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Inside JEVS feature success story


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Inside JEVS feature success story

  1. 1. CLIENT SUCCESS STORY JEVS Human Services Making Hope Happen for Night-Shift Baker Whips Up Recipe for Achievement Steve GIRLS BY HIS SIDE DURING TOUGH TIMES Steve Arlan humbly accepted the 2008 JEVS Inspiration Award, presented at the Strictly Business awards and fund- raising event last fall. JEVS helped Steve to find an apartment and steady employment after a bumpy start as a single father with custody of two school-aged daughters. PICTURED (top inset): Samara Fritzsche of the helpinghands program teve’s job is mostly ‘time to After helping him locate, pay for and furnish It’s very important to Steve that his daughters S “ make the doughnuts,’” says a small apartment, the helpinghands staff are happy and get a good education, and he bakery manager Eileen helped him get the job at ShopRite. What works an “upside down and backwards” Klingberg. Steve Arlan works Steve lacked in bakery skills, he more than schedule in order to be the best father he the 11 to 7 a.m. shift at a ShopRite bakery and can tell you anything you want to made up for in persistence and hard work. After starting out as a part-time can be. “ know about making doughnuts. Almost two employee, Steve years ago, single dad Steve was unemployed and living in a motel with his daughters Ariel was promoted to full-time pay and “Steve has never given up (age 18) and Hannah (age 12). Thanks to benefits. His even in the most difficult Steve’s determination and help from JEVS, manager and he again is employed and able to provide a coworkers all and depressing of times, home for his family. agree that Steve always has a smile and he is an amazing role model Steve worked as a letter carrier for eight years at the U.S. Postal Service but resigned in on his face and doesn’t complain, for his daughters.” SAMARA FRITZSCHE CAREER COUNSELOR 2007 because a knee injury made it difficult often sharing helpinghands PROGRAM to keep up with his daily route. A friend stories about his referred him to JEVS Human Services, girls and how where he enrolled in the helpinghands proud he is of them. program, qualifying for free services. Job assessment, readiness and placement assistance is available to unemployed and Helpinghands helps the unemployed and Though Steve has a tough schedule, he is underemployed Jews under the age of 65 underemployed in the Jewish community always sure to spend time with his daughters, by contacting the helpinghands program at through job placement, counseling and even taking them to the last Harry Potter 215.854.1874. This program is free to financial assistance. “They helped me in so midnight book release. The oldest, Ariel, those who are eligible and offers one-on- many ways, not just financially,” said Steve. admits, “I don’t think I’d be able to pass one contact and support from a team of “The people who have helped me are the high school without his help in history dedicated professionals. real heroes.” and science.” INSIDE JEVS PG.6