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California Community Colleges has become one of the strongest advocates of Building Information Models in general and supportive of BIMStorm processes specifically. This is a presentation of CCC BIM videos created by ONUMA, Inc. To get started, you might want to focus on the short videos on the second page 2 to get started.

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California Community Colleges BIMStorm video links

  1. 1. California Community Colleges Benefits of Building Information ModelsCalifornia Community Colleges uses Building Information Models “landed” on Google Earth to clearly showbenefits of web-based management of costs, schedules, conditions, energy consumption and many other usesof more than 5,000 facilities on 112 campuses.California Community Colleges is the largest higher education system in the world and is a leader indemonstrating dramatic facilities improvements by using proven, web-based, brainstorming processes called“BIMStorms.”Fred Harris, Assistant Vice Chancellor, College Finance & Facilities Planning, California Community CollegesChancellors Office, addresses the benefits of open standards and BIMStorm processes in the video at thefollowing link: Fred Harris shares a technology award with BIMStorm creator Kimon Onuma, FAIA : John Roach at the Foundation for California Community Colleges and others.Other links to related videos and presentations are below.Pasadena City College and Energy Sensors orders are also described as part of the 25-minute video. The last five minutes are a concentrateddemonstration of data management benefits from web-based BIM business processes.
  2. 2. California Community Colleges Benefits of Building Information ModelsFUSION CCCGIS ONUMA at Society for College and University Planning presentation at Stanford with Fred Harris.California Community Colleges American Institute of Architects Overview created for the Technology in Architectural Practice committee of the American Institutes ofArchitects.California Community Colleges FUSION OverviewCalifornia Community Colleges, FUSION OverviewLos Angeles Community College District – Facility Management overview of how web-based BIM is helping a California Community College District achieve dramaticsavings.FUSION + CCCGIS + ONUMA presentation including John Roach, Executive Director, Technology Services with Foundation forCalifornia Community Colleges.FUSION+GIS+ONUMA+ENERGLE video on how energy sensor data can be seen on Google Earth in real time.US Coast Guard Academy and BIM overview of BIMStorm benefits at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut.The work being done at California Community Colleges is based on work done for many others over the past 20years. The US Coast Guard is an international leader in the use of Building Information Models. BIMStormprocesses passed down from USCG headquarters are improving facilities management at the USCG Academy.