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BIMStorm BIG BIM Bang Press Release


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A short description of the activities detailed in the BIMStorm BIG BIM Bang White Paper also posted on SlideShare.

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BIMStorm BIG BIM Bang Press Release

  1. 1. BIMStorm® BIG BIM Bang Summary AvailableAn illustrated White Paper Explaining the value of participation in BIMStorm® BIG BIM Bang isavailable at www.BIMStorm®.comBIMStorm® BIG BIM Bang workshops held on December 7th and 8th, 2011 at he Washington, DCEcobuild conference demonstrated web-based building industry business processes being usedby federal and state building departments to improve building cost efficiencies.BIMStorm® is the award-winning, learn-by-doing workshop featuring web-based data sharingthrough Building Information Models and Geographic Information Systems. Live participants at in the BIMStorm® BIG BIM Bang at Ecobuild 2011 were joined by others online.The current BIMStorm® BIG BIM Bang has included 6 weeks of webinars and a live series ofdemonstrations using real building data from Kaiser Permanente and California CommunityColleges. BIMStorm® is free for building industry professionals to use the real data and learn fromthe existing participants. Participants joining the BIMStorm® can be part of final presentations inJanuary and February 2012.
  2. 2. So far, more than 145 people have used more than 33 building industry software tools to createmore than 100 schemes including more than 1,500 buildings totaling more than 17 million squarefeet valued at more than $1.8 billion in construction. The buildings include more than 12,000spaces with more than 18,000 pieces of furniture."BIMStorm is a sandbox for us to try new things; to take a chance using a process or tool that hasnot been proven,” says Jason Reece, Sr. Manager, Technology and Process Development atBalfour Beatty Construction “Participation in this event isnt limited by contracts, or fear of failure.There is no reason not to try something new during BIMStorm; it can only teach you somethingyou did not know before." Balfour Beatty is a BIMStorm® Platinum sponsor and had about 50 staffand colleagues participate in the activities.Hyde Griffith, Vice President at Broaddus & Associates, used the the BIMStorm® to manage databetween the ONUMA System web server, Gehry Technologys GTX Server and COBie formats todemonstrate building industry business processes available today. Griffith noted that technology isnot the issue – good business processes are the key. “Work flows and business rules are harderto address than software coding,” says Griffith, whose colleague Matt Moore, Broaddus BIMManager also participated in the event for Broaddus, also a sponsor. “BIMStorm activities allowbuilding industry professionals to use real project data before they have to work on real projects,”Moore stated.Griffith concluded, “BIMStorm allows us to find ways to piece together and refine the valueproposition to the project and the owner.”Learn more from the Illustrated White Paper and how to learn how to use web-based buildingindustry building processes with real building data from national owners, go What California Community College Executives are Saying Comments on Integration of GIS, BIM and Facility Data. “How to bring it together? We think we have cracked it, we are doing it today. We have taken FUSION data that is information stored in central repository and rendered it back into BIM, and our existing legacy buildings, by using a product that has opened the world for us, which uses web services, which uses open standards, and is able to talk to not only standard interfaces, but also using proprietary APIs”. Lee Belarmino - Former VP of Information Technology at San Joaquin Delta College.“We achieved the connection between facility data, geographic information systems and BIM and created immediate value for the entire inventory of 71 million square feet. This has allowed us to achieve rapid, accurate results at a modest cost. The smart, adaptable design of the ONUMASystem, has allowed FUSION to make great progress in a short time. This has required far less of my staffs time than I anticipated--approximately one full-time equivalent spread over three people. This allows me, despite frozen budgets, to offer new features to my college districts at a time when they need it most”. John Roach - Executive Director, Technology Services Foundation for California Community Colleges Preliminary plan for a new Athletic Facility at CostaMesa College by BIMStorm® participant Tim Blatner, AIA.