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(MBASkills.IN) My Philosophy For a Happy Life


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My Philosophy For a Happy Life by Sam Berns

Published in: Self Improvement
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(MBASkills.IN) My Philosophy For a Happy Life

  1. 1. My Philosophy for a Happy Life SAM BERNS Akhilesh Chauhan pgp30298
  2. 2. About Sam … Suffers from PROGERIA* *Rare genetic disorder wherein symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at a very early age
  3. 3. Tryst with Snare Drum… He wanted to play snare drum at the college football halftime show.. But he was asked to play pit percussion instead..
  4. 4. Because he weighs only 50 pounds….
  5. 5. Went onto design his own snare drum.. 6 Pounds only..!!!
  6. 6. Result… he achieved his dream
  7. 7. On being asked what do you value the most about you…
  8. 8. There are 3 aspects to happy life.. Be OK with what you can’t do because there is so much you CAN do Surround yourself with PEOPLE you want to be around Keep moving FORWARD
  9. 9. Which drove Sam forward.. Towards GENETICS & changing the WORLD He was filmed by HBO in the documentary “LIFE ACCORDING TO SAM”