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Project report titles for mba in pharma


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Dear Students
We can help you to write total dissertation/project report.

Our 9 step method of project writing:-

Step 1) Helping you in Selection of topic.
Step 2) Group discussion / conference call with in team of professors.
Step 3) Helping you in Preparation of Synopsis/ proposal & sent to project guide

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Project report titles for mba in pharma

  1. 1. Project Report Titles for MBA in Pharma
  2. 2. Find below list of titles for MBA Pharam • Pharma industry regulation • Genzyme GelTex Pharmaceuticals JV • Data management tools in preclinical development • Pharma Prostavital • Consumer Protection for Pharma Industry • Essential Drugs India • Healthcare India • Healthcare management of elderly people • Hospital practice access to healthcare • Hospitals and Community Health & Development • Maternal and Newborn Healthcare Management • Medical Management of Glaucoma Continue…
  3. 3. • Pharmacokinetic Drug Interactions • Practice of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring TDM • Standards of Care in Pharmacy • TDM Therapeutic Drug Monitoring overview • Therapeutic Drug monitoring report • WHO essential drugs • WHO essential drugs for children • Chronic diseases general management • Chronic diseases management • Clinical Analysis of Adverse Drug Reactions • Clinical Kinetics • Clinical pharmacy introduction • Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics • Computers In Pharmaceutical Technology • Pharma calmagzinc
  4. 4. Dear Students We can help you to write total dissertation/project report. Our 9 step method of project writing:- Step 1) Helping you in Selection of topic. Step 2) Group discussion / conference call with in team of professors. Step 3) Helping you in Preparation of Synopsis/ proposal & sent to project guide
  5. 5. Step 3) Helping you in Preparation of Synopsis/ proposal & sent to project guide Step 4) Helping you Literature & data collection from university library, journals, web etc Step 5) Helping you Drafting of project, titling, subtitling, indexing
  6. 6. Step 7) helping you in Pagination, paragraphing, image & table placing, font & formatting as per guidelines given & Final copy sending to guide for review Step 8) after receiving ok from guide, work on plagiarism free writing work & testing etc Step 9) Help to do Corrections if any, based on students/guides feedback & final delivery
  7. 7. MBA viva questions and answers: - Model & expected Question & answers preparation for Viva (optional) My consulting fees will be depend on guidelines , no pages , word count , complexity , size of project, time requirement , people required , expectation level of your & your university etc.
  8. 8. Terms & conditions 1. We do provide supported, help & consultancy to prepare project as per university guidelines but we do not commit any % of marks / grade /ranking in project report/assignment. Neither we are responsible for loss nor profit occurred by using our services. Purpose of our services to provide guideline/consultancy to project and not to promote or provide readymade project work. After receiving project from us, student should read & understand the project/ assignment. We do write project best of our knowledge, resources & time. We will not be responsible for difference in views, opinion of your project guide or anyone else. You can do alteration in project the from your end if require. 2. We should receive Guidelines, information, data or any other inputs on time & at a time if require from you. We accept all inputs in soft copy format only.
  9. 9. 3. If you need any certificate, any other document from our end you should intimate us before start of project along with its details & format. Many companies do not provide certificates for unknown students, if require you need to provide scan copy of photo id/ collage id/ letter from institute etc. We will talk to companies who can provide internship & certificate to you, we will update accordingly if we receive yes from campiness. 4. Any data if required to outsource or buy will be charged extra, we will intimate you cost for same at beginning only. Any dispute or argument will at Thane Jurisdiction only. Any dispute if discussed or addressed on any other platform/media/medium, and then we will prosecutes /appeal against you for loss of our image, name or brand.
  10. 10. 5. Project preparation is manual thing so it takes it own & comfortable time. We do not undertake any project in urgency. Delay in project /assignment may happen because of health, natural calamities, social disorder, low & order situation etc or any other issues beyond our control. In such cases will refund proportionate logical amount to you. We will not refund for part/amount of work of project. We do not undertake any project on urgent basis or even any correction / rework also will take considerable time. 6. Face to face meeting, telephonic communication will be by appointment only. We will not be responsible to attained calls/meeting without appointment. Need to all communication by email & in short, to the point only. We do not consider any communication or commitment done verbally. 7. We do not provide any kind of printing & hard copy or CD production. We provide only softcopy by email.
  11. 11. 8. We do not provide any training, coaching or explanation after project writing for viva or for any reason. Any feedback on project should receive from you within one week time. If feedback received after long time we may not be able to comment or help on this cases, because we might not have saved related references & material related to same project. Or professors may not go back to brain storming in old issues again. 9.After receiving project from us, you should you read & understand it before sending it university If any correction /changes/modification required then please let us know. You should not share it with any one or should not post on online websites. Sharing of unique project prepared for you may be misused by someone else. .
  12. 12. About Us:- e-Branding India Technologies is the group company headed by Mr. Prakash Bhosale (e-Marketing Consultant) involved in providing Marketing Consultancy & services to small & medium companies, start- up companies & entrepreneurs. Our Team:- We are team of 18 e-marketing Consultants, commercial designers, web technologist, engineers, software developers, Brand consultants, Advocates, Professors of Marketing, HR , Operations , Finance , Content writer, Data mining & analysis experts , Market research experts spread across Mumbai, Pune, Sangli , Thane, USA. (Very soon we will be at UK, Canada, Singapore, and Dubai, South Africa) We provide consulting services online across India & world. Qualification & Experience of Team Members: - Average experience of each team member is more than 9 years in respective field, with qualifications like MBA, MCA, BCA, B.Tech; Qualified Google Ad words Professionals by Google Inc, Commercial Artist from JJ School of Art.
  13. 13. About Me:- After completion of MBA in marketing started career as professor for few months and moved to Mumbai passion to do something in online marketing & educational entrepreneurship. First started working with Leading B2B portals and helped hundreds of SME’s to rake their website on Google with 1000’s of keywords, after that kept working with few other web portals and with for three years but ambition of starting on own could not allowed me to keep working with Google as well, finally after leaving Google, e-Branding India Technologies has took birth in 2009. Apart from leading e-Branding India , I also work as project guide for MBA students of IGNOU, Mumbai , Pune , UK Universities In last 10 years I helped more than 900 students to do their project report . . I am also a Certified Google Ad words Professional by Google Inc.
  14. 14. Thanks & Regards Prof. Prakash Bhosale Ph:-09222086563, 09224335234, 08097027355,09860117724, 09867806399, 09167719419, 09969644539,, Our websites: -,,, (ebrandingrp7614)