Real Time Building Census - Immediate BIM Benefits


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Real Time Building Census: Immediate BIM Benefits lays out the big-picture benefits of getting all your building information into a single database. Any software can be used to provide analysis of the entire data set once it is in a single database. Case studies provided.

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Real Time Building Census - Immediate BIM Benefits

  1. 1. Real Time Building Census:Immediate BIM Benefits for Large Portfolio Owners A Presentation in Three Short Acts byRyan Ghere, MABEC Group & Kimon Onuma, FAIA, ONUMA, Inc.
  2. 2. Presentation ContributorsBIM Education Co-op members and supporters including Toby Considine,James Salmon Esq and Michael Bordenaro. Also, thanks to City of Carlsbad;California Community Colleges Foundation; Pasadena City College, FortThomas Board of Education, Energle; Opto22; Merlok, USC and others Fort Thomas Board of Education, Kentucky - Highland High School Sports Facilities
  3. 3. Presentation Overview1) Overview - Focus on Benefits2) Five Case Studies - Online Real Estate Sales Company - City of Carlsbad - Fort Thomas Board of Education - California Community Colleges - Pasadena City College3) Live Demonstration Q & A Session - Answered will be provided through a live demonstration of current capabilities
  4. 4. What is a Real Time Building Census?- It is a new way of looking at information you already have- It is a way gathering information you never had- It is a way to see all of this information mashed-up . . .- . . . in real time . . . to gain immediate benefits Pasadena City College Real Time Energy Report
  5. 5. Benefits obtained by case study ownersEnergy management – Pasadena Community CollegeImproved sales – Online Real Estate Sales CompanyConsensus decision support – Fort Thomas Board of Ed.Visual Reports – California Community CollegesTotal Cost of Replacement Report – City of Carlsbad They gain benefits using Services Oriented Architecture to share data and increase productivity
  6. 6. Ways Attendees Can BenefitIf you are an owner: - a company, - an educational institution, - a municipality, county, state of federal agency - or any multiple building owner. . . Real Time Building Census helps you save moneydesigning, building and operating your facilities
  7. 7. Ways attendees can gain benefitsIf you serve owners: - provide clients with Real Time Building Census data that saves money and energy using any number of open standards based software programs Property Description: 94,480 sf office building and all relevant data
  8. 8. Energy BenefitCustomer service opportunities increase with Smart Grids
  9. 9. Building industryEnergy Open Open Standards serve customersStandards now when mashed up“talk” to in visual reportsBuildingsResidenialMarketdemands canbe seen andmeasured innew ways We are not even talking about industrial, yet
  10. 10. Portfolios of buildings share real timedata
  11. 11. Key Standards for Smart Building by Toby ConsidineOASIS Smart Energy StandardsoBIX (open Building Information ExchangeWS-Calendar exchange schedule/calendar with services/ peopleEMIX Energy Market Info ExchangeEnergy Interoperation OASISSlim BIM including:BIMXMLGBXMLCOBIE Electrical DataKML The following case studies use these exchanges and
  12. 12. Case StudiesCase Study 1 – Online Real Estate Auction CompanyCase Study 2 – City of CarlsbadCase Study 3 – Fort Thomas Board of EducationCase Study 4 – California Community Colleges FoundationCase Study 5 – Pasadena City Colleges IT Building
  13. 13. Online Real Estate Auction CompanyCurrent Conditions:- Good use of web-based processes- Proven sales in 8 figures annually- Open to process improvements with proven results
  14. 14. Online Real Estate Auction Company Step one - Contextual visual model for abstract relational benefit by using Google Earth to orient customers to siteExisting, static data on the web Dynamic, real-time data on the web
  15. 15. Online Real Estate Auction CompanySteps Two and Three- Use SketchUp and other software to prepare model forinteraction with other programs like Revit and Maximo
  16. 16. Online Real Estate Auction CompanyBenefits- Develop advertising revenue based on market interests- Increase "matching maker" sales by targeting responsesto visualizations of different property types- Increase buyer satisfaction to drive return business- Gain empirical value from visual representation of datameasured in increased sales- Add data and value to ever improving visualizations
  17. 17. City of CarlsbadCurrent Conditions- Same as every other municipality in the country . . .we need to decrease costs and improve value to citizens- Work Order Management is a challenge- Facilities insurance value is hard to establish . . . so aCost of Replacement report is desired
  18. 18. City of CarlsbadStep 1- Format existing building data for use in open standardssoftware such as COBie and preferably COBie XML Fire Station 4 6885 Batiquitos Drive, Carlsbad, CA
  19. 19. City of Carlsbad- Import formatted data intosystems - preferably withXML-compliant software
  20. 20. City of CarlsbadStep 3- Run reports in desired programs
  21. 21. City of CarlsbadBenefits- Work Order Reports- Total Cost of Replacement Reports+/- 640,000 square feet of building space at 52 Locations
  22. 22. Fort Thomas Board of EducationCurrent Conditions- Multiple sports programs vie for limited fields and limitedresources- Visual representations of complex schedules andinsurance issues hinder consensus decision making
  23. 23. Fort Thomas Board of EducationStep 1- Use Sketchup to create models landed on Google Earth High school students can gather this information and present it on Google Earth in a secure database
  24. 24. Fort Thomas Board of EducationStep 2- Use open standard compliant software to plan optionsthat visually represent complex issues of many kinds Much web-based software allows data to be shared in a "mash up" to plan potential scenarios, including field design and scheduling
  25. 25. Fort Thomas Board of EducationStep 3- Generate visual reports with input from all stakeholders All types of information can be included and related in custom reports attributed to specific people
  26. 26. Fort Thomas Board of EducationBenefits- Allow girls and boys equal access to the mind-bodybenefits of being a student-athlete - abstract value- Avoid Title 9 Litigation - priceless Data can be reviewed and approved in transparent processes that allow people to say "I see what you are talking about."
  27. 27. California Community Colleges FoundationCurrent Conditions: Support the following . . .
  28. 28. California Community CollegesStep 1- Prepare for open standards data sharing among systems
  29. 29. California Community CollegesStep 2- Practice inputs and outputs on various data sets
  30. 30. California Community CollegesStep 3- Roll out with a campus-by-campus approach Fred Harris CCC Finance VP indicates that Real Time Building Census data improves planning and operations
  31. 31. California Community CollegesBenefits- Improved annual reporting to the Chancellor- Eliminate need for facilities data collection every year- Class scheduling coordination- Improved project management- Departmental space allocation confirmation
  32. 32. Pasadena City CollegeCurrent Conditions- Advanced understanding of data sharing allows "mash-up"
  33. 33. Pasadena City CollegeStep 1 - Mash up data together using proven processes
  34. 34. Pasadena City CollegeStep 2 - Analyze energy data on campus level
  35. 35. Pasadena City CollegeStep 3 - Analyze energy data on building level
  36. 36. Pasadena City CollegeBenefits - Obtain clear visualizations of complex data sets
  37. 37. Pasadena City CollegeBenefits - Obtain clear visualizations of complex data sets
  38. 38. Conclusion- More is possible today than most realize- Web-based, open standard compliant software allowsextensive data sharing for a Real Time Building Census- Energy Management and Smart Grid participation is akey result from establishing a Real Time Building CensusFor a Real Time Building Census Action Plan PDF,contact Ryan Ghere: rghere at MABECGroup dot com
  39. 39. Real Time Building Census: Immediate BIM Benefits for Large Portfolio Owners A Presentation in Three Short Acts 2012 CopyrightKimon Onuma, FAIA; Ryan Ghere; Michael Bordenaro; James Salmon, Esq;Toby Considine; Bob Smith, PhD, and other BIM Education Co-op supporters
  40. 40. Real Time Building Census: Immediate BIM Benefits for Large Portfolio Owners Questions & AnswersRobert "Bob" Smith, PhD, Professor Emeritus, CaliforniaState University pre-submitted a question to getdiscussions started. He assists Green Energy efforts thatinvolve an Enterprise Energy Management InformationSystem prototype for five cities.Bob asked if the Pasadena Community College EnergyManagement systems can be demonstrated live.He would like to see energy use analysis reports amunicipality, such as Huntington Beach, can use.