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A marketing mind-shift for entrepreneurs, coaches, change-agents and solopreneurs who believe they ‘suck at marketing'

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“Wow, I was hugely impressed with the webinar last night. I must say I have never thought marketing could be that simple!” – Hannalee, Wedding Photographer

“I would like to thank you for an excellent and informative webinar last night. It was packed with tons of value and I have certainly gained a LOT by attending. You assured me in your LinkedIn invitation that I would benefit by attending and I have to give it to you Mike; I did and again thanks a mil to you.” – Ruan, Online Entrepreneur

“I need to really thank you from the bottom of my heart for this webinar. I’m in tears……….. because for once it feels like I received an answer after a very uncertain time in my business.” – Charlene, Maternity and Baby Photographer

“Shew, what a webinar! I don’t really know what to say except for the fact that I have some homework to do! Lots and lots of homework to do! I don’t think you realise how much your help and advice means to me and that makes up for hearing the positive criticism – In the end it us going to help me tons!” - Juanette, Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

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unsuck@marketing webinar

  1. 1. a marketing mind-shift for entrepreneurs, coaches, change-agents and solopreneurs who believe they ‘suck at marketing’ With Andi Brand & Michael Haupt www.AndiBrand.com www.MichaelHaupt.comFor a live version with sound, go to http://bit.ly/unsuck
  2. 2. Andi’s MarketingStoryThree Questions to Ask:1. Why do you do what you do?2. How can you help the greatest number of people in the most effective way?3. Who is my exact target audience?
  3. 3. Quick Marketing Poll How many marketing books have you read in the past 2 years? The best way to learn marketing is to read as widely as possible. For a huge collection of highly recommended marketing mentors and their material, go to: http://michaelhaupt.com/marketing-legends-hall-of-fame/ or Google: marketing legends
  4. 4. Mike’s MarketingStory Wasn’t born a marketer Background in technology – ran large implementation projects Learnt to sell professional services Learnt online marketing in 2006 Very widely read (over 200 marketing classics)
  5. 5. Common Marketing Myths1. Doing any marketing at all, is better than doing nothing.2. The best marketing presents a company and/or its products as beautiful, creative or sexy.3. For marketing to be effective, you have to use and have a deep knowledge of the latest tools.4. Everybody needs my product/service.5. People always buy where they get the cheapest price.6. We’re in a recession, so business is bad for everyone.
  6. 6. Common Marketing Myth: 1Doing anymarketingat all, isbetter thandoingnothing.
  7. 7. Common Marketing Myth: 2The bestmarketingpresents acompany and/orits products asbeautiful,creative or sexy.
  8. 8. Common Marketing Myth: 3Formarketing tobe effective,you have touse the latesthigh tech,complicatedtools andplatforms.
  9. 9. Common Marketing Myth: 4Everybody needs my product or service.
  10. 10. Common Marketing Myth: 5Peoplealways buywhere theyget thecheapestprice.
  11. 11. Common Marketing Myth: 6We’re in arecession,so businessis bad foreveryone.
  12. 12. Myth-Busting Tips1. Become a marketing spendthrift2. Focus on helping people3. Have a story to tell4. Define your customer as narrowly as possible5. Add value, don’t reduce price6. Have a mindset of abundance
  13. 13. Myth-Busting Tip: 1Become amarketingspendthriftWebsiteLinkedInTargetedmessages viaLinkedIn
  14. 14. Myth-Busting Tip: 2Focus onhelping Derek Sivers:people Don’t pursue business for your own gain – only answer the calls for help.
  15. 15. Myth-Busting Tip: 3Have a story to tellAll Marketersare LiarsSeth Godin
  16. 16. Myth-Busting Tip: 4Define yourcustomer asnarrowly as possibleDemographicsLargest worry, fear,problem, desireWhat secrets dothey have?
  17. 17. Myth-Busting Tip: 5Add value,don’treducepriceBonusesHow toGuideUpsells
  18. 18. Myth-Busting Tip: 6 Have a mindset of abundance
  19. 19. Case Study: DeAnna Photography
  20. 20.  Above-the-Fold is valuable real estate – poorly used First impressions: 3 seconds to grab attention & engage Misperception that prospects choose photographers based on portfolio (skills). Rather differentiate & add value.
  21. 21.  After the scroll No compelling CTA No differentiating proposition
  22. 22.  Tell an engaging story – find your WHY “Why DeAnna?” not: Missing a picture where it’s most needed!
  23. 23.  Tell the prospect WHY they should contact you Ask questions Offer something of value in exchange for email address
  24. 24. DivingDeeper Need more detailed advice? Need more specifics for your business? Need your unique challenges addressed?
  25. 25. Live Upcoming EventsWe run regular free online events for entrepreneurs, coaches and solopreneurs who believe they ‘suck at marketing.’To register for the next event, visit:http://bit.ly/unsuck
  26. 26. andi@andibrand.commbh@michaelhaupt.com