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Merry Christmas


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Merry Christmas

  1. 1. Merry Christmas
  2. 2. Many people in the United States celebrate Christmas.
  3. 3. Christmas is celebrated on December 25
  4. 4. Christmas Wordle
  5. 5. ‘Twas the night before Christmas  Christmas video
  6. 6. What is celebrated? Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. It is said that he was born in a manger in Jerusalem many years ago to poor parents, Mary and Joseph. Three wise men brought him gifts and an angel is said to have visited.
  7. 7. Many children write letters to Santa to ask for presents.
  8. 8. Special people and symbols of Christmas It is said that Santa and his reindeer fly through the night to deliver presents to children on Christmas Eve. People decorate a Christmas with lights, ornaments, and tinsel to display in their homes. Presents are placed underneath. Santa Claus is a man who lives in the North Pole and delivers presents to children who have been good.
  9. 9. Traditions and Customs of Christmas My family makes a new Christmas ornament every year. Some families take part in a Christmas play or program in their church or school. Many people give and receive gifts.
  10. 10. Christmas cookies and fruitcake are popular at Christmas.
  11. 11. Games and parties are popular at Christmas.
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