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WHITE PAPER                                                                        The future of management and           ...
WHITE PAPER - Indica e Cia. - page 02  Why Internet as a means of publicize the service providers to consumers?     We are...
WHITE PAPER - Indica e Cia. - page 03  The new mental model of consumer     ZMOT - ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH                   ...
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White Paper Indica e Cia English


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Business Model and Features

Published in: Business, Technology
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White Paper Indica e Cia English

  1. 1. WHITE PAPER The future of management and hiring of service providers Highlight Market Communication between the service provider and consumer, informal and casual; The courses and certificates are not valued, consumers are unaware of its existence; The service provider does not use the qualification as a differentiator; Lack of feedback and difficulty in controlling the quality of services provided; Little or no interaction between manufacturers and service providers; Low technical skills of service providers; Providers have low traceability. Only when we know who did it is late; Providers have high capacity, little exploited, to influence the purchasing decision; In execution services providers represent the makers mark in the consumers home, you like it or not; The growth ambitions of manufacturers, is impaired by the lack of qualifications of providers;a new concept of hiring service providers Indica e Cia. is a platform for hiring of service providers and qualification reference to segments of Air Conditioning, Security and Enterprise Telephony. It is the most complete and specialized directory of service providers in the market. Marcas Parceiras Only the Indica e Cia. has Apoiam esse projeto Unique business model, focusing on CREA-SP specialization, qualification and lead generation; Strategic alliances and involvement of market players, associations and schools; Using business intelligence technology to market research and decision support; Customizable questionnaires for developing any type of market research, customer feedback, product feedback,etc.;Communication between provider and consumer online, of quality, structured and high results; A new communication model mouth to mouth C2C, digital and with sharing feedback; Development of extra-site actions -s workshop, training, promotions and events; Courses and certificates are replaced weight at the time of decision making. The consumer sees the qualifications of the provider - validated by the institution or manufacturer; Evaluation system helps to better understand the needs and limitations of service providers; Key Tools Filters search by state, city, neighborhood, brand and type of service; Request a quote online or collective directed (parameters response time and amount); Alert availability of lead by email and SMS; Evaluation system and feedback of services - with accompaniment of a service center; Indica e Cia. Rank - composed of the results of the feedback, evaluations of services and participation in activities; IndicaCast - video cast with relevant information to the market (scores for the Indica e Cia. Rank); - - 55 11 4323 0996
  2. 2. WHITE PAPER - Indica e Cia. - page 02 Why Internet as a means of publicize the service providers to consumers? We are already more than 80 million Internet users. And that number continues to grow across all markets. TOP 5 in numbers Percent of Brazilian Internet users by region of users - 2011 (Source: UOL) Country Population Users Penetration 13% China 1.336.718.015 513.100.000 22,5% USA 313.232.044 245.203.319 78,3% India 10,2% 121.000.000 13% Japan 126.475.664 101.228.736 80,0% 55% Brazil 194.037.075 81.798.000 42,2% 19% Most consumers (60%) say they are motivated by online ads to get more information about brands/products, and considers the internet the most convenient way to purchase products or services. February 2012 Ads on the Internet have motivated me to seek more information about the brand or product offered 60% 18% 22% The internet is the easiest and most convenient way to shop 60% 19% 21% Ads on the Internet have motivated me to visit the advertised 57% 21% 22% brand Do not bother clicking on an ad for more information about a product 57% 19% 24% I have no problems with using credit card and/or online payment services on the internet 55% 18% 27% When shopping online, have access to products and services they would not have access otherwise 54% 20% 26% I prefer to see ads embedded in videos online than paying a fee to have access to content 53% 21% 26% I usually click in ads I see on the internet 46% 20% 34% Search: Connected Brazil I agree (4-5) Neither agree nor disagree (3) Disagree (1-2) Media Consumption Habits What we offer our audiences Consumers: provide quality information to support decision making in hiring services. Manufacturers: structured database of service providers, access to final consumers, statistical data on the performance of sub-channel with your brand, customer loyalty, improving quality in the attendance; Specialized and Dealers: structured database of service providers, statistical data on the performance of service providers, customer loyalty and disclosure directed and segmented; Associations and Schools: promotion and dissemination of the entity and its actions and events along with the public interest; Retail sector: a database of service providers so that your consumers can consult and brand publicity and promotions; Services Providers: system of automated lead generation - prospecting for new business; improvement in their exposure to its public of interest; ad structured, with display of relevant information at low cost; access information technical and commercial of quality encouraging professional qualifications and access to training courses; - - 55 11 4323 0996
  3. 3. WHITE PAPER - Indica e Cia. - page 03 The new mental model of consumer ZMOT - ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH Previous "When consumers hear about a product today, their first reaction is Model Let me search online for it. 3 steps Stimulus First Second Moment Moment And so they go on a journey of discovery: about a product, a service, of Truth of Truth an issue, an opportunity. In Shelf Experience Today you are not behind your competition. You are not behind the technology. You are behind your consumer." New Mental Model of Consumer Model Home Service Provider Zero Moment of Truth ADD AGE Ar Condicionado Average Evaluation View Phone Number Visit the Website Request a Quote Company Slogan Credentials and Certificates Stimulus First Segundo Academy Staff trained by Registered Firm Moment Momento Air Conditioning CREA-SP of Truth da Verdade Pre-Purchase | In store | In House In Shelf Experience Course Nº 1234567 MPS Type System Refrigeration Technician becomes the next person ZMOT Experience and Warranties On the market since X.XXX Guarantee XX days of service performed. Validation Certificates, how it works XX years experience Extended Warranty. At registration or at any time, the provider accesses the Credentials and Certificates, where he will find a list of Specialties available certificates. When making the choice the system Sale Preventive Maintenance Installation Repair informs him that was validated or that will validated in x days, depending on what is agreed with the institution or Brands Operates enterprise. The credential or certificate, will only appear on Brastemp Electrolux Panasonic the home of the service provider if the certificate is Consul Fujitsu Samsung validated. Carrier LG Trane Daikin Midea York Validation occurs by CPF or CNPJ of the provider. This validation can occur online, with the integration of the Types of Equipment system Indica e Cia. with the system of certifier, or through Split Hi-Wall Duct monthly reporting of trained or by consultation. The process Split Floor / Ceiling Window to be adopted depends on the internal logistics partner. Split Cassete Inverter Split Mult-Split Evaluation System, how it works Additional Services The provider needs to terminate the service on the portal by Civil and finishing works Test performance of electrical components going to the restricted area, for more than 5 services in open Electrical installations and drain point Verification of voltage and current of the apparatus lock your account for new hires. After that, the system sends Clean condenser and evaporator Clean or replace air filter Lubrication of moving parts Replacement of faulty wiring requests to the consumer, so that it evaluates the service. Clean the fan (centrifugal and axial) Substitution of terminals oxidized Each evaluation composes an average of grades received, which in turn composes Rank Indica e Cia. This rank is used Payment as a criterion for priority exhibition, incentive campaigns and awards for the best services providers. Credit Card Check Invoice Our tool BI We are part of the Program Our team is We are part of the Startup Accelerator PartnerWorld® - - 55 11 4323 0996