Free Cool Tools for School Support Staff


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This is a list of free web tools that secretaries and administrative assistants may find useful. Presented at the annual Support Staff Mini Conference June 6, 2012.

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Free Cool Tools for School Support Staff

  1. 1. FilesConversionStoringSharing
  2. 2.•Convert fileseasily fromone fileformat toanother.•Have a .wmvand want Thissite’s for you!
  3. 3.•Download softwareto your computer•Synchronize filesacross computersand mobile devices•Files are stored onthe cloud•Can share files withothers through publicfolders
  4. 4.•Store MS Office filesonline—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote•Create files online inSkydrive itself withOffice Web Apps•Share files withothers•Download files fromSkydrive
  5. 5.•Send large files overthe internet.•Send files to up to 20people at one time.•Stores files for 2weeks.•Upload files up to 2GB.•No registrationrequired.•High upload speed.•Inbuilt Virus scanner.
  6. 6.•Paste URL and PDFfile is created•No login•Can downloadimmediately•Can send via email•Can install a PDFbutton on yourbrowser to instantlycreate a PDF from aweb page
  7. 7. GraphicsPhoto EditingWord Art
  8. 8.•Like a desktopimage editor(Photoshop) in aweb-basedapplication•Upload photos &begin editing online
  9. 9.•Generate wordclouds from text thatyou import•The more frequentlythe word appears inthe text, the bigger itappears in the wordcloud•Can edit fonts,colors, andbackgrounds
  10. 10.•Open Sourcesoftware (free)•Download to yourcomputer•Like Photoshop; fullfeatured•Mac and PC versionsavailable
  11. 11. SchedulingCalendarsTo Do ListsProject managementEvent managers
  12. 12. calendars; must haveGoogle IDFamundo.comSocial calendar for families,schools, churchesPrintablecalendar.caMicrosoft Word calendartemplates
  13. 13.•Task manager•Has SMART phoneapp•Send text message togroups•No need to knowphone numbers•Participants opt in
  14. 14.•Scheduleappointments•No registrationrequired•Project management•Manage tasks &subtasks•Track timesheets•Analyze
  15. 15.•Online form builder•Payment integration•Analytics•Prebuilt templates•Can upload files•Use for registrations,etc.
  16. 16. Screencasting/SharingScreen CaptureCreating videos from screencapturesSharing your screen withremote locations
  17. 17.•Web-based screenrecorder•No software todownload•Hit record and starttalking into yourmicrophone
  18. 18.• Web-based, ordownloadapplication• Maximum timelimit 15 minutes• Publish to YouTubeor download flv ormp4 file
  19. 19.•Share yourcomputer screenwith anyone•Download softwareto your desktop•Start theapplication; it givesyou a number•Tell person you wantto share with thenumber to put in onthe website:
  20. 20. Mind MappingCreate mind maps onlineShare post it notes online
  21. 21.•Create mind mapsonline•Register for a freeaccount or not•Free accountslimited to 3 savedsheets•Educationaldiscounts available
  22. 22.•Create boards withpost it notes•Rearrange the notes;categorize them•Posts can beanonymous or not•Can insert aquestion or prompt
  23. 23. Social BookmarkingLists of bookmarks onlineShared highlighting of webpagesPictures from savedwebsites
  24. 24.• Create tabbedbinders of websitesthat are groupedtogether• Can upload PDFsand Word docs• View links likepages in a bookinstead of URLs ona page• Can email yourlivebinder
  25. 25.• Bookmark yourfavorite URLs andaccess them onlinefrom any computer• Group URLs intolists• Create groups toshare your URLswith
  26. 26.• Virtual pinboard• Allows you toorganize and sharethings you find onthe web• Can browsepinboards created byother people• Use pinboards toplanweddings, decoratehomes, and sharerecipes
  27. 27. Professional PagesResumes onlineLink to other professionalswith similar jobsJob postingFind jobs
  28. 28.•Like Facebook forprofessionals•Create a profile•Upload your resume•Network withcolleagues andfriends•Find experts andideas
  29. 29. For FunCreate slogansCreate virtual toursFind wordsHighlight web pages
  30. 30.•Type in topics andslogans will begenerated•If you don’t like it,sloganize it again!
  31. 31.•Build and sharevirtual tours•Include digitalphotos, interactivemaps, and comments•Share your tours•Browse a gallery ofvirtual tours
  32. 32.•Findsynonyms, antonymsand rhymes•Get blog post ideasand story plot ideas•Great if you arewriting somethingfrom scratch
  33. 33.•Highlight portions ofa web page that youwant to emphasize•Email a link toothers so that theycan see yourhighlight•Save parts of thepage you areinterested in
  34. 34. Thank You!I hope these websites are useful to you.Download the presentation at: