Ryan Ghere Builder as Information Engineer


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Architect Ryan Ghere made a "Prezi" animated presentation for home builders that I "slowed down" and inserted my text. This is the second upload of only a test . . .

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Ryan Ghere Builder as Information Engineer

  1. 1. Ryan Ghere - Builder as Information Engineer The Making of the “Prezi”
  2. 2. Ryan is showing the impact of BIM over time Understanding history helps you know how to act today
  3. 3. Building Information Models have existed for decades They were named in 2002
  4. 4. A busy economy showed no interest in BIM If it ain’t broke don’t fix it . . .
  5. 5. When things are broke, they need fixin’ BIM helps eliminate needless wasteCapturing 10% of a project with reduced waste is conservative
  6. 6. Section II - BIM results in 3 major process improvements - Coordinate Drawings - Collaborative Information - Integrated Information
  7. 7. Means many things to many peopleEliminating change orders is one thingNot reducing, not greatly eradicating, allbut Eliminate Change Orders and think about what that means to business
  8. 8. Each of these documentation processesfeeds the other in a continuous data ribbon
  9. 9. Admit it - everything requires collaboration Adopt open and collaborative processesBecome the collaborative team member of choice
  10. 10. Collaborate using the best tools and processes today Get your head in the clouds
  11. 11. Require information to pass sharing testsIntegrated information can be used in many ways
  12. 12. Enter Information OnceAllow multiple, secure views of information
  13. 13. When you do this, you have a new PositionReduce risk with improved data management Forest Trees Use proven processes
  14. 14. Section 3 - BIM is a ProcessSoftware and hardware used in proven processes
  15. 15. Plan, Build, Test is the typical processAccurate information is needed in each phase
  16. 16. You plan for one price
  17. 17. You build for another price
  18. 18. You test your premise in sales
  19. 19. Manage levels of details and maintain accurate information
  20. 20. Levels of Detail are refinedFoundation information remains the same - just more accurate
  21. 21. Use accurate information to manage riskSoftware and hardware used in proven processes
  22. 22. Section 4 - Document ManagementImprove Document Managemet to reduce risk
  23. 23. Planning information
  24. 24. Get Specific Development Information
  25. 25. Collaborative Proceses are requiredWeb-based data sharing demands collaboration
  26. 26. The Heart of the MatterManage cost documentation in a unified manner
  27. 27. Manage construction documentsImprove Construction Document Management
  28. 28. Reach NirvanaHave consistent information for everyone
  29. 29. Maintain consistent Schedule Information
  30. 30. Now let’s talk about Warranties . . .Manage warranties with original information entered once If we can all but eliminate change orders, imagine how to reduce warranty costs
  31. 31. Data management helps warranty management
  32. 32. Section 4 - A Simple StrategyMake small improvements - achieve dramatic results
  33. 33. Assement of $5,000 - $10,000Map more than $100,000 in savings
  34. 34. Ryan Ghere - Builder as Information Engineer The Making of the “Prezi”