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Google Calendar Fuser


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Wordpress Plugin combines ANY public Google Calendar for your website and even allows a frontend user to add events! This plugin is the absolute necessary plugin for community websites to keep up with local events, meetings, and everyone's schedule!

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Google Calendar Fuser

  1. 1. Google Calendar Fuser WordPress Plugin to combine your calendars for your site and allow users to add events
  2. 2. Multiple Calendars on One • Add any public Google calendar • View as Agenda or Calendar Grid • Popovers with description, location, and time • Widgets for sidebars and footers • Calendar events are stored locally in your database • Add new events on Frontend and Backend • Approve custom events • Different calendar colors • Use REST-API Links for your app(s)
  3. 3. Agenda / Grid
  4. 4. Settings
  5. 5. Events
  6. 6. Where do I get it?