Information Age Business Processes for Specifiers


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Information Age Business Processes for Specifiers is intended to be an introduction to web-based Building Information Models for Construction Specification Institute members.

The slide presentation was created for the CSI Northern Illinois Chapter, but is applicable to all specifiers interested in beginning their orientation to web-based business processes.

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Information Age Business Processes for Specifiers

  1. 1. Information Age Business Processes: Objects, Building Information Models and Specifiers Opportunities for Specifiers who are not afraid of the web © Onuma, Inc
  2. 2. To profit in the Information Age - Transform Processes Building industry professionals willing to use web-based business processes can prosper in this Age Travel Industry Transformed Communications Industry Transformed Financial Markets Transformed
  3. 3. Owners of large real estate portfolios seek business partners with web capabilities For example © Onuma, Inc.
  4. 4. Connect people to project information they need Federal Agencies seek cost savings from the web © Onuma, Inc.
  5. 5. Help owners track their building assets on the web Start here, with Excel End up with 3D objects on the web
  6. 6. Images and process information courtesy of Onuma, Inc. buildingSMART alliance has established paths for getting started - BIMStorm® is one DoD / VA - Space & Equipment Planning System (SEPS)
  7. 7. Current processes are disjointed Start with Excel data, but data is not connected
  8. 8. Information Age processes share data on the web Data still starts in a structured format, but is stored on the web and shared for the life of the project Master Construction Specifications
  9. 9. How do you help owners benefit from web processes? Start with one object António Frade Pina of concepsysBIM provides an example
  10. 10. Insert it into a room Move it, show it in 2D, show it in 3D, replicate it
  11. 11. But the most important element is the Information (Information can be in Portuguese for António’s clients)
  12. 12. SketchUp is a cost effective place to start with one object See one object in many ways
  13. 13. Global Unique Identifiers (GUID) for duplicate objects Share data through IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)
  14. 14. The most important thing to see is the data - online Through this . . . From this . . .
  15. 15. Have reports in many formats to communicate clearly Each military hospital is to download one chair - Have they all done so yet?
  16. 16. Agreements can be simple, but they need to define process
  17. 17. Collaborative agreements help information flow properly A process chart is part of the contract
  18. 18. So the Military Doctors can repair a jaw properly Everything from the outlet to the medical equipment is specified properly
  19. 19. Credits and Links Kimon Onuma, FAIA, Onuma, Inc. António Frade Pina, concepsysBIM Ryan Ghere, AIA, BPM Content Manager at SketchUp James L. Salmon, Esq., Collaborative Construction Alan Redmond, U.K. BIM Education Co-op leader buildingSMART Alliance Als
  20. 20. Information Age Business Processes Objects, Building Information Models and Specifiers Michael Bordenaro - BIM Education Co-op - © Onuma, Inc