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creativity: what or how?


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Things I presented on Pecha Kucha Jakarta Vol. 13 event with the topic Creation: Creative Education.

As lecturers/teachers, creativity is something that we need to support the way we deliver the subject to the student.

In what way?

Find out yourself on my slides :)

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creativity: what or how?

  1. 1. creativity: what or how? lessons from classroom experiencesimage Out of The Box Development B.V.
  2. 2. ever heard about these? PSYCHOMETRICS TEST CONSTRUCTION RESEARCHimage BartCo/ METHODS
  3. 3. how about this?STATISTICS
  4. 4. a common reaction we’re going to get when it comes to STATISTICSimage BananaStock /Getty Images/BananaStock
  5. 5. OR EVEN WORSE!image
  6. 6. LECTURING image image Elayne Flukerwhat should be delivered how to deliver it
  7. 7. what should be delivered { } curriculum literatures syllabus ‘naturally’ GIVEN, cannot be changedimage
  8. 8. howto deliver itCREATIVITY RULES image Elayne Fluker
  9. 9. CREATIVITY 1. tell things that we’d love to listen RULES don’t tell things that we don’t love to listenimage
  10. 10. CREATIVITY 2. get physical RULES don’t just sit still and get bored image
  11. 11. CREATIVITY 3. insights from the students RULES give the opportunity to the students to get their own insights image
  12. 12. here’s myclass SAMPLING selecting representative people/objects from population
  13. 13. here’s myclass VALIDITY what actually does the psychological test measure?
  14. 14. here’s myclass RELIABILITY how consistent the scores from a psychological test?
  15. 15. ]use media whichstudents feelfamiliar with.or they should befamiliar with iteventually.
  16. 16. as long as we know where the destination is,we can choose any path to get there image isabellasgypsytreasu
  17. 17. howto deliver itCREATIVITY RULES RULES? there’s none, actually. just do things out of the ordinary. image
  18. 18. “creativity is aboutcreating alternatives ”
  19. 19. meet the students and the lecturer
  20. 20. agathaardhiatimbakdospsychologistlecturerpopular & science writerlife adventurer