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Presentation to MS-HCI Program at Georgia Tech


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Roundarch Isobar was invited to give a talk to the HCI Masters students at Georgia Tech, earlier this month. The discussion was lively and ended up being closer to a town hall format than a guest lecture, but this is the redacted version of the deck I presented.

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Presentation to MS-HCI Program at Georgia Tech

  1. 1. Presenta(on  to  MS-­‐HCI  Program  at  Georgia  Tech  (Redacted) 11.08.12 Mark  Badger,  User  Experience  Director Roundarch  Isobar @roundarchisobar    |    @mbadgerProperty  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  2. 2. Agenda  &  Topics2 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  3. 3. Agenda  &  Topics 3:15PM  –  5:00PM “ In  theory,  there  is  no  difference  between  theory  and  prac:ce. ...But  in  prac:ce,  there  is.”  —  Various* Agenda • Introduc:on • UX  as  a  discipline,  in  theory -­‐ Methods  at  Roundarch  Isobar • UX  as  a  discipline,  in  prac:ce -­‐ Case  Studies • The  Future  of  User  Experience • Q&A *This  quote  has  been  a_ributed  both  to  computer   scien:st  Jan  L.  A.  van  de  Snepscheut  and  to  Yogi  Berra.3 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  4. 4. Usability  of  Financial  Systems WORLD  USABILITY  DAY  20124 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al. www.roundarchisobar.comGiven that the theme of World Usability Day 2012 is Financial Systems, I thought I’d spend some time later talking about a coupleof financial services clients. It just so happens that over half of my clients in the past five years have been in the financialindustry: Old Mutual Asset Management, Fidelity Investments (recurring projects), The Hartford, Alico, TIAA-CREF and MackenzieInvestments.
  5. 5. Introduc(ons • Roundarch  Isobar • Mark  Badger,  UXD5 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.So that you might have some insight into my point of view, I want to tell you a little bit about my company, Roundarch Isobar, andmyself. But knowing something about me and the company I work for matters for other reasons.1. UX is increasing in importance and the agency/consultancy setting is just one of several contexts you’ll get to choose from.2. As you know, UX discipline is increasingly a credentialed professional. This wasn’t the case when I was in school. Given that thediscipline is still evolving, you will continue to work with and report to folks whose background may not be in HCI.
  6. 6. Agency  Overview Who  We  Are We are a modern agency of 3,000 creatives and creators with digital at its core. Where  We  Are Located in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, New York, San Francisco, and 34 countries around the world. What  We  Do Roundarch Isobar conceives, designs, and builds digital experiences for the world’s largest organizations. We create integrated marketing campaigns, enterprise web applications, and digital products.6 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  7. 7. We  work  with  Global  2000  en((es  and  large  government  organiza(ons SELECT  CLIENT  LIST7 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  8. 8. Our  client  rela(onships  are  strategic  and  longstanding SELECT  CLIENTS 10+ year relationship to develop one of the 7-year relationship with, mobile world’s largest enterprise portals applications, and optimization Created a social listening platform and Design and build mobile and social executed multiple marketing campaigns applications for 5-year, $50M strategic relationship with Designed, built, and launched over 5 Healthways to conceive, design, and build digital properties their digital offerings Launched adidas’ award-winning Relaunch of JBL sites and creation of miCoach training system several marketing campaigns8 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  9. 9. We  operate  seamlessly  across  bought,  owned,  and  earned  media BOUGHT OWNED EARNED Websites Viral Display Web  Apps UGC DIGITAL Social  Ads Digital  Products Blogs  &  Comment SEM Mobile  Apps Fan  Pages Social  Apps TV TRADITIONAL Outdoor Retail  Stores PR/Influencer Radio  MarkeLng9 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  10. 10. We  offer  all  the  services  necessary  to  go  from  idea  to  execu(on  to  op(miza(on OUR  SERVICES Plan Design Build Market We develop digital products and We design intuitive experiences We build highly scalable and We create, measure, and communication strategies that that are a joy to use flexible technology solutions optimize digitally-centered influence people and positively programs and campaigns affect business results Manage We run large, complex, digitally-centered programs10 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  11. 11. We  offer  all  the  services  necessary  to  go  from  idea  to  execu(on  to  op(miza(on OUR  SERVICES Plan Design Build Market strategy: brand, interactive, research: primary, secondary, architecture strategy creative: advertising, visual multi-channel, social, content segmentation, persona design, experience design, development, heuristics, and content creation, studio Business planning: business competitive analysis software selection production case, roadmap requirements and specs: communications planning: new product development content analysis and specs, technical design and build: innovation and insight, audience functional requirements, content management, search, planning and social, NOWlab™ functional specifications portals, front-end technology, programming and propagation, mobile, internet-enabled devices, integrated platform, service user experience design: social apps, web services, design information architecture, security taxonomy and meta data, optimization: analytics, interaction design, mobile monitoring, SEO, landing pages, MVT, search, media ROI analysis Manage account services | program management | AOR | hosting | outsourcing11 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  12. 12. Mark  Badger,  UX/Crea(ve  Director INTRODUCTIONS 72-­‐81   draw 1982   program 1987   design 1995   web 1997   apps 2001   run 2004   ia/ux 2011   direct12 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  13. 13. UX  as  a  Discipline  (in  theory) • Cross-­‐Discipline  Collabora:on • Process  &  Ac:vi:es • Sample  Deliverables • Related  Fields  of  Knowledge13 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  14. 14. Cross-­‐Discipline  Collabora(on UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  THEORY) Account/PM Crea(ve UX Tech Analy(cs14 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al. www.roundarchisobar.comI skimmed the MS-HCI curriculum here at Georgia Tech, and one can’t help but notice that it is inherently cross-discipline(Interactive Computing; Literature, Media and Communication (LMC); and Psychology.) This is great, because the practice ofconceiving, designing, and building user experiences is inherently cross discipline too.
  15. 15. Cross-­‐Discipline  Collabora(on UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  THEORY) Account/PM Crea(ve UX Tech Analy:cs15 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al. www.roundarchisobar.comIn the past, interactive marketing/design/what-have-you was often UX-led. There is still some merit to that approach, as long asone considers the UX practice as starting with research and extending through delivery. But we deliver the best results when wework in close collaboration with our visual design, copywriting, and technology partners. These disciplines represent the heart ofwhat we do for brands.
  16. 16. Cross-­‐Discipline  Collabora(on UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  THEORY) Account/PM Crea(ve UX Tech Analy:cs16 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al. www.roundarchisobar.comBut we need folks to guide the process and other folks to tell us how we did and to help us improve.
  17. 17. UX  Hierarchy  at  Roundarch  Isobar UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  THEORY) UX  Director Associate  UX  Director UX  Lead Senior  UX  Designer UX  Designer17 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al. www.roundarchisobar.comAt Roundarch Isobar, the UX discipline is distinct from “Creative.” There are varying philosophies on this, driven in part by therelatively imprecise nomenclature: everything we do is arguably “creative,” just as everything we do creates “user experiences.”Regardless, the competencies that comprise the practice of UX are unique enough that a UX career path is relatively easy todefine.
  18. 18. Design  &  Build  Hierarchy  at  Roundarch  Isobar UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  THEORY) Technical  Director UX  Director Crea:ve  Director Technical  Architect Associate  UX  Director Associate  Crea:ve  Director Technical  Lead UX  Lead Art  Director Senior  Developer Senior  UX  Designer Senior  Visual  Designer Developer UX  Designer Visual  Designer18 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al. www.roundarchisobar.comAt Roundarch Isobar, teams are brought together based on the particular needs of a project or account. We have peers at eachrung of the career ladder, and responsibility for project success is shared across the disciplines. There is still a close relationshipbetween Creative and UX, and some projects will have only a UXD or a CD, depending on that director’s background in eachdiscipline.
  19. 19. Sample  Deliverables19 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  20. 20. Sample  Deliverables UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  THEORY)20 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  21. 21. Sample  Deliverables UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  THEORY) Sketches  & Whiteboards21 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  22. 22. Sample  Deliverables UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  THEORY) Lo-­‐Fidelity Wireframes Company Logo22 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  23. 23. Sample  Deliverables UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  THEORY) Detailed  IA23 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  24. 24. Sample  Deliverables UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  THEORY) Annotated Wireframes24 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  25. 25. Sample  Deliverables UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  THEORY) Visual  Comps25 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  26. 26. Related  Fields  of  KnowledgeProperty  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  27. 27. DISCOVERY ACTIVITIESRelated  Fields  of  KnowledgeUX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  THEORY) User  Research • Accessibility Related  Fields • Heuris:c  Analysis • Localiza:on • Brand  Strategy • Focus  Groups • Agile/Lean  Prac:ces • Visual  Design • Contextual  Inquiry User  Behavior • Content  Strategy • Cogni:ve  Modeling • Behavioral  Economics • Data  Visualiza:on • Segmenta:on  and   • Game  Mechanics • Ac:va:on/SEM User  Profiling • Cogni:ve  Biases • Copywri:ng • Usability Media • Storytelling  &   UX  Competencies • Social  Media Narra:ve  Theory • Interac:on  Design • Mul:-­‐channel   Social  Skills • IA  &  Info  Science plaqorms  and  devices   • Presen:ng • Content  Modeling   • Augmented  Reality • Facilita:on • Analy:cs  /  SEO • NUIs • Collabora:on Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  28. 28. UX  as  a  Discipline  (in  prac:ce) • Case  Study  I:  Financial  Services  –  B2B • Case  Study  II:  Life  Sciences  –  B2B • Case  Study  III:  Financial  Services  –  B2C • Lessons  Learned28 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.Again, since we are meeting on World Usability Day, I will note the different approaches we took with regard to user validation,including the pros and cons.
  29. 29. Case  Study  I:  Financial  Services  –  B2B29 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  30. 30. Case  Study  I:  Financial  Services  –  B2B UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  PRACTICE) Personas &  Journeys30 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
  31. 31. Case  Study  I:  Financial  Services  –  B2B UX  AS  A  DISCIPLINE  (IN  PRACTICE) JAD  Sessions31 Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  and  confiden:al.
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