Plan Haiti BIMStorm Update 03 26 2010


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Plan Haiti BIMStorm demonstrates ways international building industry professionals can help the people of Haiti. No official activity has begun by the Plan Haiti BIMStorm, but the team has shown ways relief can be provided.

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Plan Haiti BIMStorm Update 03 26 2010

  1. 1. International Building Professionals helping the people of Haiti
  2. 2. Using established, award-winning web-based processes led by Kimon Onuma, FAIA, and ONUMA, Inc. . . .
  3. 3. . . . more than 200 International professionals are participating online . . .
  4. 4. . . . by volunteering their knowledge and expertise to the people Haiti.
  5. 5. ONUMA, Inc. is showing the web-based assistance that is possible by teaching professionals processes used by military clients, agencies and others. ONUMA, Inc. is not engaged to provide official assistance.
  6. 6. Plan Haiti BIMStorm participants are volunteering to help people such as Raymark Clement, PE Founder of NGO America Continental 2000, help the people of Haiti.
  7. 7. America Continental 2000 is already on the ground in Haiti, providing technical assistance, evaluating site conditions and contacting local communities and organizations as a crucial part of the preliminary planning for the long-term rebuilding ahead
  8. 8. Clement has just spent 2 months in Haiti and has presented plans to Haitian government officials and the United Nations.
  9. 9. In addition to immediate clean-up plans, infrastructure renovation and new building construction needs are being explored by many teams.
  10. 10. Demonstrations of improved site planning occur live on the web through the ONUMA System and other BIM software programs.
  11. 11. Red Cross volunteer Aquilino, PhD, Ecole Spéciale de l’Architecture Paris outlined pressing existing conditions and immediate needs in Haiti that were listed live during web discussions. Marie J.
  12. 12. The ability to use one structure type for many purposes was presented.
  13. 13. Hospitals, cafeterias, schools, housing and other needs can be meet with one structural system template used for many purposes.
  14. 14. The impact of multiple buildings on one site can be seen clearly.
  15. 15. The ability to link information to project images was shown.
  16. 16. Multiple projects on a single web site help coordinate complex issues.
  17. 17. Even the ability to assist electrical grid planning was established.
  18. 18. The Plan Haiti BIMStorm team is still in the initial stages of aligning meaningful help to the people of Haiti. Join us
  19. 19. Gain access to the entire presentation given on March 26, 2010 at: