Pp act 1


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Pp act 1

  1. 1. An InspectorCalls
  2. 2. ObjectivesTo look at the dramatic aspects of An Inspector Calls and consider how they are effective.To consolidate understanding of Act 1
  3. 3. Task 1 You are making a new film version of An Inspector Calls You are the Casting Director and you need to decide who you want as your actors. Choose actors to play three of the main characters and explain why you have chosen them.
  4. 4. Task 2 - reminder Look at the staging instructions at the beginning of act one On the handout mark where you feel each of the characters would be sitting and note if there is any significance in their position Use arrows to point to the features of the set and what impact it has on the audience, consider the lighting, furniture and the meal itself
  5. 5. Arthur Birling Sybil BirlingSheila Birling Gerald Croft Eric Birling
  6. 6. Task 2 How does the inspector take control? Create a mind map and ensure you have quotes to use as evidence
  7. 7. The Inspector is The Inspector cuts over thegiven stage comments of the otherdirections to characters. P22 “You heard whatindicate attitude I said before …” Also P23 “neverand pace and mind about that”for effect.P16rather slowlyP12coolly P13gravely Inspector “moves nearer a light” p21 to show photo to Sheila Significance of lightShows photo to one at a time and realisation Shows he is in control by not answering but asking questionsThe Inspector uses a lot of short “its my duty to ask questions”formal sentences
  8. 8. A sense of uneaseThere is some clues that indicate a hidden tension within this family gathering. How is Eric behaving Why is Sheila questioning Gerald Where are Gerald’s parents What do you consider the relationship between Sybil and Arthur Birling What do we think of Arthur Birling’s judgement
  9. 9. Dramatic tension In pairs, consider how the following effects the tension and atmosphere in the play. Be ready to feedback your ideas to the class.3. The use of dramatic irony – how do we perceive the Birlings at first. How does our view change? Can you find any examples of irony?5. The use of the doorbell as a sound effect (p10, p49)7. The use of lighting (p10, p21)
  10. 10. Plenary - Omniscient The Inspector could be said to be omniscient What does this mean? If this is the case, what do you feel about the Inspector