A Banana Keeps the Doctor Away!


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NutraTechs Fruit of the Week!

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  • This weekNutraTechs are going to go over the beneficial facts that come with consuming this yellow delight!
  • One of the great facts about eating banana is that the yellow fruit if packed with energizing vitamins. Vitamins help catabolize the food consumed to provide large amounts of energy throughout the body. Vitamins are essential in metabolism and having large amounts of vitamins assist in increasing metabolism. By the body being to break down food more efficiently, the body is able to transport the usable energy throughout the body where it is most needed. Improving the blood flow to the specific organ helps in the productivity of the organ. Instead of looking for the nearest coffee shop and adding espresso shots to your drink, try a banana and tell NutraTechs what you think at our webpages! Also, with consuming a banana does not end up with that inevitable crash that comes with coffee!
  • Bananas are rich in potassium! Not many people realize the importance of potassium. Potassium plays a key role in hydration, blood circulation, neural & muscular growth, and much more! Potassium is actually a key electrolyte (positive ion) that helps with bring in water to cells which helps with hydration. By properly hydrating the cells the body is able to function more properly. With potassium being able to decreasing blood pressure with its effects through the kidney, the body puts less strain on the hard working heart. With decreasing the pressure the body is able to function more properly and this helps with transporting glucose and storing glucose in specific locations in the body. Also another key role that Potassium plays in the body is in the transmission of neural and muscular functioning. This is seen at sodium-potassium pumps that transmits signals throughout the nervous system.
  • Banana has both insoluble and soluble fiber that plays a key roles in the body. Increasing your fiber intake will rapidly help you achieving the “full” feeling due to the some of the fiber being unable to digest. With the indigestible fiber the body is able to use that as a more efficient way to excrete the stiffer stool. The more stiff the stool, the more efficient the body is able to pass the stool through the digestive tract through peristalsis. With that said, the body is able to excrete more efficiently and removing unnecessary wastes collected.
  • Bananas have tryptophan which helps reduce the feeling of down. Tryptophan is also found in other various products such as turkey. Having tryptophan and converting it into 5-Hydroxy-tryptophan which is then able to convert into serotonin. Serotonin has many functions such as helping one sleep, reduce feeling down, and much more. Serotonin is medication prescribed by a lot of physicians to help individuals. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which sends the brain signals to help relive oneself from the aforementioned symptoms. Tell NutraTechs how consuming a banana helped you!
  • Bananas also have Iron which is also another component in a healthy body. Iron helps with Hemoglobin production which is essential of transporting oxygen through the body. Having more hemoglobin around helps with transporting oxygen and providing the organ with sufficient amounts of oxygen. By providing the body organ such as the brain with a constant amount of oxygen, the brain is able to work at its peak performance and help the individual concentrate more. Also iron helps with blood clotting when one has a cut to reduce the amount of blood loss. Having the ability to form blood clots the blood is able to clot and form a barrier around the damaged epithelial. These are only some of the reasons why Iron and Hemoglobin are essential to the body,
  • So what are you waiting for? Peel away and enjoy some yellow yumminess and tell NutraTechs what you think! Also remember the key facts about bananas and how they play an important role in an healthy lifestyle. Bananas are key for providing large amounts of energy, being rich in potassium, fiber & iron. Lastly bananas also helps reduce felling down and depressed. Thank you and hope this presentation was as informational to you as it was to us!
  • A Banana Keeps the Doctor Away!

    1. 1. A Banana A DayKeep The DoctorAway… { By: NutaTechs
    2. 2. Why a Banana?- Provides large amounts of energy!- Rich in Potassium!- Rich in Fiber!- Can help reduce depression!- Rich in Iron!
    3. 3. Packed with ENERGY!- Packed with Vitamins A, B-12, and more!- Increases metabolism!- Better and longer lasting energy compared to caffeine drink!- NO CRASH, compared to the after effect with caffeine drink! Photo from Flickr- by Paxton Holly
    4. 4. Po-Po-Potassium!-Key electrolyte!-Improves blood circulation throughout the body!-Decreases blood pressure!-Help convert glucose into glycogen!-Assists in transmission of Neural and Muscular functioning!
    5. 5. Fantastic Fiber! -Has soluble and insoluble Fiber -Increases feeling “full” -Promotes healthy bowel movements -Excretes unnecessary wastes collected Photo from Flickr- credit to stev sin
    6. 6. Down with Depression?-Bananas have tryptophan!-Conversion into Serotonin!-Serotonin helps with feeling down! Photo from Flickr- credit to My Name is Ash~
    7. 7. Iron [Fe]!-Help with Hemoglobin production!-Helps with transport of oxygen throughout body!-Helps one concentrate more! Photo from Flickr- credit to Kaaviyan Photography
    8. 8. So Peel Away! -So peel away and tell NutraTechs how a banana helped you today! Remember the key beneficial facts about Banana! - Provides large amounts of energy! - Rich in Potassium! - Rich in Fiber! - Can help reduce depression! - Rich in Iron!Photo from Flickr- credit to Public Domain Photos
    9. 9. References-http://food-nutrition.knoji.com/10-health-benefits-of-bananas/-http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/232248.php