BIMStorm: Transforming the way we do Business v6 pdf


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BIMStorm processes are advocated by buildingSMART alliance Executive Director Deke Smith, FAIA.

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BIMStorm: Transforming the way we do Business v6 pdf

  1. 1. Journal of Building Information ModelingbuildingSMART alliance magazine buildingSMART alliance Deke Smith, Executive Director “A BIMStorm is a hugely innovative way of transforming the way we do business.” JBIM Spring 2012 (page 9)
  2. 2. JBIM focuses on Total Cost of Ownershipand Building Industry Leadership Other content addresses raising the standard of service across the entire building industry; Becoming more involved in leading the building industry; and, Reducing costs over a significant amount of time. Only BIMStorm® is highlighted in an editorial as a business process that leads to proven results - today.
  3. 3. The Message is Clear: BIMStorm® represents a PROVEN REPEATABLE PROCESS. BIMStorms can increase productivity - TODAY.= Leaders are needed to gain widespread productivity and profitability increases across the entire building industry.
  4. 4. BIM Education Co-op Building Census services assist large portfolio owners in launching BIMStorm processesWhen all of your buildings are in a single, visual databaseon Google Earth, you will see many ways to save money Save money with a BIMStorm Building Census
  5. 5. Create a Building Census for: Corporations Municipalities Counties States Federal Agencies Non-Profits Religious Institutions Educational Institutions Contractors . . . and more
  6. 6. BIM Education Co-op is a BIMStorm® AgentMembers and Supporters help organize, run and participate in award-winning BIMStorm® activities
  7. 7. Contact BIM Education Members and Supporters for more information, a sample Census and a quote Total SF x $0.01 = Assessment Fee Estimate Savings > Assessment Fee x 2 iPhone to Costs in seconds. Proven. Deke Smith, FAIA atBIMStorm Boston 2008 BIM Education Co-op (312) 330 1029 Images © ONUMA Inc