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The Summit introduction will help people see how they can increase productivity and profitability while planning for renewable energy. See our related SlideShows and related material. Call (773) 252 5888 with questions.

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Summit Intro - 21 Slides

  1. 1. Collaborative BIM Advocates in association with Present:
  2. 2. High Performance Housing Summit Sessions - Jan. 5th - 15th Focus on Military Housing & Renewable Energy Jan. 15th Powered by BIM STORM ™ Solar Wind Geothermal Tide Turbine
  3. 3. What does “landing” ships and buildings on the National Mall have to do with Housing?
  4. 4. The same, proven technology that visually links US Coast Guard facilities to Congressional objectives ...
  5. 5. ...will be used to show how highly efficient base planning reduces dependency on foriegn oil...
  6. 6. ...and will quickly show the renewable energy generation opportunities on a base by using Military Housing as our example. . Solar Wind Geothermal Tide Turbine
  7. 7. The Award-Winning Process for achieving lightning -fast connections between “Mission” and facilities is called...
  8. 8. AIA BIM Award Winning Planning Processes FIATECH Award Winning Planning Processes
  9. 9. BIM STORM ™ processes from ONUMA, Inc. are used successfully by many entities...
  10. 10. OPS is a web-based model server that interfaces MANY software programs.
  11. 11. The public data examples we will use were presented at the 2008 National BIM Conference
  12. 12. The entire US Coast Guard facility portfolio is already “captured” in Building Information Models - BIM
  13. 13. For the housing of a single base we will show: 1) how to plan for reduced energy, and 2) plans for renewable energy generation.
  14. 14. Renewable Energy requirements trigger new planning with existing data.
  15. 15. Reduce energy demands of existing homes with help from many visual reports.
  16. 16. Existing public data models can be used to tie mission objectives to high performance housing. Mission Data Exchange
  17. 17. We will be able to tell a data story that clearly presents accurate information to help people make consensus decisions. Solar, Geothermal Tide Turbine, Wind
  18. 18. ...And apply the findings across the entire US Coast Guard facility portfolio already “captured” in existing models. Planning so lightning fast it seems like Science Fiction.
  19. 19. Collaborative BIM Advocates in association with And All supporters of the buildingSMARTalliance
  20. 20. Thank You for your interst. Contact us for more information: James L. Salmon, Esq. Collaborative BIM Advocates [email_address] (859) 802 1118 Michael Bordenaro BIM Education Co-op [email_address] (773) 252 5888 Copyright© 2009
  21. 21. We strongly agree.