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  1. 1. The First St. Petersburg Business Incubator REO «Service» managing company +7 (812) 560-97-49 The First St. Petersburg Business incubator
  2. 2. The First St. Petersburg Business incubator was launched by theSt. Petersburg Government (Decree № 1425 from 22.11.2006) and by theRF Ministry of Economic Development as a project for support anddevelopment of St. Petersburg innovative and hi-tech SMEs. The First St. Petersburg Business Incubator was opened at the premises of «Krystal» business center in April 2007. Address: 37, Sedova street, St. Petersburg. Gross area - 3200 sq.m, Office spaces - 2800 sq.m. Managing company: «REO «Service». The First St. Petersburg Business incubator
  3. 3. The targets of the Business incubator creation:• Development of Saint-Petersburg economics;• Development of high tech and innovative technologies in Russia;• Development of innovative SMEs, creating an enabling environment formanufacturing companies;• Providing the business links between industries and SMEs;• Stimulation of the new companies creation and development;• Creation of the new jobs. The First St. Petersburg Business incubator
  4. 4. The First St. Petersburg Business Incubator’s Unique Character:• REO «Service» is the first private company being a trust manager for thestate business incubator;• In 1999 a contract on transmission of «Crystal» business center premisesunder trust management was signed;• In 2006 REO «Service» company won a tender on management of thebusiness incubator. The First St. Petersburg Business incubator
  5. 5. The First St. Petersburg Business Incubator: Key Features• No industrial spaces;• Wide range of residents’ operations;• Special business environment in the business center;• Opportunities for moving to office spaces after the business incubation period;• Good location - not far from city centre;• Unique experience for St. Petersburg. The First St. Petersburg Business incubator
  6. 6. Description of office spaces:• Gross area of the business incubator is 3200 sq. m, including office spaces – 2800 sq. m;• Provided office area - from 20 sq. m;• Freight and passenger elevators;• 24h guard with video, access control and automatic fire-fighting systems;• Parking spaces with video control system;• Broad-band Internet connection;• Conference facilities;• Every workplace in the incubator is equipped by: • computer, office equipment and furniture; • telephone; • broad-band Internet; • licensed software; • shared access to intertown telephone line, fax, copier, scanner, colour printer. The First St. Petersburg Business incubator
  7. 7. Rent rates:Basic monthly rent rate is 910 rubles per 1 sq. meter.First year - 25% basic rate (227,5 rub.);Second year - no more than 40% basic rate (364 rub.);Third year - 80% basic rate (782 rub.).The rent includes a complete range of services. The First St. Petersburg Business incubator
  8. 8. Services for the residents:The residents get the full support that makes them able to focus on their business development. Financing: • Private investors, business angels Education: • Investment companies and funds Consulting: • Seminars • Venture funds • legal issues • Trainings • Economics Infrastructure: • Taxation • Office • Marketing • Facilities • Business planning • Computers • Promotion • Internet • PR • Individual telephone line • Accounting • Licensed software • Financing • Databases • loan services • Secretary • HR • IT support • Internationalization • Accountant • City Adminisrtation etc. Resident • Lawyer Promotion: Internationalization: • Advertising • Business trips • Exhibitions • Seminars • Media • Joint projects • PR-support • Internships • Events • Consulting The First St. Petersburg Business incubator
  9. 9. Internationalization:Consulting:• Market research;• Starting and doing business in other regions of RF and abroad; Participation in the International• Finding reliable partners and attracting investments? cooperation programs:• Production promotion in regions of RF and abroad; • EuroRussia Forum; • INTERREG III • Baltic Sea Integration Internships Seminars with the foreign trainers Business trips: • European experience of innovative business support in Finland and Sweden October 2009 April 2010 Euro Info Centre European Network supporting enterprises and innovations that unites more then 40 countries The First St. Petersburg Business incubator
  10. 10. Results (on 31.12.2011): 60 % of companies are graduates of The first city business incubator (they left the business incubator due to financial growth, changing of the registered office and with the need of other areas). 72% of the resident businesses are dynamically developing 32% in business incubator 30% left due to other reasons the end of the programm 10% 28% financial grow The First St. Petersburg Business incubator
  11. 11. Financial and economic activities of the business incubator companiesOperating revenue (RUR000s) :2007 y. – 16 797,62008 y. – 53 998,22009 y. – 78 9112010 y. – 90 016,62011 y. – 197 708,6The operating revenue of the 2011 year exceeds the operating revenue of the 2010 yearmore than 2 timesThe operating revenue of the 2010 expands in 12 times in comparison with the 2007 year. Первый городской бизнес-инкубатор
  12. 12. Financial and economic activities of the business incubator companies The headcount : 2007 y. – 142 2008 y. – 189 2009 y. – 160 2010 y. – 192 2011 y. – 180 Despite some headcount degression the business incubator companies show the high economical efficiency. Первый городской бизнес-инкубатор
  13. 13. Financial and economic activities of the business incubator companies Indicated fiscal charges, analogic payment (RUR000s): 2007 y. – 2 087,8 2008 y. – 11 163,5 2009 y. – 15 334,8 2010 y. – 17 471,5 2011 y. – 52 997,46 The operating revenue of the 2011 exceeded the operating revenue of the 2010 in 3 times The sum of the indicated payment of the 2010 year expanded in 8,3 times comparably with the 2007 year, in 1,6 times comparably with the 2008 year and 1,1 times comparably with the 2009 year. All the investings in establishing the business incubator were recovered in the second year. Первый городской бизнес-инкубатор
  14. 14. Study projects:From 16.04 to 14.06.2011 Business development stimulating program for the residents of the businessincubator were held in business incubator. It was organized with The Saint-Petersburg Business-AngelsOrganization. The program consisted of the trainings and seminars which helped the entrepreneurs look intothe aims and strategies of the business. As a result residents of the business incubator were concentrated ondoing their businesses efficiently. Program included:- team expertise and education;- specialization on innovative sphere and focus on realization of the needs of innovative business;- providing the access to the target resources on the territory of Saint-Petersburg influence and high interestdue to using of the modern educational methods and involving practical experts from the real business;- information intensity, formation and support of the space of mutual interest parties to the employment ofinteraction in the innovation field;- integration of expertise and experience in high technology, human resourcemanagement and marketing opportunities for learning real business cases. In September the methodic of startclassification of the resident needs will be tested. In October, in strict accordance with the identified groups, thetraining program will start. It takes into account the control measures of quality of teaching and studentslearning degree of study material. Project team – experts and high quality managers in technological entrepreneurship, human resource management, market research, demand generation and management of consumer behavior, promotion, information technology and innovative project management. The First St. Petersburg Business incubator
  15. 15. Plans for the near future: • Promotion of international contacts; • Local and international training programs; • Relations with high education schools and universities; • Joint programs aimed at residents business development; • Creation of the new business incubator consulting centre; • Expansion of the business incubator area; • Launching of the Technology Business Incubator in St. Petersburg. The First St. Petersburg Business incubator
  16. 16. The First St. Petersburg Business Incubator 37,Sedova street, St. Petersburg,192148. Tel.: +7 (812) 448-56-65 E-mail: Thank you for your attention!The First St. Petersburg Business incubator