider product choice, convenience and often better bargains. The delivery of these online purchases represents a great opportunity for postal operators and express carriers. A few years ago the carriers were not particularly interested in the B2C segment due to its highly demanding and customer- intensive nature. Why is there now so much buzz about e-commerce? This article will focus on presenting the situation in Poland, but the situation is similar in other countries. According to Euromonitor, Polish e-commerce was worth E3.7 billion in 2010. Over the years it has experienced double-digit growth annually. The expectation is that it will have increased by 17 percent in 2011 to reach almost E4.5 billion. The prospect is very promising. The percentage of online retail sales in the entire retail sales and purchases sector accounts e-stores use auction sites as an additional lower prices compared with traditional for only 3.1 percent. In many Western revenue channel. stores. Other reasons to do online shopping European countries that ratio already are the opportunity to compare various reached 7-8 percent. ho is the typical Polish e-consumer? products before the purchase and the It is difficult to count precisely the Poland has a population of 38.2 million, of ability to buy hard-to-find products. number of e-stores offering online shopping which 22.45 million (58 percent) are as new ones are being opened every day – internet users. That number has doubled E-retailers in Poland and some are also being closed – but there since 2007. There are an estimated 8.5 Behind the majority of e-retailers are small are estimated to be 10,000. Sklepy24.pl, a million e-customers, 47 percent of whom businesses. Over 73 percent of them leading directory of e-shops in Poland, has are aged 25-44 and live in medium-size employ no more than five people. Forty- 7,263 registered e-retailers on its website. and large cities. They are both men (54 eight percent also run a traditional store in The B2B segment continues to play an percent) and women (46 percent) mostly their city of origin. The average basket important role in the market, accounting educated to at least secondary level (74 value usually does not exceed E71. The for 75-80 percent of the total market. percent) and their wages are average plus. most popular orders are: up to E12 – nine However the B2C segment is growing at Almost 40 percent spend less than E250 percent; E12-14 – 23.6 percent; E14-48 higher pace in terms of volume and value. annually on e-shopping. – 29 percent; E48-71 – 14.1 percent. For The B2C segment is estimated to grow by A survey of 6,296 consumers payment, customers use bank transfers 25 percent per year in terms of value, with undertaken by Sklepy24.pl gives some (70.3 percent) and COD (69.6 percent) as B2B at nine percent. interesting insight into that social group. the preferred methods of payment, with It is interesting to mention that about 50 Just over 57 percent of respondents 28.5 percent using credit or debit cards – percent of total Polish e-commerce is purchase goods over the internet at least an 11 percent increase over 2009. generated by Allegro, the largest Polish twice a year, and 30 percent do so several Despite the relatively large number of online auction site. The platform has 13 times a month. e-stores they are often considered to be a million registered accounts, with 700,000 The main reasons given for shopping secondary source of income, with 55 selling as well as buying. The majority of online are speed and comfort, as well as percent of them having fewer than 100 March 2012 www.PostalTechnologyInternational.com
  4. 4. Other popular segments are: children (13%), books and music (12%), hobbies (11%)and sports (10%)orders a month. Only 13 percent of e-retailers have more than500 orders a month. Stores’ monthly incomes amount to: up toE2,400 – 39.5 percent; E2,400-24,000 – 46.8 percent; overE24,000 – 13.7 percent. TOGETHER, Multichannel strategies play an important role. Almost 70percent of e-shops use auction sites as their sales channel, with 44percent using traditional stores and 45 percent wholesale. It isworth mentioning that almost 10 percent of e-retailers used groupsales such as Groupon, Gruper.pl and Citeam.How do we deliver? Finally a few words about delivery methodsin Poland. Eighty-seven percent of e-stores have an option for WE DELIVERcourier delivery and 76 percent offer the national postal operator.The courier option is usually chosen because of faster deliveryand less likelihood of damage. Sixty-eight percent of customers choose delivery by a courier service. Forty-four percent of parcelsare delivered as postal parcels. It is interesting to note that in2008 those proportions were reversed. InPost has noticed a fivepercent increase in popularity and currently its flagship service fore-commerce, namely easyPack by InPost, is used by 9.65 percentof e-stores. How can you to enter the e-commerce market with easyPackby InPost, an innovative last mile delivery solution? Our approach to cooperate with e-retailers in attracting consumers will bepresented in the next issue of Postal Technology International.  I T Marcin Bosacki, Head of International, InPost Tel: +48 506 009 735 Email: mbosacki@inpost.pl IT’S A REWARDING PARTNERSHIP Web: www.inpost.pl QUOTE REFERENCE NUMBER 10 www.neopost.com STAND 4000