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BIMStorm CandyGram


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BIMStorm CandyGram

  1. 1. BIMStorm Candy Gram to wish you Happy Holidays Happy New Year th Happy 6 Anniversary to BIMStorm December 2013 from Michael Bordenaro BIM Education Co-op – A BIMStorm Agent BIMStorm LAX was envisioned and launched in this season of giving 6 years ago in 2007. Then, on January 31, 2008, more than 130 people around the world worked together for 24 hours. They created and shared building projects “landed” in Los Angeles on Google Earth. These pioneers showed how building industry professionals can work together in the Information Age. The single-day event won the 2008 AIA BIM Award Honorable Mention. One jury member stated, “BIMStorm is beyond BIM, it moves the industry forward.” That statement is still true. Well, candy is the traditional sixth anniversary present. So I am calling Kimon Onuma's latest series of short videos explaining BIMStorm business processes a “Box of BIM Knowledge Nougats.” This assortment of chewy goodness offer insight on the latest developments in web-based BIM business processes that keep the Storm brewing. There are bite-sized doses of crunchy 3-minute overviews; more satisfying 5 – 9 minute nutfilled demonstrations; snack-sized 13 – 15 minute tasty explorations of energy analysis, cost analysis and web services. Finally, there is a pair of desert meals of more than an hour that provide an entire view of BIMStorm developments six years down the road. This sweet selection of videos comes from the Department of Veterans Affairs exploration of MacroBIM – it's unique recipe of BIMStorm ingredients used for moving into Information Age building industry business processes.
  2. 2. But there is much more going on with BIMStorm. Federal and State government entities are demonstrating repeatable web-based BIM business processes that dramatically reduce costs and improve quality in measurable ways. California Community Colleges is leading the way with multiple innovations at it's 112 campuses showing accurate calculations of facility square footage and room allocation. Scheduling classes, improving emergency preparedness and organizing work orders are just some of the benefits being experienced in addition to helping planning and budgeting activities. And the Department of Defense Military Healthcare System's efforts to gain benefits of webbased BIM are being combined with the MacroBIM efforts of the VA. Using this assortment of videos to understand how the Department of Veterans Affairs is moving it's facilities operation into the Information Age will help you understand how to serve owners of large real estate portfolios. So reach in, grab one of these confections, savor it and then decide which one you want to enjoy next. Don't be shy there is plenty enough here to keep you satisfied on many a long winter's night. Selected video descriptions this page, full list of videos below.