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Mbbs in China


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Course: MBBS
Medium of instruction: English
Duration: 6 Years
Tuition: 3500 USD/ Year
Instituition: Medical College of Nanchang University
Location: Nanchang City Jiangxi province China.

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Mbbs in China

  1. 1. Medical College of Nanchang University <ul><li>An Introduction to the Medical College of Nanchang University
  2. 2. Founded in 1921, the medical college of Nanchang University was originally named Jiangxi Public Medical School which was the earliest medical school in the Jiangxi Province. In 1958, the school was merged with 8th military medical school of Chinese People’s Liberation Army and altered name to Jiangxi Medical College. In 2005, a merger was implemented between Jiangxi Medical College and Nanchang University, since then she has entitled her new name Medical College of Nanchang University. In her long history of development, the college has evolved a philosophy of “High Morals with Outstanding Expertise” and spirit of “strictness, diligence, solidarity and innovation” along with profound cultural deposits
  3. 3. .
  4. 4. after 85 years of construction and development,
  5. 5. the college has become the center of talent training,
  6. 6. scientific research, health care and information of
  7. 7. Jiangxi health and medical community. there are
  8. 8. various levels of programs are available simultaneously
  9. 9. now in this college: bachelor degree, master degree,
  10. 10. speciality training, and adult education program. Due to the rational distribution of the resources, all levels are developing harmoniously. She has three campuses at present: Donghu Old Campus, Qianhu New Campus and Fuzhou Satellite Campus. At the new stage of development, she is going to solidify her original leading place in Jiangxi Health and Medical Community, and is endeavoring to build herself into a “domestically first class” with her own striking characteristics. </li></ul>
  11. 11. <ul>Medical College of Nanchang University Specialities and Scientific Research </ul><ul>The college offers 8 specialities for bachelor degree program: Clinic Medicine, Medical Examination, Anaesthesiology, Medical Imaging, Preventive Medicine, Stomatological Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, and Nursing. Among them, Clinic Medicine, Medical Imaging, Preventive Medicine, Stomatological Medicine and Nursing are prestigious programs in Jiangxi tertiary education. Also, 9 speciality orientations are available: infection Medicine, Tumor Medicine, Gynaecology and Obstetrics Medicine, Paediatrics Medicine, Psychiatry and Psychological Health, General Medicine, Clinical Pharmacy, Medicine Marketing, International Nursing. There are 919 students at present in the college are proceeding their doctor or master degree program, and 8517 students are taking bachelor degree courses. The employment rate for undergraduate students is over 90% for 5 successive years, and for postgraduate students has reached 100% for 4 successive years, and 99% in 2005. There are 4186 students in Fuzhou satellite campus which possesses 7 specialities of junior college education and 4 varieties of specialities training programs, with its clinic medicine granted the model for provincial adult education or junior college education. </ul>
  12. 12. <ul>Medical College of Nanchang University Specialities and Scientific Research </ul>Now the college has been authorized to offer 41 master programs and 9 doctoral programs, covering generally basic medicine, clinic medicine, stomatological medicine, public health and preventive medicine, burn surgery, internal medicine including angiocardiopathy, hematopathy, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, endocrine and metabolic diseases, nephritis, rheumatism and infectious diseases. She also has 11 provincial key disciplines, 19 provincial medical leading disciplines (including under-construction disciplines), 7 key disciplines of the college, one Jiangxi branch of national stem cell engineering technical research center, one state pharmaceutical clinic research base, 3 provincial key labs, 1 key lab of provincial level and 24 institutes (departments), 43 provincial associations. Scientific Capability: The college has got over RMB 18 million found for scientific research since 2001, over RMB 6.9 million has already been invested. She has undertaken 1090 research projects, among which 27 are state project, 2 are “863” cooperation projects, 2 are “973” cooperation projects, 1 is science and technology ministry project, 3 have already put into practical use, 111 passed authentication, 24 patents, 29 were rewarded for excellent scientific research at provincial level, over 3500 academic paper were published, 38 were cited by SCIE 、 ET 、 ISTP, more than 180 professional books and treatises were published also. Public publications are Acta Academiae Jiangxi (Chinese medical core journals) and Practical Clinic Medicine.
  13. 13. <ul>Medical College of Nanchang University Teaching staff and Exchange or Cooperation </ul><ul>There are 865 full-time teachers, of whom 148 are holding professorship; 273 associate professorship; 261 lectureships (the percentage of senior title is 48.7%); 429 doctorates or master’s degree (the percentage is 49.6%). Among them: 109 entitled special allowance from state council and the province; 1 candidate for top or secondary levels of the “Hundreds of Thousands of Talents” project of State; 9 candidates for top or secondary levels of the “Hundreds of Thousands of Talents” project of Province; 8 senior scholars of provincial major disciplines; 25 youth senior scholars of provincial disciplines; 30provincial youth outstanding teachers; 31 cultivation objects for academic and technical senior scholars of provincial healthy ministry. Experts including 7 academicians, 16 foreign experts have been invited to deliver lectures in the college, and appointed He Dayi, prestigious scientist, foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering AS her honorary president. She has established a cooperative relationship with medical college of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and also has established a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with over 10 universities, hospitals and institutes in Japan, England, America, Canadian and Thailand. It has performed mutual exchanging staff for studying, visiting, lecturing and academic research activities etc. It has retained 44 famous home and abroad scholars as her visiting professors. Hundreds foreign experts were invited for lecturing, and hundreds of her staff have attended international conference, or studied abroad; thousands students of hers have also been admitted to study or work abroad, many of them are outstanding. </ul>