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  1. 1. Head of the Department for Small andMedium Business Support,Committee for Economic Development,Industrial Policy and TradeSergey Tolokontsev
  2. 2. 35% 75% Lack of qualified human resources 61% 21% 50% Limited access to financing 38% 23% Infrastructure 36% 17% Comlexities linked to introduction of new technologies 43% 28% 33% High labor costs 23% 36% Administrative regulation 19% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% EU St.Petersburg, 2008 St.Petersburg, 2010Note: The research conducted by «OPORA RUSSIA». Data used in the research refersto 27 EU member states, Iceland, Norway and Turkey
  3. 3. Nonprofit organization «Fund forSmall Business Credit Assistance»Founded: October 29, 2007 Special program ofFund assets as of 28.10.2011: 2 bln. RUB subsidizing credit % rateTotal limit of guarantees: 4.9 млрд. руб. Since the beginning of theTerm of operation: without limitations program 1,500 SMEs receivedParticipants of the Fund’s programs: 37 banks subsidies to the amount ofCredit guarantees 357.5 mln. RUB which allowedNumber of credit guarantee agreements to attract 1.4 bln. RUB.concluded since the beginningof operation – 1,096Volume of guarantees granted sincethe beginning of operation– 4.9 bln. RUB Special program of subsidizingMicrofinancing program (up to 1 mln. RUB for leasing paymentsa term of 1 year at 10% interest per annum) Since the beginning of the programNumber of loans granted since the beginning of operation – 150 SMEs received subsidies to the150 amount of 50 mln. RUB whichVolume of loans granted since the beginning of operation – allowed to acquire fixed assets to the71.4 bln. RUB amount of 350 mln. RUB
  4. 4. The First St. Petersburg Business Incubator Residents’ earnings (mln. RUB) 100 79 90 80 54 50 0 2008 2009 2010 I пол. 2011 As of 01.11 2011 the business incubator accommodates 37 residents Center for prototyping of composite Center of shared accessmaterial articles and coating application 70 orders to the amount of 0.4 mln. RUB fulfilled since August 2011 25 contracts to the amount of 10 mln. RUB concluded since May 2011
  5. 5. Special program «Regional University of Small Business» Implementation of the Collection and processing Development of educational and advanced of applications from advanced vocational vocational training unions and associations training programs in of entrepreneurs on programs in cooperation accordance with the needs in staff training with Universities from needs St. Petersburg 20 educational programs Introduction to Current directions Seminars, trainings doing business in economics 350 SMEs have undergone training
  6. 6. PROBLEM1. GRID CONNECTION 1. Consultation center on issues of grid connection in the Entrepreneurs House of St. Petersburg. Consultants: JSC Lenenergo, St. Petersburg retail company, Energia Holding 2. Connection: А) Simplified electric power connection procedure ( up to 15 kW per 550 RUB per 1 kW tariff) on the conditions that facility is located no more than 300 meters away from power supply source) B) No reference rules in contracts С)Approval time reduced from 72 to 26 days 3. Consumption: А) Fixed advance payment В) No more than 15% in excess demand energy (without fines) 4. Special program «Grid connection» (up to 50% of connection costs up to 500 kW)2. PROPERTY PROVISION 1. Realization of the Federal law dated 22.07.2008 № 159-FZ «On preferential right of buyout …»: А) 1826 SMEs bought out rental facilities ( total area of 223,575 sq.m). During a 10-month period of 2011 the number of bought-out facilities increased by 34%. В) Beginning 01.01.2011 deferred payment term extended from 2 to 3 years С) Bought-out facilities: St. Petersburg - 30%, Yekaterinburg - 20 %, Moscow - 5% 2. Realization of the «Mortgage» program in cooperation with the North-West Bank of Sberbank of Russia and Fund for Small Business Credit Assistance
  7. 7. PROBLEM3. TAXATION 1. St. Petersburg Law dated 05.05.2009 № 185-36 «On introduction of a tax rate for organizations and individual entrepreneurs using simplified tax system on the territory of St. Petersburg»: А) Tax rate reduced from 15 to 10 % on condition that taxed items are revenues reduced by the amount of expenditures. B) Volume of city budget revenue shortfall in 2010 constituted 724 mln. RUB Functioning of the Public Council on Small Business Development under the4. DIALOGUE BETWEEN BUSINESSES auspices of the Governor of St. Petersburg:AND AUTHORITIES -24 amendments into business regulating normative acts of the city and the Russian Federation prepared and introduced - Operational legal service organized: 2.5 thousand consultations carried out. - More than 60 thousand entrepreneurs participated in the events organized by the Council (round tables, seminars, conferences) in 2008-2011
  8. 8. Comfort of living Self-employmentPromoting affordability and diversified assortment of products and services Increasing the number of work provided to the residents of places, growth in the number of St. Petersburg population employed in small business trade 34% 276.9 thousand residents applied to the Employment 75% public catering service 189.7 thousand citizens consumer services 90% employed, including 55 % employed in small and medium Changing the sectoral structure business Increasing the share of manufacturing and innovative sectors, growing small businesses into medium-sized businesses, increasing budget tax receipts 3 Small manufacturing enterprises allocate times more taxes and fees to the budget of St. Petersburg than consumer services enterprises
  9. 9. Results of the conference on localization and import substitution held in 2011 Results of implementation of a special program «Grants for private business Identification establishment» in 2009-2011 Participation Initial audit 980 new SMEs established Negotiations 7,000 new work places created Grant Lensvet Volume of program financing – Company Identified Invited Participated Negotiations Supply of 360 mln. RUB pilot samples LocalizationNissan Manufacturing 128 89 54 40 7 SMEs survival rate constitutedRusHyundai Motor 70% in 2009-2010Manufacturing Rus 136 68 28 17 2GM Auto 226 198 37 * *BSH Home Appliances 147 118 19 9 4 Achievement of comfort of living standards Import-substitution in districts of the cityState Unitary 125 109 34 17 3Enterprise «Lensvet»State UnitaryEnterprise «Vodokanal 232 217 73 35 4of St. Petersburg»
  10. 10. MULTI-SERVICES CENTER - «ONE-STOP SHOP» FOR STATE SERVICES PROVISION FOR LEGAL ENTITIES AND INDIVIDUAL ENTREPRENEURS 10-12 Krasnogo tekstilschika StreetAims of establishment:– optimization of operation of executive authorities of St. Petersburg– elimination of administrative barriersFunctions:– provision of state services to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs– acceptance of documents for state support of SMEsAgreements of cooperation signed with 11 executive authorities of St. Petersburg via WEBSITE (beginning December 2011) SUBMISSION OF DOCUMENTS via CENTER
  11. 11. Energy efficiency development program Encouraging the introduction of energy efficient technologies Support of crafts Folk crafts center, exhibitions Support of youth entrepreneurship Involving youth in business activities USA Support of socially unprotected Support of separate groups of groups of population entrepreneurs Improvement of energy efficiency Franchise development program Regions of the Russian Federation NEW SUPPORT MEASURES Development of subsidy programs Localization, import substitution and subcontracting development programs European UnionIncrease in public procurement Facilitation of SME participation inInternationalization program public procurementPromotion of entrepreneurship through mass media Education and advanced vocational training Export support Enterprise Europe Network – St. Petersburg, special program
  12. 12. Target indicators Volume of financing№ Target indicator Value by 2015 Program for 2012-2015 Program for 2008-20111. Increase in the reporting year in comparison with the 0.40 6 bln. 4.4 bln. previous year in the share of products (works, services) RUB, including RUB, including produced by SMEs in the total GRP volume of St. federal federal Petersburg (in %) financing financing2. Increase in the reporting year in comparison with the 2.00 previous year in SMEs tax proceeds into the budget of St. Petersburg (in %) +36%3. Increase in the reporting year in comparison with the 4.00 previous year in the share of innovative and manufacturing SMEs (in %)4. Increase in the reporting year in comparison with the 2.20 Directions in implementation previous year in the number of work places created by SMEs (in %) 1. Increasing the access to financial resources5. Share of population employed in SMEs within the total 44.50 2. Strengthening of market positions number of employed population in St. Petersburg (in %) 3. Development of social partnership 4. Development of workforce capacity 5. Increasing public significance6. Number of SMEs per 1,000 population 44.30 6. Analysis of development indicators and efficiency of support measures 7. Information support7. Growth in the reporting year in comparison with the 5.00 previous year in the average salary paid by SMEs (in %)
  13. 13. Share of manufacturing SMEs in the total number of SMEs Average monthlyShare of SMEs per sum of salary Investment in public procurement fixed capital placement Share of 8.9 21,357 1,456 turnover in the 36 % RUB mln. 22 total turnover of organizations % % 130 28.66 thousand % 1230.4 31.3 Increase in the 333.17 number of work thousand thousand Share of SMEs in tax places duringa 9-month period thousand receipts to the budget of St. Petersburg Number of people employed in Increase in the SMEs number of SMEs (42% of economically active Number of SMEs in population) during a 9-month St. Petersburg period
  14. 14. Government of St. Petersburg Thank you for your attention!Head of the Department for Small and Medium Business Support,Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade Sergey Tolokontsev Теl.: 576-00-10 E-mail: