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Whoa Nellie! Content Strategy for Slow Experiences at Confab MN


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Online experiences can be fast, efficient, easy, orderly—and sometimes, that’s a recipe for disaster. We click confirm too soon, confuse important details, or miss a key feature in a product description. Efficient isn’t always effective. Not all experiences need to be fast to be functional. In fact, some of the most memorable and profitable engagements are slow and messy—and that’s just right.

Content strategy can identify and support opportunities to control the pace of user experience, but there’s a lot to keep in mind:

Learn how to identify experiences in which efficiency and speed would hinder the user’s interaction, satisfaction, and retention.
Understand how to introduce “speed bumps” in copy, content types, interaction design, and visual design that help users without annoying them.
Discover new tactics for sentence structure, diction, imagery positioning, and form design that all help slow down interaction and improve experiences

Presented at Confab 2013, June 5, 2013, #confabmn, in Minneapolis.

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