Sweden Talent 11 11 09 (V8 Def)


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Talent, a regional Plan

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Sweden Talent 11 11 09 (V8 Def)

  1. 1. Development of Talent in Navarra • Navarra: who and what we are like • Talent: the key to success • The Plan Göteborg 11/11/2009
  2. 2. NAVARRA: WHO AND WHAT WE ARE LIKE ANAIN: Public company responsible for: •Promoting increase of innovation in companies and administration •Long term regional economic strategy
  3. 3. NAVARRA: WHO AND WHAT WE ARE LIKE Surface area 10,421 sq. km. Population 620,377 people Unemployment rate 10.39 % GDP (2008) € 19,218 million GDP per person 30,614 € N. GDP European rkg 34 Göteborg 11/11/2009
  4. 4. NAVARRA: WHO AND WHAT WE ARE LIKE R&D&i expenditure (as a % of GDP): 1.89 % Company R&D&i expenditure: 65.7 % People working in R&D&i/working population: 17 0/00 • Navarra is currently 78th in the RIS index for innovative regions in Europe and ranks second among the Spanish self- governing regions in terms of investment in Research, Development and Innovation. • It is the 19th region in the EU with more personnel qualified in technology Göteborg 11/11/2009
  5. 5. NAVARRA: WHO AND WHAT WE ARE LIKE The current Model does not guarantee the maintenance and the increase of the quality of life for the citizens of Navarra In absolute terms our salaries are too high (an annual Prosperity Prosperity average of €22,093 in 2008) to attract new industrial investment or even keep it....unless this can be offset by greater productivity. Productivity Productivity In the medium term, our salaries will in fact only continue to improve in a sustainable fashion if are able to do something “Competitiveness” new and better. And this will not be achievable if we do not significantly Innovation Innovation increase the capacity to innovate of our companies and our economy. We must move forward by being different and Source: Prof. Michael Porter arriving beforehand. We are just too small in a global world, companies in Navarra must look for markets and networks out of the region, in the rest of Spain and the world, re-assessing themselves for a globalised market. Göteborg 11/11/2009
  6. 6. NAVARRA: WHO AND WHAT WE ARE LIKE • MODERNA is a Strategic Plan to define a New Model of Economic Development for Navarra in the medium and long term (2030). • Based on a process of strategic reflection about the potential of Navarra, and focusing specifically on people, the aim of this Plan is to provide a vision of how the Navarra of the future ought to be in order to tackle the challenges raised by the new conditions of the global economy in a knowledge-based society. • Work began on this new Model of Economic Development for Navarra back in May 2008 with the challenge of transforming the Region into a knowledge-based society, maintaining the weight of its industry and guaranteeing the sustainable generation of wealth in the long term in Navarra.
  7. 7. NAVARRA: WHO AND WHAT ARE WE LIKE GDP Per Human Environmental capita Development Sustainability Healthcare Medical Services Medical Equipment Biotech Agrifood Mechatronics industry Renewable Business Energies Services PRIORITY Electric Vehicles Education and Knowledge Sustainable Construction Generation R&D and innovation Entrepreneurship Internationalisation Public Administration Infrastructures Energy, Logistics and Transport Collaborative Environment Talent and Human Capital
  8. 8. Global Plan on Talent in Navarra • Navarra: who and what we are like • Talent: the key to success • The Plan Göteborg 11/11/2009
  9. 9. •Talent: the key to success (a holistic approach) Because in the knowledge area, talent is the raw material to be different and competitive: people are the source for the competitive advantage Because it is important to define which kind of talents are needed: Technical talent, Innovative talent, Entrepreneurial talent, Civic and ethical talent, Social and humanistic talent, Emotional talent … Because this implies new challenges for public institutions, educational institutions, companies and people: a talented workforce, labour mobility, the next generation, motivation and organization… Because models and products are changing and anticipation is key in this demanding and fast-moving society Because the low demographic growth and new technologies, implies more and new skills The ultimate talent of the future is the ability to “learn how to learn”
  10. 10. Global Plan on Talent in Navarra • Navarra: who and what we are like • Talent: The key to success • The Plan Göteborg 11/11/2009
  11. 11. The Plan: Diagnosis (a) Different agents already working on talent (we collected all the information and we all began to collaborate) Intellectual capital Attracting factors Specific studies on talent in the region: renewable energy, health… Education department strategic plan Göteborg 11/11/2009
  12. 12. The Plan: Diagnosis (a): some data Nº NOTA NOTA NOTA MUESTRA ALUMNOS sciences Reading MATHS PRIMER Finlandia Corea Taipei PUESTO 563 556 549 Concertada 697 530 497 536 Navarra 1.590 511(18) 481 (30) 515 (15) España 19.604 488 461 480 OCDE 251.278 500 492 498 PISA 2006
  13. 13. The Plan: Diagnosis (a) some data Needed competences in enterprises (EU&Sp) Competences developped in Spanish universities
  14. 14. The Plan: Diagnosis (a) some data Atraction :180 European cities 200.000 inhabitants size
  15. 15. The Plan: Strategy and « shaking » minds (b) 1 LISTEN NAVARRA Agreed Declaration on the 3 Generate a Think Tank to “Development of talent in the age create and assess global of knowledge” initiatives related to talent 2 4 Identifying new Networking of companies, Generate a biannual international ways of attracting, institutions and experts on developing, creating forum to exchange ideas and talent concerns about talent in the future and obtaining talent allegiance CONTEXT 1) The Forum was structured in three INSTITUTIONS content blocks in accordance with three levels, developed by means of PEOPLE participative discussions International Debate 2) Including for the first time the concepts: Forum conversation, learning y collective consensus
  16. 16. The Navarra Declaration on Talent: “The war for talent is over... talent won” The four deliverables for a talent-based society: 1. Create and identify it: educational institutions must be strong 2. Attract it: policies promoting fair competition, meritocracy and a level playing field for all; this being true for companies, public administrations and educational institutions 3. Retain it: strong economy, good conditions, fair remuneration and merit-based promotions 4. Activate it: be able to activate our talent pool and deploy it in productive ways, through a policy of full employment for people of all ages A general commitment for: Individuals and families 75 organisations Institutions of learning around the Corporations world already signed, Governments and Policy Makers and nearly 150 individuals
  17. 17. The Plan: Working together and the goals(c) The participants: Schools, Universities, Parents, Companies, Government, The Media, Unions, Public bodies and politicians: 45 agents The goals: To assure for the next 20 years, the technical, scientific, ethical and entrepreneurial talent , with the capabilities for the best quality and efficiency of the MODERNA clusters. To have the cooperative and innovative policies and systems for the creation, attraction, development and retention of the best Talent To have all the management systems, the plan would need to be faster, efficient and long-lasting Already at work!
  18. 18. The Plan: what we are doing now (d) REGIONAL WORK CONSENSUS ON THE STRATEGIC LINES: 1. Changing values for the evolution to a Knowledge-based economy • Proposed values: Self-demanding, effort, cooperation, curiosity, responsibility, autonomy, respect, tolerance to diversity, international vision, taking risks, managing failure... • Values to work on as a first step: Effort/hard work, enterprising spirit, innovation, cooperation (among individuals and among institutions) and tolerance to diversity. • Family schools 2. Creating and developing our own talent for the clusters • Teachers: the centre of the system • Activating seniors talent • Detecting talent in early stages and developping it • Analysis of what we want vs what we have in the educational system
  19. 19. The Plan: what we are doing now (d) REGIONAL WORK 3. Attracting the best talent on-line and physically • Promoting Navarra • Knowing what talent do we need • Creating the services to attract and integrate talent 4. Managing the plan among us all • Education department plan in parliament with lots on changes from the March draft NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL FRAME • Benchmarking with other regions and participation in EU programmes: 3 Interreg IVC proposals on the subject: “Brain drain”, “Making Knowledge Work” and “Organza” • Generating an International Think Tank • Cooperating with the Lisbon Council
  20. 20. Take it easy !!! Gollum: " My precious” Public versus private The walls, the laws… resistance to change
  21. 21. Take it easy !!! I‘ve come to talk about my book... No man is a profhet in his own country..