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This is an overview of the Virtual Learning Center, a department of Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis, MO.

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  • Looking ahead and remaining on the cutting edge of ideas, techniques, strategies in combining technology and learning.
  • We are committed to modeling and sharing lifelong learning for ourselves and others.
  • We value collaboration with focus on change.
  • VLC Overview

    1. 1. THE VIRTUAL LEARNING CENTER A department of Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis 1460 Craig Rd. St. Louis, MO 63146 http://www.csd.org 314-872-8282
    2. 2. Today’s Objectives • Find out what the VLC is 1 and what it does 2 • Explore VLC resources • Discover how you can 3 become a part of the VLC
    4. 4. Vision
    5. 5. Learning
    6. 6. Collaboration
    7. 7. Welcome VLC Home Pagehttp://www.csd.org/TechnologyVLC/vlc_home.html
    8. 8. Overview of the VLC• Part of Staff Development division at CSD• Provide staff development in technology integration• Sponsor an ed tech conference annually• Work with schools and districts to enhance PD offerings
    9. 9. Who’s WhoName Contact informationRuth Block, Virtual Education Consultant rlblock@csd.orgMartha Bogart, Instructional Technology mbogart@csd.orgSpecialistJoan Forrest, Administrative Assistant jforrest@csd.orgNancy George, Director ngeorge@csd.orgStephanie Madlinger, Instructional Technology smadlinger@csd.orgSpecialistMegan Moncure, Program Coordinator mmoncure@csd.orgRebecca Morrison, Program Coordinator rmorrison@csd.orgKaren Vaughan, Conference & Special Events kvaughan@csd.orgCoordinator
    10. 10. Program Offerings• District’s-Choice Online Learning• ISTE Affiliate• METC Conference• Virtual METC• Student movie contest• New Links distance learning• Tele classes• Long term academies• DE Products
    11. 11. District’s-Choice Online Learning• Pilot Fall 2011• Roll out to districts Spring 2012• Low cost to member districts• Cooperative purchasing of classes
    12. 12. CSDVLC ISTE Affiliate • Purpose is to: – to provide a forum for collaboration – Support learning and teaching through the use of technology – Provide member discounts on products and services – Support opportunities for high quality professional development
    13. 13. CSDVLC ISTE Affiliate • Membership: – Student (pre-service teachers) = $25 – Educator employed by CSD member districts = $25 – Retired (certified educator) = $35 – Educator (certified educator employed by a school district) = $45 • http://csdvlc.org
    14. 14. CSDVLC ISTE Affiliate • Benefits include: – communication through eNews, Social Networking, & online community – discounts on products & services, including tele tech classes, books, webinars & METC & ISTE – membership to technology in education Special Interest Groups (SIG) of choice – special recognition, awards & invitations to ISTE & CSDVLC events
    15. 15. METC• 3-day annual educational technology conference in February• 9 major strands• Renowned keynote and feature presenters• Special benefits for CSDVLC ISTE Affiliate members• SIG events http://www.metcconference.org Hashtag: #METC12
    16. 16. Virtual METC• Keynotes & Featured Speakers streamed live• Archived presentations available online for 4-6 months• Moodle site for all handouts available for 1 year http://www.metcconference.org Hashtag: #METC12
    17. 17. Show Me a MovieContest• Digital storytelling contest for Missouri students• 3 divisions• 5 categories: Story; New; Challenge; Community; Creativity• Tied to curriculum and standards
    18. 18. New Links• Award winning, nationally recognized distance learning program• Experts & resources embedded into classrooms/lessons• Extends learning opportunities into the community• New this year ~ tech PD webinars
    19. 19. Tele Classes• Held in our computer lab ~ Technology Enhanced Learning Environment• Day & evening classes• Graduate credit available• Hands-on; small class sizes• SMART® & Promethean® certified teachers• Google certified teacher• Tele classes can be customized for your needs & provided at your location
    20. 20. Academies• Distance Learning (DL) Academy• Executive Professionals Academy (EPA)• Integrating Technology Educator Academy (ITEA)• Library Media Specialist (LMS) Academy• Support Staff Academy (SSA)• Technology Leadership Academy (TLA)
    21. 21. Technology Leadership Academy(TLA) • Meet once/month - 6 months • Participants: – Focus on leadership skills in technology – Improve classroom use of technology – Develop a vision of how to use technology to improve student performance – Assess strengths and needs of staff/students in technology integration – Develop technology integration action plan – Expand network of colleagues
    22. 22. Integrating Technology Educator Academy(iTEA) • Customized • Long-term (40+ hrs) • Flexible & goal- oriented • Focus on using technology to enhance higher order thinking skills • Optional Graduate Credit
    23. 23. Distance Learning Academy (DLA) • Focus on different types of videoconferencing • Develop a Personal Learning Network (PLN) • Explore blogs, Google, and other free online tools • Examine problem based activities & lessons • Develop a collaborative project between schools over distance learning • Optional Graduate Credit
    24. 24. Executive Professionals Academy (EPA) • Designed as PD & networking organization for executive professionals • Meets 5 times/yr. • 1 year Membership • Topics for meetings driven by member input
    25. 25. Support Staff Academy (SSA) • Provides PD to educational support professionals • 4-6 days/year • Topics vary • One-day mini conference in June
    26. 26. Library Media Specialist Academy(LMSA) • Focus on the role of the Library Media Specialist in today’s classroom • Learn about information & media literacy in the 21st century • Expand network of colleagues through a blended learning approach • Develop engaging, media- rich lessons • Discuss social media, fair use & copyright compliance in the digital age • Optional Graduate Credit
    27. 27. DE streaming• Videos, images, quizzes & more• Free classes 2nd Monday of every other month• Integrate DE streaming resources into lessons & student projects• On-site, customized trainings & workshops
    28. 28. Discovery Education Products• Discount for Missouri schools through CSD: – DE Health – DE Assessment – DE Science – DE streaming – DE streaming plus• Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Events
    29. 29. Resources• Podcasts: vlcpodcast.podbean.com• Blog: www.csdtechpd.wordpress.com• Facebook: facebook.com/VLCofCSD• Follow us on Twitter: @VLC_CSD• Videos (VLC SchoolTube Channel): www.schooltube.com/user/CSDVLC• Delicious Account: delicious.com/csd_vlc• Flickr Account:www.flickr.com/photos/virtuallearni ngcenter
    30. 30. Summary• The VLC at CSD helps schools – integrate technology tools for greater student achievement – leverage a one-stop location for professional development in technology integration• For more information contact: – Nancy George, Director @ 314-692-1251 ngeorge@csd.org
    31. 31. This PowerPoint Presentation Can Be Found Here:http://www.slideshare.net/mbogart/vlc-overview
    32. 32. QUESTIONS?