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Jack Ma Presentation


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Jack Ma Presentation

  1. 1. “ M E D I A F A N A T I C S ” M I K E B E R R A N A N T H O N Y A L L E R U Z Z O A L E X I N A C E N A N T A R I E T A Y L O R K E Y Q U A N H E P B U R N Jack Ma
  2. 2. Background of Jack Ma  “Ma Yun” is the founder of Alibaba Group which is a highly successful internet based businesses.  In November of 2014, Jack is the richest man in China and 18th richest man in the world. He is worth $29.7 billion according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
  3. 3. Background Jack Ma  Ma attended Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute and graduated in 1988 with a bachelors Degree in English.  In 1955 he wanted to explore more about the internet and how it could benefit China. 
  4. 4. “Alibaba” Rising  Alibaba was launched in 1999 and is the leading platiform for global wholesale trade. They served millions of buyers and suppliers around the world.  The websites holds over 40 different categories of products including apparel, electronics, etc.  The buyers of these products are located over 190 different countries.
  5. 5. “Alibaba” going down hill  Alibaba shares went down 9% which is a total of 1.4 billion dollars. Jack Ma stock went down 6.3%.  However with the stock falling, Jack Ma still has net worth of over 26 billion.  Even though stock dropped, it was still doing better then wall street.  It was still one of the richest IPO’s (Initial Public offer) in U.S History.
  6. 6. Jack Ma impacted small Business Worldwide
  7. 7. Something to Think about?  Do you think Jack Ma had a significant impact on social media?