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Marketing to Real People in Virtual Worlds


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Marketing to Real People in Virtual Worlds

  1. 1. Marketing to Real People in Virtual Worlds Is it Possible to Really Add New Listeners/Viewers/Readers to my New Media Project?
  2. 2. Why Do It? vs. Just Do It? Excellent way to get instant feedback. The world is driven by the urge to chat, so…chat! SL gives a new social dimension to your New Media project. You will find a new audience, if you look. You are still an early adopter (think of SL as the Internet in 1994) as Second Life opens window towards 3D Web of the future. SL is a channel for you to market directly to possible listeners (audio and video.)
  3. 3. A Simple Guide to Adding Listeners/Viewers with Second Life If you don’t like people, you won’t like Second Life Attend events, get to know people Learn about Groups and find (via the search engine) groups that closely represents your podcast/video/blog…and join those groups. Engage, chat, invite, IM, voice chat…everyone you can Cultivate an rank of ‘hardcore” participants Get a home base, a place to send people (via SLURL or Landmark) to listen to your project (via mp3 or video streamed in land or player on land) Make/get some swag, give it away freely Don’t ask to subscribe, present If you don’t have time to spend in SL, engage your hardcore participants to help you in your efforts Have an easy way for curious to find your podcast, website, iTunes, videos, etc.. One click is all you will get. Look for ways to provide one-on-one contact with listeners (listening parties, event sponsorship, etc..) Learn how to give out info “note cards” that are ‘to the point’, think business card
  4. 4. The Issue is Not the Media It’s the Lack of Creativity Immerse yourself into your target group (yes, you will find there is one.) You have the content to keep the target audience interested. Find ways to give back to the SL community. Consider the ‘social rewards’ to your listeners and heap these rewards upon them.
  5. 5. About the Presenter Mark quot;MBquot; Linder is a former Fortune 500 executive and one of the early podcasters. His first podcast, Bedtime Stories My Kids, Love started in January 2005 and soon joined PodShow during the early beta days. His Second Life experience includes ownership in the popular SoHo Island and Mayor of PodShow Island. He is one of the founders of virtual world media company Forefront Media which brought Barack Obama and others to Second Life. Based in Dallas, Texas, he currently produces three podcasts for PodShow and operates several properties in the virtual world, Second Life.