US Senate Energy Committee presentation June 8 2010


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BIM meets Green in a presentation on how dramatic savings can be made with science-based data in Building Information Models. See video at
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US Senate Energy Committee presentation June 8 2010

  1. 1. U.S. Senate Energy Committee Presentation by The Green Standard June 8, 2010
  2. 2. Legislative Clarity with Science-Based Measurement of Energy, Water, Green House Gases and other Environmental Factors Visual Data Representations
  3. 3. Accelerated Achievement of Existing and New Regulations with Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Product Declarations Life Cycle Analysis Environmental Product Declarations
  4. 4. Consumer Protection and Cost Savings producing New Economy Jobs maintaining U.S. Global Leadership with Legislative Guidance Georeferenced Data
  5. 5. Deborah Dunning, President & Founder The Green Standard Erin Meezan, Vice President, Sustainability Interface Global Dana K. “Deke” Smith, FAIA, Executive Director buildingSMART alliance Kimon Onuma, FAIA, President & Founder ONUMA, Inc. buildingSMART alliance Board Member
  6. 6. Deborah Dunning, President & Founder The Green Standard Improving Environmental Decision Making with Measurable, Repeatable Processes for 10-years as a 501c3 Environmental Product Declaration
  7. 7. Mission Advancing sustainable production and consumption by providing education, tools and training to manufacturers and purchasers. Translating scientifically robust performance information into useful and used formats supporting product eco- design and environmentally preferable purchasing
  8. 8. Life Cycle Assessments as the basis for ISO-Aligned Environmental Product Declarations . . . . . . Improve Energy and Water Use Measurement, Verification & Reporting
  9. 9. Selected Achievements - EPA Education Program - United Nations Life Cycle Work Group - Green Purchasing Accredited Professional - ISO 14025 Program First U.S. EPD Program - Established Global Product Alliance Environmental Protection Agency - Established eLCie Green Building Interactive Learning Exhibit Created by The Green Standard - Collaboration Leader in Global Building Industry
  10. 10. Existing Drivers - Executive Orders - Commerce Dept. Programs - SEC Regulations - Federal Agency Implementation - Association Support - Open Standards - Global Competition - Cloud Computing Award-winning guide by The Green Standard
  11. 11. Near Term Goals - Legislative Guidance - Agency Compliance Assistance - Win-Win Tax Structure - Assist National Export Initiative - Grant Programs Established - Assist EO 13514 - Assist S. 3390 - Assist Net Zero Energy Goals Interiors and Sources Cover Article by Deborah Dunning
  12. 12. Path to Collaborative Success - Product Category Rules Assists Wide Participation Validated by Experts Assures Level Field - Third Party Verification Science-based Review Validated by Experts - Transparent Data Formats Gaia Product Profile assists data sharing
  13. 13. Environmental Product Declaration Program Operator (The Green Standard) - Provides Report Formats - Reviews Submissions - Works with Third Party Reviewers - Registers, Posts and Publicizes availability of data to all interested stakeholders One “snapshot” view of EPD data
  14. 14. Advantages of Type 3 Ecolabels over Type 1 & 2 Ecolabels - Objective - Natural - Comparable - Trusted Environmental Product Declaration Cover
  15. 15. Global Environmental Product Declaration Activity - The Green Standard is partnering with the European Union’s Institute for Construction and the Environment - The EU is writing Environmental Product Declaration Law - Japan is experiencing internal productivity gains with EPDs - Brazil, China and Korea are registering EPDs
  16. 16. Erin Meezan, Vice President, Sustainability Interface Global WE’VE ALWAYS FOCUSED ON THE FUTURE. Focus on the Future
  17. 17. Founder Ray Anderson Sustainability Industry Leader - Repeatable Success
  18. 18. Extreme Goals - Achievable Results
  19. 19. Life Cycle Assessments - Road to Results
  20. 20. Deeper understanding of process and impacts are revealed
  21. 21. Science-based understanding leads decision making Uses of LCA at Interface Product trend footprint
  22. 22. Decisions directly impact improved results
  23. 23. Third Party Verification provides assurance Uses of LCA at Interface Third party verification of claims
  24. 24. Green House Gas Impacts by Component Uses of LCA at Interface Understanding areas of impact PRESENTATION TITLE. Presentation Subtitle. DATE
  25. 25. Dana K. “Deke” Smith, FAIA, Executive Director buildingSMART alliance A Council of National Institute of Building Sciences Created by Congress 1974 - Public Law 93-383, Sect. 809 Reports to President
  26. 26. National Institute of Building Sciences Selected Achievements 1987 - Construction Criteria Base 1992 - Whole Building Design Guide 1997 - National Computer Aided Design Standard 2007 - National Building Information Modeling Standard
  27. 27. Vision . . . transparently share, apply and maintain information about facilities and infrastructure to enhance quality and economy . . .
  28. 28. Drivers/Passengers Road System Road System Rules of the Road Associations Consensus Rules AGC ISO 16739 AIA ISO 15926 AACE ISO 12006-3 CII ISO 29481 MCAA CSI/OmniClass NECA Masterformat NSPE Uniformat PCI And more. . . SMACNA. . .
  29. 29. ISO buildingSMART Intl Intl Additions National BIM Standard Ballots Projects The Green Standard
  30. 30. Kimon Onuma, FAIA, President & Founder ONUMA, Inc. buildingSMARTalliance Board Member
  31. 31. ONUMA, Inc. demonstrates what is possible today with 2-minute demo video at: Password - BIMStorm (case sensitive)
  32. 32. The power of Open Standards in the travel industry
  33. 33. Open Standards are now transforming the building industry
  34. 34. Cloud Computing is available for achieving green goals
  35. 35. U.S. Coast Guard is an Information Leader with its 33 million sf portfolio modeled in BIM
  36. 36. Data regarding floor covering, furniture, people and usage for rooms and buildings . . .
  37. 37. . . . Help tie buildings to missions in powerful ways, and . . .
  38. 38. . . . Represent Congressional requirements in clear ways
  39. 39. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Base data live on the web
  40. 40. Environmental data can also be represented live on the web . . .
  41. 41. . . . and can be applied to the entire U.S. Army portfolio
  42. 42. GSA building with Environmental Product Declaration data
  43. 43. Green areas represent Interface carpet and related data
  44. 44. Customized reports support The Green Standard processes
  45. 45. Science-based processes and data represented by clear visualizations that improve consensus decision making can be confidently requested by Congress today
  46. 46. U.S. Senate Energy Committee Presentation by The Green Standard June 8, 2010 2010 Copyright by: Deborah Dunning, The Green Standard Erin Meezan, Interface Global Dana K. “Deke” Smith, FAIA, buildingSMART alliance Kimon Onuma, FAIA, ONUMA, Inc. Michael Bordenaro, BIM Education Co-op