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15NTC: What to Do When Technology Isn't Your Problem?


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Just like the family dog, technology is often blamed for things that are not its fault. Many of us rush to replace the technology we have. If it isn’t doing what we want, it must be broken. The greatest database in the world can’t save an organization that isn’t functioning well. And expecting it to will only lead to project failure along with a lot of frustration and missed opportunity.

This interactive session will explore how to evaluate when your organization has people and processes problems, not technology problems, and what others have done about it. Participants should be prepared to share their experiences, success, and/or failure stories, or their questions about how to address people challenges in their organizations.

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15NTC: What to Do When Technology Isn't Your Problem?

  1. 1. #15NTCrealissues Notes: What to do When Technology Isn’t Your Problem? #15NTCrealissues Shared Notes:
  2. 2. #15NTCrealissues Notes: First Things First Introductions Us You Collaboration Notes:
  3. 3. #15NTCrealissues Notes: Where Are We Going? The Tech Success Triangle The Quiz (Diagnosis) Storytelling Prescription Image:  Marcelo  Nava    
  4. 4. #15NTCrealissues Notes:
  5. 5. #15NTCrealissues Notes:
  6. 6. #15NTCrealissues Notes: “Red Flag” Phrases “Our board member told us to get this, he loves it at his office.” “It’s free!” “Our VISTA/New Sector volunteer is really smart. She’ll figure this out! “We need to get this up and running in the next 3 weeks.”
  7. 7. #15NTCrealissues Notes: The Tech Success Triangle Table
  8. 8. #15NTCrealissues Notes: The Three Legs of the Tech Success Triangle Table People Process Tech Mission
  9. 9. #15NTCrealissues Notes: People •  Executive Sponsorship •  Collaboration •  Technical Skills •  Roles •  Personalities •  Politics Process •  Governance •  Planning and Budgeting •  Measurement •  Change Management •  Responsibility •  Accountability •  Defined Outcomes Technology •  Project Management •  Vendor Selection •  Evaluation Criteria •  Capacity to Maintain
  10. 10. #15NTCrealissues Notes: Take the “Project and Implementation Problems Diagnostics” Quiz! 5 mins!
  11. 11. #15NTCrealissues Notes: Share your quiz results:   Project:  past, current, or planned project   Scene: give your partner the context •  What are/were you trying to accomplish? •  Why? •  How are/were you going to get there? •  Did the outcome align with your plan/goals?   # Obstacles: •  People •  Process •  Technology   # Lessons learned?#
  12. 12. #15NTCrealissues Notes: Presenting Problems and Diagnoses
  13. 13. #15NTCrealissues Notes: Pigs and Chickens
  14. 14. #15NTCrealissues Notes: Top 10 Reasons Tech Projects Fail Lack of: 1. Executive Support 2. User Involvement 3. Experienced Project Manager 4. Clear Business Objectives 5. Minimized Scope 6. Standardized Software Infrastructure 7. Firm Basic Requirements 8. Formal Methodology 9. Reliable Estimates 10. Other (Planning, Ownership, Staff) Source: The Standish Group
  15. 15. #15NTCrealissues Notes: Top Barriers to Successful Tech Projects Source: TAG survey (2012)
  16. 16. #15NTCrealissues Notes: Technology maturity/adoption
  17. 17. #15NTCrealissues Notes: RACI Responsible   Doers  of  the  work   Accountable   Owner  of  the  work   Consulted   “in  the  loop”   Informed   “in  the  picture”     There can be only one A   Minimize the # of C and I   Document, Publish & Agree on RACI Chart   Adjust to fit situation
  18. 18. #15NTCrealissues Notes: Talking to Leadership •  Mission (underlies all) •  Risk •  Reward •  Hard costs •  Time costs •  Deadlines •  Effect on other priorities, strategic plan, annual plan.
  19. 19. #15NTCrealissues Notes: Questions? Robert Weiner Robert L. Weiner Consulting @Robert_Weiner Marc Baizman Salesforce Foundation @mbaizman Tracy Kronzak BrightStep Partners @TracyKronzak Dahna Goldstein Altum @dahnag