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BIMstorm Metro - Co-op Introduction


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The BIM Education Co-op is preparing products and services based on collaborative BIMstorm Metro activities. These slides reflect the ideas of the BIM Education Co-op and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of ONUMA, Inc.

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BIMstorm Metro - Co-op Introduction

  1. 1. ONUMA, Inc.’s BIMstorm Metro - Web Based Collaboration Lessons Learned by BIM Education Co-op members
  2. 2. Expand on web-based collaboration processes demonstrated in Award Winning BIM STORMs with rapidly deployed tools such as Excel, Google Docs, Twitter and OPS.
  3. 3. Teach people that their knowledge can be presented in hand written or verbal contributions and be a Valuable part of a BIM STORM
  4. 4. Los Angeles Metro planning processes start with many options and filters down to a Final Four and then two winners A swirling storm of ideas start BIM STORM and then pinpoints the best items on Google Earth ... See images on next slide. 1 3 1 2 2 3
  5. 5. LAX BIMstorm Jan 31, 2008 AIA BIM Awards 2008 Jury’s Choice Similar web-based processes and more intuitive tools are available in the BIMstorm Metro March 2008. 1 2 3 1 2 3
  6. 6. Cloud computing = Users need not have knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure "cloud" that supports them. OPS Google Earth Google Docs YouTube twitter Facebook Excel yes, Excel GotoMeeting Adobe Autodesk Bentley Graphisoft Nemetschek
  7. 7. Blog Spot blog sevices are the best best real-time infomation distribution used yet in a BIM STORM . Extensive linking presents key information quickly and consistently.
  8. 8. All professionals and concerned stake holders have value to the team. You only don’t have value if you don’t share your knowledge. Planner & Architects Standards Organizations Fire & Emergency Plans Energy Analysis Cost Estimates Structural Engineering Operations Maintenance Life Cycle Corazon SMARTCodes Owners GIS
  9. 9. Share on twitter - a fast-paced social communication tool . . . with business applications when used properly and legally.
  10. 10. Google Docs allows free sharing and safe storage of documents. Learn about Google Docs by viewing the Presentation Boards.
  11. 11. The ONUMA Planning System is a web-based collaboration tool. It is focused on BIM but allows diverse communication. This video of the first BIM STORM Metro presentation is stored there.
  12. 12. Information about the BIM STORM Metro is stored on Google Maps and linked to the central BIM server in OPS.
  13. 13. Expanding the information relevant to one Metro station community and making it relevant to many communities can increase productivity.
  14. 14. Research includes linking video “evidence” in the Model server. Traditional research also can be stored in the Knowledge Repository.
  15. 15. Once there is ample data, the Brain Storming of BIM STORM begins.
  16. 16. People share data and see immediate implications of what happens when: “You got your peanuter butter in my chocolate.”
  17. 17. Even hand drawn data from previous projects can be made relevant. 1
  18. 18. Fast and furious at times... confusing and frustrating at times... just as revolutions are... and just in time! Learn to organize the chaos of real projects with realistic views in a virtual world where mistakes don’t hurt ... as much. 2 3
  19. 19. Competition Requirements from the Client are captured and linked into the project model server for easy access.
  20. 20. Client success stories can be seen and understood so their processes can be repeated in the project.
  21. 21. Then the balls of data swirling in the BIM STORM brain storm can be pointed at specific locations on Google Earth. Complex knowledge collected and given visual clarity with the BIM STORM processes makes it easier to form concensus decisions.
  22. 22. We don’t care what you decide. We just want you to decide based on accurate, agreed upon data. At least that is the official position of the BIM Education Co-op. Contact Michael Bordenaro for more info on: BIM STORM Metro Publishing Project (773) 252 5888 Next slide
  23. 23. Continued thanks and appreciation to everyone at ONUMA, Inc. END