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BIMStorm Definition With BIMStorm Australia Canberra Info


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This paper provides an illustrated definition of BIMStorm and introduces the plans for BIMStorm Australia - Canberra.

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BIMStorm Definition With BIMStorm Australia Canberra Info

  1. 1. BIMStorm®: Accelerating BIM Awareness and Implementation One way to quickly understand BIMStorm® is to see it as a contemporary seminar with distance learning about Building Information Model software and dramatically productive business processes. The screen of each computer in this Pennsylvania training center is looking at a different part of the AIA BIM Award winning BIMStorm LAX being run from California. Each project created for BIMStorm LAX was cost estimated here. Using both in-person and remote interaction, BIMStorm® provides a “Learning by Doing” experience to inform people about advanced building industry business processes that dramatically increase productivity and profitability. BIM data is shared among many programs and easily represented in Google Earth, which can communicate extensive amounts of building data in ways that allow complex knowledge sets to be quickly understood by non-experts to improve consensus decision making. BIMStorm® web-based charrette processes were first developed to increase productivity and profitability for real design and construction projects for U.S. Government clients and private clients.
  2. 2. A team of building industry professionals and advanced building owners used the ONUMA Planning System as their web-based Building Information Model server to allow multiple parties to remotely participate in highly refined planning sessions. These fee generating projects have won multiple awards and are case studies of what is possible when web-based BIM business processes are used properly. Multiple web-based collaboration processes are experienced in a BIMStorm as did these BIMStorm Alexandria participants. A 1.1 million square foot project investigated in BIMStorm Alexandria started construction in 2009. While web-based business processes have been common in many industries, web-based processes are still relatively innovative the building industry. However, the dramatic productivity improvements available to the building industry through web-based processes for design, construction and operation are exactly what is needed to achieve significant energy use reduction required by current economic and social conditions. Job growth and economic development in the building industry will be strongest for companies and individuals using the new web-based BIM tool set. BIMStorm articles can be found on:, and BIMStorm videos are available on and BIMStorm® is the structured introduction of web-based business processes using advanced Building Information Model software. The ONUMA Planning System has always been just one of the many BIM tools used in a BIMStorm®. A growth in web-based tools and improvements in data-sharing by many software tools allows almost every BIM program to be used in the contemporary charrette called BIMStorm®. The BIM Education Co-op members and supporters provide a series of low-cost courses to help ALL building industry professionals accelerate understanding and adoption of advanced BIM processes that can dramatically reduce energy use in buildings while increasing quality and profitability.
  3. 3. Kimon Onuma, FAIA is a web-based BIM pioneer and creator of BIMStorm®, which can be run remotely or in person. BIMStorm® is a dynamic way to learn dramatically productive business processes and understand how you can profit from them. Building owners, developers, designers, contractors, facility managers, lawyers and other building industry professionals can learn about web-based processes and apply them to areas of particular interest to them. A BIMStorm® focused on a local design issue allows people to practice the processes. Different levels of detail are available about project scenarios created from expert data viewed through BIM software. There have been 20 BIMStorm® projects and there will be more to come. BIMStorm® Washington D.C. is under way and BIMStorm® Australia – Canberra and BIMStorm® California State Capital Building are in planning. A series of courses on BIM Basics, BIMStorm® Fundamentals, BIMStorm® Intermediate and Advanced BIM training is available through the BIM Education Co-op to help professionals with all level of experience to participate in a mock design project of local interest. People's questions about what can be learned with BIMStorm® presentations establish the specific topics that are explored.
  4. 4. BIMStorm® Australia – Canberra A web-based only BIMStorm® is being created for sites in Canberra, Australia. Using a series of preparatory web presentations and interactive learning experiences, all interested building industry professionals can learn about web-based BIM processes that dramatically improve productivity and profitability. BIMStorm® events have frequently focused on Capital Cities to allow participation from a large region. Courses established in a format similar to that used in previous BIMStorm® will allow buildingSMART Australaisa to provide a high-level of service to members and reach out to all existing regional building industry associations. Sponsorship opportunities will allow commercial entities to gain recognition for their support of advanced building industry technology and business processes that save energy and contribute to the overall benefit of society. See the current approach to BIMStorm® web courses at Contact Rhonda Bulmer, General Manager, Global Smart Group - – regarding participation and sponsorship of BIMStorm® Australia – Canberra.