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Think social presentation


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Published in: Social Media
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Think social presentation

  1. 1. THINK SOCIAL FEEL SOCIAL BE SOCIAL Its time to Act Social!
  2. 2. About us • Social Media Center is a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds, who have come together to create a platform leaded by Maulikk Buch-a veteran media professional. • Our objective is to create awareness , train and implement strategies, which can give best results through social mediums.
  3. 3. Our Motto • Social Media Center- an effort to educate , is powered by INTARGET Consulting, whose motto is to create awareness amongst the stake holders about the meticulous use of social media. • The use of social media differs from sector to sector and business to business, due to which it is very important for professionals/ businessmen to understand the exact role in their sector. • We want to create awareness and educate people about the use of social mediums to achieve their professional goals.
  4. 4. We & Social media • Social media are computer-mediated tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks. • With every individual different from other, the use of tools to create , share and exchange information is also different. • This actually generates a challenge for strategist to create a broad yet target strategy
  5. 5. Our Strength • We conduct workshops for every individual sector and profession. i.e. Social media and Health Care, Social media and SMEs etc: • Our USP is deep understanding of individual sector , which we have gained after years of research. • We have subject and sector experts empanelled with us, who guide us as and when needed.
  6. 6. We don’t teach Social media! • Yes, we don’t teach the use of social media, but we actually mentor the participants to synchronize the social mediums with their mainline strategies. • Our focus is to educate participants to use the tool for market research, understanding consumer behaviour, reach target audience, market segmentation and lead conversion.
  7. 7. We eradicate misconceptions • Social media is a subject, which is full of misconceptions. • Our motto through seminars/ workshops is to eradicate wrong notions prevalent for this medium.
  8. 8. Contact :- Maulikk Buch / Sachin Kaluskar 9978338999/ 9825015195