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Client Successes


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This collection of mini case studies highlights successes by companies that have strengthened their leadership, sales and service capabilities.

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Client Successes

  1. 1. 10109_401_01_Layout 1 10/21/10 11:52 AM Page 3 At AchieveGlobal we develop those who have to think in their jobs - to help them unleash their aptitude to do their jobs better and to rise to more value-added jobs. Client Successes ■ EATON CORPORATION ■ CAPITAL LIGHTING & SUPPLY Industry: Industry: Energy/Power Management Manufacturing/Distribution Strategy: Strategy: Develop a cohesive, shared training and After a series of acquisitions, create a united development strategy for frontline supervisors culture and grow profit margins. and managers on a global basis to improve their impact on business operations. Implementation: All key stakeholders become involved in an Implementation: intensive program to develop key leadership Instructor-led and elearning courseware and sales skills. from AchieveGlobal, including: Principles and Qualities of Genuine Leadership®; Training Population: The Hallmarks of Supervisory Success™; Branch managers, salespeople, and frontline Building Team Pride and Purpose™; Giving delivery personnel. Recognition™; and, Providing Constructive Feedback™. Complement and reinforce Results: learning utilizing conversation-starter tools 1.5% margin increase in gross margin, which to bring learning into direct application. senior leaders attribute to the AchieveGlobal programs. Results: Training and development consistency across the enterprise and preliminary increases in “We’re enjoying a 1.5 percent increase in in-stock product performance ratings. gross margin, directly attributable to the AchieveGlobal programs. We are a $225 million company with in-stock “By helping them construct tactical ways to practice those sales representing 65 percent of our business. That’s skills on the job, they’re better able to bring real impact to a $2 million to $2.25 million gross margin increase. the business.” This is huge.” - Director, Leadership Development, - VP of Corporate Development, Eaton Capital Lighting and Supply
  2. 2. 10109_401_01_Layout 1 10/21/10 11:52 AM Page 1 ■ SEKO WORLDWIDE ■ M/I HOMES Industry: Industry: Logistics, Shipping, and Distribution Retail/New Home Sales & Construction Strategy: Strategy: Transform the selling effort of strategic Create a customer-focused culture that builds distribution partners from transactional a network of customers ready to recommend to consultative, thereby increasing revenue. M/I Homes. Implementation: Implementation: Sales partners participate in Professional Organization-wide strategic, 20-minute, Selling Skills® and Professional Sales Coaching™, interactive customer service skill development followed by field coaching and other programs. and reinforcement messages. Training Population: Training Population: All Sales Distribution Partners All employees; management, frontline employees, and support functions. Results: Company growth and improved employee Results: retention. 6% increase in willingness-to-recommend scores; 83% of employees report using the new skills on “AchieveGlobal helped us get everyone in the organiza- the job. tion aligned together – meaning moving our strategic “We targeted every person in the company for this train- partners from a transaction-based business into one ing to enhance our ability to deliver stellar customer serv- selling added value solutions. This meant helping them ice to both internal and external customers. We included to better understand the customers’ business challenges accounting and human resources, sales, the design center, and then asking the righ kind of questions that drive construction and customer service.” the solutions aligned with those challenges.” - VP of Customer Experience, - Director, Training and Development, M/I Homes Seko Worldwide
  3. 3. 10109_401_01_Layout 1 10/21/10 11:52 AM Page 4 Measurable Results ■ GUNDERSEN LUTHERAN ■ BRIGHT HOUSE NETWORKS Industry: Industry: Healthcare Telecommunications Strategy: Strategy: Improve communication skills between manage- Improve customer satisfaction from its seven ment and employees to improve employee call centers and gain recognition for results retention, satisfaction, and engagement. among management. Grow training and development initiatives throughout the Implementation: organization, including senior management. Use AchieveGlobal leadership development skills program incorporating Principles and Implementation: Qualities of Genuine Leadership®; Developing Initial delivery of multiple customer service Others™; Giving Recognition™; and Providing modules to more than seven call centers and Constructive Feedback™. Deliver to more than managers; segment additional development 250 supervisors, managers, and directors in seven and reinforcement modules and issue sessions over several months’ time. certificates of completion. Certificates are highly sought and a measurement Results: of employee readiness for promotion. Improved ability to communicate ideas, points, and needs to others during critical conversations; Results: significant increase in leadership skill strength; Highest customer satisfaction scores in its enhanced awareness of Gundersen Lutheran as industry for Southeastern U.S., as measured a great place to work. by J.D. Power and Associates. “From a healthcare perspective, we chose to use the “We take a lot of customer service calls and as a result of AchieveGlobal program as a ‘Best Practice’, much like our the AchieveGlobal training we’ve decreased call handling evidence-based medicine practices that we use to deliver time, decreased the number of repeat customer calls, care. Our leadership and managers knew that to be most decreased the number of calls escalated to supervisors effective they had to be able to get work done through and increased compliments.” others. Give that, we looked at this program as one that -Director, Learning and Development, Bright House Networks would be an enabling force for that.” - Chief Learning Officer, Gundersen Lutheran Healthcare
  4. 4. 10109_401_01_Layout 1 10/21/10 11:52 AM Page 5 ■ MENASHA PACKAGING ■ UNITED STATES ARMY COMPANY, LLC RECRUITING COMMAND (USAREC) Industry: Manufacturing Industry: Military Strategy: Bridge the leadership and coaching skills Strategy: gap between supervisors and direct reports Build a command in which soldiers want with a goal of improving communications, to serve and be coached and mentored. job satisfaction and job performance of both parties. Implementation: Several initiatives to improve management Implementation: style of leaders and create an organization 19 two-day, in-class programs conducted at focused on coaching, mentoring, pro- seven Menasha Packaging facilities, focusing fessional development, and growth. A blended on its Coaching Others for Top Performance learning approach, touching more than 10,000 and other leadership coursework. Supplemented soldiers and civilian employees, in five phases, in-class work with extensive reinforcement included distributed self-paced learning, virtual delivered by HR managers. Measure impact of instructor-led sessions, practical exercises, training on key job metrics utilizing the Smart online discussion boards, and report-outs. Sheet, a measurement tool from AchieveGlobal Participants completed surveys to assess and KnowledgeAdvisors. satisfaction levels with new skills. Results: Results: Predicted high job impact and business results, Reviews have been overly positive. Research as shown through detailed participant evalua- showed that several changes took place. The tion data that exceeded benchmark metrics. training enabled discussions of toxic behaviors; Improved morale, with 91.8% of employees coaching helped soldiers find a solution to toxic feeling the training would have significant behaviors; people understood behaviors that impact on job satisfaction. would and would not be tolerated; people are helping to change the culture; and attitudes toward change can be channeled through “Our employees were amazed that we viewed training coaching and leadership. as a very important component of our strategy during a recessionary period. We wanted to give managers skills “ Because our systems were different, we needed to training that would help them deal with issues in their design something that leveraged everyone’s capabilities. work environment, some of which occurred due to the AchieveGlobal worked with us to customize a program economy and the resulting changes in work structures that not only reached our vast audience, but also accom- which caused their work to become more stressful.” modated the learning methods we chose.” - President, Menasha Packaging -Director of Training for the Army Recruiting and Retention School
  5. 5. 10109_401_01_Layout 1 10/21/10 11:52 AM Page 6 ■ IMMUCOR, INC. ■ STATE AUTO GROUP INSURANCE Industry: Industry: Medical Diagnostics and Supply Insurance Strategy: Strategy: Improve communication and service skills Migrate from an underwriting-centered culture to internal and external audiences to improve to a balanced sales/risk culture. Become more company cohesion and strengthen its assertive with its agents to increase its Written service-focus reputation. Premium Volumes as well as policies in force retention to improve its competitiveness. Implementation: Use blended learning incorporating Web-and Implementation: in-class delivery of AchieveGlobal Stellar Introduce all levels of sales management to Service®, Coaching, Guiding Customer Conver- coaching skills training, and then reinforce the use sations®, and Healing Customer Relationships® of those skills by creating a coaching environment modules to management and frontline staff in responsible for ongoing support, focus and growth briefest effective time possible. of the sales culture vision. Results: Results: Improved intra-company co-operation as An increase in policies in force as well as in written evidenced by increase in internal e-mail premiums, resulting in yearly growth for three trails regarding customer problem resolution. consecutive years. Measurable improvements in Increased flow of unsolicited emails from employee understanding, application and interest customers commenting favorably on Immucor in selling skills and behaviors driven by company technical and field support satisfaction and sales and coaching training. examples of stellar service. In addition, Immucor is now conducting customer “This coaching provided the foundation for senior man- survey data to track additional results. agement to give more focus, attention, and support to the entire sales process. I have been here for 10 years and “The AchieveGlobal training and role playing got rave not until now has there been a time when the business has reviews. The course helps service personnel close the gap been more sales focused.” between their technical focus and their willingness and - Assistant Vice President, Sales State Auto Insurance ability to listen to our customer’s concerns on human level.” - Director, Training, Immucor Return on Investment
  6. 6. 10109_401_01_Layout 1 10/21/10 11:52 AM Page 2 The client successes seen by members of About AchieveGlobal AchieveGlobal’s Executive Advisory Board are In the 21st century, the level of human skills will an important source of best practices and industry determine organization success. AchieveGlobal trends. The Board includes: provides exceptional development in interpersonal • ADT Security Services business skills giving companies the workforce • Assurant they need for business results. Located in over 40 • Baker Hughes countries, we offer multi-language, learning-based • Beckton Dickenson solutions—globally, regionally, and locally. • Chick-fil-A We underestand the competition you face. Y our • CSC success depends on people who have the skills • Country Insurance to handle the challenges beyond the reach of • Cummins technology. We’re experts in developing these • DENTSPLY International skills, and it’s these skills that turn your strategies • Freeman Companies into business success in the 21st century. • Halliburton • Liberty Mutual Group These are things technology can’t do. Think. Learn. Solve problems. Listen. Motivate. Explain. • Morgan Stanley People with these skills have a bright future in • Oldcastle Materials Group the 21st century. AchieveGlobal prepares you for • SAKS that world. • The Continental Group • Travelers Insurance • Verizon Wireless World Headquarters 8875 Hidden River Parkway, Suite 400 Tampa, Florida 33637 USA Toll Free: 800.456.9390 © 2010 AchieveGlobal, Inc. No M01010 v.5.0 (10/2010)