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BIMStorm Community on LinkedIn: A Reboot


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A description of how the BIMStorm Community on LinkedIn is going to start acting more like an electronic magazine.

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BIMStorm Community on LinkedIn: A Reboot

  1. 1. BIMStorm Community on LinkedIn – A Reboot By Michael Bordenaro, Co-founder, BIM Education Co-op, A BIMStorm Agent Dedicated to Robert Smith, PhD, PhD, who among MANY things, was a Co-founder of BIM Education Co-op, a good friend and a guiding voice in the storm of building industry technology revolution. BIMStorm has evolved dramatically in many ways. But it has remained consistent in its ability to provide real-time, open data to Building Information Models on mobile computers in a light weight and meaningful manner. At the Build Boston architects’ conference In 2007, one person from the audience provided data to Kimon Onuma as he sat on a panel of industry experts who did not understand what he was doing during his 12-minute, interactive demonstration of BIMStorm processes. At Build Boston in 2008, a person walked through a huge banquet hall collecting pieces of paper with a building name, square footage and number of stories from audience members. The papers were brought to Susan Mitchell Onuma, who entered the information into the Cloud. ONUMA, Inc. staff in California “landed” the resulting models in and around downtown Boston on Google Earth in real time. Highrises popped up on the screen in front of hundreds of attendees. (See images below.)
  2. 2. This year, 2014, Kimon and Susan conducted a BIMStorm at the American Institute of Architects National Convention in Chicago. (See pre-event introduction at With a strong Internet connection and an audience using a new generation of phones, more than 20 people entered a room name, room type and square footage into a community college building model in less than 60 seconds. More than 60 people entered the information in less than 5 minutes.
  3. 3. Aris Onuma, the son of Kimon and Susan, and the staff of ONUMA, Inc. entered their data from remote locations. During the related presentations by Renée Tietjen, AIA and John Roach, Kimon rearranged the rooms in a template education facility being used as an example of what is being done for the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense Military Health System. It doesn’t get much more real time than this. This is a measurable productivity improvement in BIMStorm presentations. And it is another demonstration of how proven consensus decision making can instantly improve building industry processes. The only question that remains is – How can you improve your work by having real time input from many people? Almost any building owner will be open to the savings available when multiple stakeholders enter data in real time to facility projects of any size or type. ONUMA, Inc. has directly focused the power of BIMStorm benefits on government owners (which means all of us). There has been a specific focus on building owners who serve the United States of America, state governments and local municipalities.
  4. 4. Right now, there is a highly pointed “BIMStorming” of the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Department of Defense Military Health System. The use of BIMStorm processes and approaches are bringing transparency to Veterans’ health care at a time when medical service to those who served us desperately needs improvement. So today, July 4, 2014, is a fortuitous day to restart the BIMStorm Community on LinkedIn. Kimon has agreed to be interviewed for an upcoming post and to provide a post or two. Award winning BIMStorm veteran Russ Sanders, AIA from Orcutt Winslow, has agreed to share his real-time use of multiple BIM programs on an iPad at construction sites. We will be seeking interviews from past, current and future BIMStorm participants. We will work with associations and groups more closely to show how the open data sharing heart of BIMStorm can transfuse existing entities looking to bring Information Age benefits to the building industry. And we will be running this Linked In Group more like an electronic BIMStorm Magazine with calendar piece, guest editorials, feature stories and news. Today is also good day to restarting the BIMStorm Community on LinkedIn because Kimon created a Declaration of Information Independence in 2009. We still need our building information available freely for sharing among all stakeholders using any program or data sharing method. We still need to bring the cost saving web processes enjoyed by other industries into the building industry. We still need to break free from Industrial Age processes focused on hierarchy and embrace Information Age processes based on fast data sharing that provides the greatest benefit. So it is highly appropriate to reload the BIMStorm Community on LinkedIn on the Fourth of July, 2014 Happy Independence Day to all who serve their country in any way, to all who live in the country and to all of those around it. I look forward to your comments, questions and discussions beyond any one person’s control.