Madan bhandari technological university


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Madan bhandari technological university

  1. 1. Madan Bhandari Technological UniversityAn Initiative of Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy NepalAn Initiative of Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal
  2. 2. Madan Bhandari Technological University (MBTU) IntroductionMBMAN aims at developing a technological universityin eastern Nepal to prepare academically sound andtechnologically competent high level workforce thatcontribute to the socio-economic development andimproving the quality of life of Nepalese people.The Proposed university operation will be based on theconcept of Public, Private and Community partnership.
  3. 3. Madan Bhandari Technological University Vision Center of excellence fortechnological education to build just, inclusive and prosperous Nepal
  4. 4. Madan Bhandari Technological University Mission Produce committed andcompetent technical human resources mainstreamingexcluded communities andpeople devoid of access to education system
  5. 5. Madan Bhandari Technological University Values Social Inclusion Faith and Respect for Labour enthusiasm for Knowledge,Technology andCreativity Simplicity Protection and Development of IndigenousKnowledge, Skills and Technology Learn-Work-Pay Oriented Education Transperancy and Accountability Service and Respect
  6. 6. Madan Bhandari Technological University Strategic Objectives Strategic Objectives To utilize natural & human-made Resources To Increase Access To Need Based Technological Education To Conduct Action Research For The Development Of Technology And Skills Based On National Economic Prospective To Disseminate Knowledge & Research Findings To Link With Community, Private, & Public Sector For Entrepreneurship & Carrier Development To Campaign, Advocate, Influence, Lobby, And Pressure To Create Conducive Environment For Technological Education To Generate, Mobilize, Sustainable Resources From Public, Private, Community, National and International Agencies For The Development Of The University To Insure Access of Rights holders (Poor And Socially Discriminated) group Through the Mobilization of Natural Resources Like Hydro-power, Other Renewable Energy, Forest, Marginal Land etc).
  7. 7. Madan Bhandari Technological University Justification of Technological University Justification of Technological University About four million school going age population in Nepal. About one million population is out of school. There are 80-85% droop-outs and failure before SLC. Only those who pass SLC Examination are allow to join higher level education programs. Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) provides vocational training and technical education to SLC and under. The pace of CTEVT is slow-it has not catered a small percentage of the above said population, so far. CTEVT graduates are not allowed to join other university degree courses. There is no provision for the recognition of prior learning, cognition test, performance test and certification that links with higher level education system.
  8. 8. Madan BhandariTechnological University Concept of MBTU Concept of MBTU
  9. 9. Madan Bhandari Technological University Progress Made so Far Progress Made so Far• National Planning Commission of Nepal (3 year plan) has decided to develop a technological University.• MBMAN has formed an university promotion team• Series of meetings and interactions are healed with educationist and experts• A private bill is prepared for the establishment of the university.• Proposition and concept of MBTU is discussed with higher level education policy committee chaired by Education Minister
  10. 10. Madan Bhandari Technological University Expected Support/CollaborationGovernment of Nepal o Legal Approval o Promotional & Basic Infrastructure Support Fund oCoordination with other agenciesINGOs and other international agencies oMoral Support oFinancial Support for basic infrastructure and promotional phase oLinkage with similar International Organizations oTechnology, Equipments & other essential capital goods
  11. 11. Madan Bhandari Technological University Expected Support/Collaboration NGOs o Moral support o Awareness Building o financial support for promotion  Community/CBOso Moral Supporto Feedbacko Resource Sharing
  12. 12. Madan Bhandari Technological University Expected Support/Collaboration Local Authoritieso Collaborating with the MBTUo Moral and Financial support Private Sector Organization:o Moral and Financial supporto Collaborating with the MBTU
  13. 13. Madan Bhandari Technological UniversityThank You