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Private Dining Connections


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"Connecting your sales team with event planning decision makers"

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Private Dining Connections

  1. 1. PRIVATE DINING CONNECTIONS Michael Beachnau 415.722.4380 Connecting the right people with the right experience
  2. 2. The Challenge Corporate Event Business Private Event Space Thousands of $ verified contacts: • Company • Full Name • Title • Contact Details
  3. 3. Typical Advertising Dollars  Local Newspapers  The SF Weekly: $2,200.00 per month average  San Francisco Chronicle: $1,300.00 per week 2”x2” ad  Magazines  7x7 Magazine: ¼ page ad $2,200.00  Manhattan: $1,200.00 to $5,000.00 per issue.  On-line  $500.00 set up fee, $420.00 annually, $1.00 pp booking fee, 5% of Food and Beverage Minimum  Annual Online Display Program $6,050.00  How effective are these for generating event traffic?  Can you track the actual return on your investment?  Are you building a pipeline of event planners that generate long term relationships and revenue?
  4. 4. What we offer Private Dining Connections A Subscription Program that will consistently deliver quality contacts with real people, at real companies, who plan events and have the budget to execute on them. Private Dining Connections is a strategic partner whose sole focus is to utilize our expertise, process, and focus to deliver the right high end prospects to your sales teams. Armed with verified leads, your sales people can build long term profitable relationships and a pipeline of quality clients for your business that will return time and again. The Goal of the Subscription Program is to:  Increase Contact Quality & Quantity  Increase Event Revenue  Increase Marketing ROI
  5. 5. How it works Step 1 Step 3 Purchase a Connections We deliver an organized list of Subscription for Target Markets verified contacts containing: including: • Company • High Tech • Full Name • Law Firms • Title • Bio Tech • Contact Details • Others Step 2 Step 4 Each month, our team of Your Sales Teams are experts source and verify empowered to call on names, titles, and contact qualified, targeted leads and information for event planners begin building long term and coordinators profitable relationships with companies that need resources for their events
  6. 6. Sample Connections
  7. 7. Making The Most of the List  3 Touches for Generating Sales: The Ongoing Process  Phone Calls  Email  Direct Mail  Effective Marketing Tools  Throw an Open House, feature your space  Send a gift certificate  Drop off something special to their office  Keep them informed on upcoming activities Be Proactive and Persistent! Remember you have something they need