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BIMStorm Washington DC Presentation 5 Report


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The fifth web session describing BIMStorm Washington DC is described in a "Cliff's Notes" summary of the hour-long presentation

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BIMStorm Washington DC Presentation 5 Report

  1. 1. BIM Education Co-op provides a “Cliff’s Notes” report on the 5th web presentation in preparation for BIMStorm Washington DC The entire session is at
  2. 2. The BIMStorm activities in Washington DC will be continuation of what was started in Oslo
  3. 3. Sponsors and participants in the Oslo activities focused on real hospital planning will be in DC
  4. 4. The ongoing theme is to focus on Open BIM Standards and what the extensive benefits that are achievable today
  5. 5. There were many people involved in preparing for the Oslo event held in conjunction with buildingSMART International
  6. 6. The 5th web presentation for the DC activities focused on having professionals work together over the web to use BIM from programming to Facility Management
  7. 7. 1) A Model is created based on Excel Data 2) Many levels of planning is conducted 3) detailed equipment is added 4) before exporting useful data to Revit and other programs
  8. 8. Cost estimating is conducted in real time through the entire process based on normalized data in Model Server
  9. 9. 5) The real space and equipment data is exported to a Construction-Operation Building Information Exchange format and 6) made available for Facilities Applications
  10. 10. First, the ONUMA Planning 1 System was used Excel programs to create bubble diagrams of floor plans that were refined quickly 2 3 Then rooms were designed with furniture in more detail
  11. 11. Progam data can move from Excel to refined plans quiclky
  12. 12. Plans can become highly refined and all changes are stored
  13. 13. Room plans can include furniture and equipment data
  14. 14. The data can be shared among many professionals easily
  15. 15. Low level of detail Cost Estimates are available immediately
  16. 16. Data is easily exported for more detailed analysis in other software
  17. 17. Tokmo scheduling, project management and cost estimating software allows for real-time estimates
  18. 18. Cost Estimate reports are available faster to inform early decision making that can provide significant savings
  19. 19. The interface between OPS and Tokmo allows real time cost reports in a way that is similar to Exedia travel options
  20. 20. dRofus software allows furniture and equipment to be accurately tracked in design and used in construction and operations
  21. 21. Using Excel from programming to operations can be an automated process learned from participating in BIMStorm activities
  22. 22. BIMStorm Washington DC information is available at
  23. 23. BIMStorm events can be created to help your region or association members better understand the dramatic benefits of BIM Information is available from Michael Bordenaro