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BIMStorm San Diego Webinar 1 Simple As 1,2,3


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BIMStorm San Diego is an online brainstorm using the web-based ONUMA Planning system to link knowledge from many sources such as Building Information Model software and hand sketches. see for more details.

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BIMStorm San Diego Webinar 1 Simple As 1,2,3

  1. 1. The following is a Readers Digest version of the first BIMStorm San Diego webinar as interpreted by the BIM Education Co-op. It is intended as a simple overview and not as a source of detailed directions. Contact Yong Ku Kim with detailed questions.
  2. 2. Sign Up -
  3. 3. BIMStorm can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 - Hand sketching is good
  4. 4. Scan hand sketches and up load them to theweb file sharing site SkyDrive
  5. 5. Place the files in the proper team folder
  6. 6. Import scans of sketches in to the ONUMA Planning System and start using your ideas as the basis for powerful planning
  7. 7. Self-teach yourself as much as possible - Skype ONUMA staff for online assistance and suggestions that can help others
  8. 8. Refer to past BIMStorms to learn about new planning concepts
  9. 9. Go to YouTube and search “BIMStorm” for additional insight
  10. 10. When ready, go to a BIMStorm San Diego site on Google Earth
  11. 11. Sketch an idea on Google Earth and capture it as a jpg -” Crt Alt S”
  12. 12. Make a couple more sketches and save as jpg “Crt Alt S”
  13. 13. Upload the jpgs of your digital sketches to SkyDrive
  14. 14. From the ONUMA Planning System link to the SkyDrive URL with your images and bring them into your project folder
  15. 15. Open the ONUMA Planning System and find your project folder
  16. 16. Open your folder and access the materials you have inserted.
  17. 17. Manipulate the materials and data with OPS tools and features
  18. 18. Attach related data and send BIMmail with links to the model
  19. 19. Analyze costs and energy based on basic rules adjusted in OPS
  20. 20. Once you put your sketch in OPS, refine it and add data it is then available for presentation on Google Earth in context
  21. 21. By the way, the ONUMA Planning System won a Buildy Award at ConnectivityWeek on June 10, 2009. ConnectivityWeek is the confluence of the building industry and energy industry. OPS was recognized by popular vote as a tool that can help make the connections that result in a reduced global carbon foot print.
  22. 22. More to come BIM Education Co-op contact Mike Bordenaro