AMI - Wealth Creation


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AMI - Wealth Creation

  1. 1. The Kansas Opportunity Innovation  pp yNetwork (KOIN): Working Together to Build Technology‐Based Businesses NADO KYR Webinar:  Regional Boundary‐Spanning  NADO KYR W bi   R i l B d S i   Growth Opportunities March  10, 2011
  2. 2. AMI is part of Kansas State University’s College of  g g, ,Engineering, a KTEC Center of Excellence, an EDA University Center, and a Great Lakes Wind Network Center of Excellence. MISSION: to advance technologies, people, and companies  through collaborative engineering and business partnerships. h h ll b i i i db i hi
  3. 3. AMI spans Research to Commercialization• Develop new products• Develop new processes and technologies• Develop the means to bring products to market more rapidly• Develop the means to produce products more efficiently. Technology Product & ProcessResearch Development Development Commercialization
  4. 4. AMI TBED Strategy to Increase Impact Community:  Regional  Innovation/  Collaboration Company:  Strategic  Competitive Advantage C i i Ad Project:  Product, Process,  Technology Development Development  Technology  Industry  Process  Expertise Expertise Expertise
  5. 5. Underlying Assumptions and Beliefs…Basis of AMI TBED Strategy i f Driving Questions Innovation enables sustaining  How can AMI best assist Kansas  global competitiveness.  global competitiveness companies to increase  companies to increase innovation capacity? There are key elements required  What can AMI do to level the  for successful tech ventures. for successful tech ventures playing field for tech ventures? playing field for tech ventures? Technology‐based companies  How can AMI best help rural  should not be location limited. communities to grow tech‐based  businesses? “Blue ocean” opportunities exist  How can AMI bring resources  where boundaries are spanned. together to exploit “blue ocean”  opportunities ? Successful entrepreneurs are not  How can AMI facilitate greater  necessarily smarter…just better  connectedness to new growth  connected.  opportunities?
  6. 6. Innovation is a Contact SportInnovation is a Contact Sport‐Polo/More‐on‐Canoe‐Polo/Introduction‐Continued.html
  7. 7. There are key elements required for successful tech ventures. f lt h t Access to ideas  and technology  sources Access to  Access to Access to  enabling  markets infrastructure Access to  Access to  Access to skilled  capital workforce Access to  know‐how  know how expertise
  8. 8. How can rural America compete? How can rural America compete?Public Domain bli i‐amish‐approach‐to‐new‐media/ h // i i di /200 /02/21/ h ih h di /
  9. 9. AMI Regional Innovation GoalsAMI Regional Innovation Goals•Increase traded industry wealth generation Increase traded industry wealth generation•Develop “hard‐to‐copy” regional advantage•Level competitive playing field (urban, global)•Weave richer business opportunity environment•Create proactive development tools for regional agents
  10. 10. KOIN will create an environment that transcends geographic isolation,  g g pdiscovers new markets, innovates openly and fosters global competitiveness to be at the intersection of great ideas and new at the intersection of great ideas and newopportunities.• Profile innovation competencies, assets, capabilities and needs of regions,  fl bl d d f communities, and local companies• Scout new opportunities, especially global opportunities, outside existing  markets where clients may have little to no connection access• Create an actively woven network of technology providers, expertise, capital,  etc and business partners that possess complimentary competencies etc and business partners that possess complimentary competencies• Facilitate the ability to readily connect and combine opportunities,  companies, communities, regions in innovative ways so that the response if  greater than the sum of its parts t th th f it t
  11. 11. Kansas  Livestock  Livestock Foundation TEXASAMI Phosphorus Recovery AMANA FARMSTechnology Development TCFA
  12. 12. How do we find new opportunities?• Every region is unique• Every region has similarities• Uniqueness and similarities both create  opportunities• Next question – How can we exploit these opportunities and decide  on the best opportunities to pursue• Answer – By understanding the region, the  interdependences and innovation capabilities
  13. 13. “Blue ocean” opportunities exist where  boundaries are spanned. boundaries are spanned Bridging Small Worlds Building New Worlds • Recombinant invention • Intersection of small worlds • Maximizes resources • Clash and Combine • Minimizes risk • Challenge assumptions  • Changes perspectives • Create new fieldsBoundary Spanning to Identify New Opportunities
  14. 14. What is a region? Eco Dev Community Nation 5% u t p e States Multiple States 5% State 0% Multi‐city across … 5% Multi‐city within … 5%Multiple Counties 20% County Limits 50% City Limits 10% 0% 20% 40% 60%
  15. 15. County Centric View of KansasCounty‐Centric View of Kansas
  16. 16. What is a region? Eco Dev Community Banks Business  Community Nation 5% 23% 0% u t p e States Multiple States 5% % 14% 24% State 0% 9% 12% Multi‐city across … 5% 14% 4% 14% Multi‐city within … 5% 5% 1%Multiple Counties 20% 59% 23% County Limits 50% 0% 3% City Limits 10% 0% 0% 0% 20% 40% 60% 0% 50% 100% 0% 20% 40%
  17. 17. Traded Cluster View of a Region
  18. 18. What does Kansas look like?
  19. 19. What strengths are there in KS?The mean or the sum?
  20. 20. Regional Analysis – Where to Start?• Focus on traded  industries• What do we: – Preserve ? – Extend ? – Combine ?• Assess innovation  readiness• Need to redefine  clusters in rural  regions• Visualization can  reshape the discussion
  21. 21. Access to Business Detail
  22. 22. Connecting Through Competencies Business Profiles/Clusters not Based on Final Product/Service Technical  Business  User  Capabilities  Expertise Understanding First Tier Second  Tier Third Tier
  23. 23. Network Weaving: Knitting Connectedness • Most networks are  fragmented unless  deliberately developed • Thicker networks help  us learn faster, spot  opportunities faster,  align resources faster,  Scattered Fragments Hub and Spoke Network and act faster. They  accelerate innovation. accelerate innovation. • Regional assets  connected in new  open innovation  open innovation networks will expand  opportunities Core Periphery  Network Multi‐Hub Small World Network
  24. 24. Mapping Potential Industry Mapping Social Connections Connections
  25. 25. AMI Wind Industry  Manufacturing Supply  Chain Initiative Additional Company 14  County Region Pre‐Assessment Project Full Profiles
  26. 26. AMI Regional Innovation Strategy• Assess what is available – take advantage of  Assess what is available  strengths• Develop collaborations• Identify opportunities • Create a specific plan of attack• Find the resources• Execute the plan
  27. 27. Business Profiling/Supply  KTEC Technology Cluster  Business Profiling and  Chain Network Development Strategy Development Innovation Networking Partner: KDOC Partner: KTEC Partner: North Central  Regional Planning Commission Regional Planning CommissionInvolve “invested” partnersFocus on  traded Focus on “tradedwealth” creationRegional Asset Mapping Regional Manufacturing  Wind Supply Chain ID and  Kansas Army Ammunition Partner: Great Plains  Park/Incubator IBED Strategy  Pre‐profiling Assessment Plant Business Development Inc.Development Inc and Business Development Partner: South Central  Partner: South Central Redevelopment Partner: Harvey County  Kansas Economic  Partner: Great Plains  Economic Development Council Development District Development Authority
  28. 28. Thank You! Brad Kramer:   B dK (785) 532 7044 (785) 532‐7044 Jeff Tucker: (785) 532‐3421