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BIMStorm BIG BIM BANG introductory overview


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This reposting of the the recent BIMStorm introductory webinar includes links to the full video webinar and information about the real projects by Kaiser Permanente and California Community Colleges that will be used in web-based demonstrations.

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BIMStorm BIG BIM BANG introductory overview

  1. 1. BIMStorm BIG BIM BANG Healthcare + Education Produced by ONUMA, Inc.
  2. 2. BIMStorm BIG BIM BANG Use live owner data from real projectsKaiser Permanente: Healthcare OwnerCalifornia Community Colleges: Education Owner Slide Summary by BIM Education Co-op
  3. 3. Live Owner Data on Real Projects All lifecycle phases explored from early planning to maintenanceTwo Kaiser Projects - Two CCC Colleges - Seven Phases Demonstrated
  4. 4. BIMStorm BIG BIM BANG Sign up for free at gain more direct interaction live and on the web
  5. 5. Initial SponsorsSponsors include contractors, software vendors, institutions Free participation is enabled by collaborative sponsors
  6. 6. Gehry Technologies - GTX SyncONUMA System to GTX Sync master model server with IFC data sharing Practice Master Model Management on the Web with real data
  7. 7. Master Model Management Lifecycle management of information in many systemsONUMA System and GTX Sync data sharing exemplifies new processes
  8. 8. BIMStorm 2011 Preview Webinar OutlineSee the entire video at
  9. 9. Kaiser PermanenteFive different project phases on two different projects Three key staff supporting BIMStorm
  10. 10. Kaiser PermanenteParticipate in live data visualization for design . . . Gwinnet Comprehensive Medical Center
  11. 11. Kaiser Permanente - Gwinnet . . . final design data sharing with construction software and . . .Access the live project data to understand the processes for your projects
  12. 12. Kaiser Permanente - Gwinnet . . . Commissioning data sharingObserve the processes used by Kaiser Permanente and its partners
  13. 13. Build Hospital Live 2009 Healthcare web processes have been a focus of past BIMStormsDesign concepts (above right) were explored in web processes (below right)
  14. 14. Kaiser Permanente - Glenlake Involvement with data starting from pre-design . . .. . . to final design to early construction during the BIMStorm
  15. 15. Kaiser Permanente - Glenlake An addition of 114,000 sf and 767 parking spacesWatch data management from the earliest planning phase of a typical project
  16. 16. Kaiser Permanente - Glenlake Observe how Excel program data is realized in BIMObserve, or participate, as the project moves into construction
  17. 17. California Community Colleges Existing data was well structuredA well-planned tech approach prepared CCC for web-based BIM
  18. 18. California Community Colleges A 71 mil sq ft BIM portfolioFive different project phases at two colleges will be explored
  19. 19. California Community CollegesExperience the workflow established with CCC’s FUSION FUSION is CCC’s internal data management system
  20. 20. California Community Colleges Experience well-managed data sharing with real dataMaximizing data sharing among all software maximizes productivity
  21. 21. MiraCosta College Master Planning with web-based BIMEnter original planning data into facility management software
  22. 22. Miracosta College Create reports for Early Planning, Design . . .. . . Final Design and Construction using real data live on the web
  23. 23. Mission College Los Angeles Community College DistrictHigh-level support of data sharing from Final Design through Operations
  24. 24. Mission CollegeOne building - Final Design, Construction, Operations and Maintenance Choose what part of the work flow you want to participate in
  25. 25. Mission College Look at specific building systems of real buildingsUse various software programs and demonstrate interoperability
  26. 26. Mission CollegeShare data with COBie and then other CMMS and FM programs Produced by ONUMA, Inc.
  27. 27. California Community CollegesLearn how real time energy data is shared on the webPractice with existing systems that can be used today
  28. 28. BIMStorm BIG BIM BANG New processes can be challenging at firstPractice and demonstrate your new process capabilities
  29. 29. BIMStorm 2011 Sign up for free at gain more direct interaction live and on the web
  30. 30. BIMStorm BIG BIM BANG Healthcare + Education Produced by ONUMA, Inc.