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Nike Corporat Culture


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Nike Corporat Culture

  1. 1. Nike’s Corporate Culture Utilizing a unique corporate culture for success
  2. 2. Article Overview  Nike is the most powerful brand in sports all over the world  Athletes all over the world choose to wear Nike over any other brand  The best players in the world no matter the race or sport, chose to sign contracts with Nike over other top brands.
  3. 3. Article Overview (cont.)  Nike’s corporate culture is equal to the brilliant branding and marketing in influencing the success.  Nike’s corporate headquarters have state-of-art workout facilities encouraging healthy living to their athletes, employee’s, and customer.  Embrace most famous and successful endorsees by naming building after them.
  4. 4. Article Overview (Cont.)  By stressing autonomy; employee’s have the freedom to develop ideas freely.  Employees have strong benefit packages and significant product discount.  The Company embraces sustainability and has made improvements by providing healthy work conditions for their overseas workforce.
  5. 5. Nike Mission Statement  “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”  “If you have a body, you are an athlete”  In addition to mission statement Nike has set of guiding principles called “11 Maxims”. They aim to guide employees at all levels as they go about their work and represent the brand.
  6. 6. 11 Maxims  “It is our nature to innovate.” The company sees innovation as one of its core organizational competencies.  “Nike is a company.”  “Nike is a brand.” The “swoosh” logo is instantly recognizable around the world. Nike sees this as the symbol of its global leadership. It will enter only those markets that it thinks it can dominate. It says: ‘lf we can’t lead it, we don’t need it.”  “Simplify and go.” Nike products have short life-cycles in terms both of technology and fashion. The company believes that making quick yet skillful decisions is key to its success. This aspect of Nike’s vision, together with the seventh maxim, is particularly powerful in articulating the company’s hugely successful use of emergent strategy.
  7. 7. 11 Maxims (cont.)  “The consumer decides.” The company is keenly aware of the sophistication of its customers and it treats them as its key stakeholder.  “Be a sponge.” Employees at Nike are encouraged to be curious and open to new ideas, whatever their source.  “Evolve immediately.” Nike sees itself as being in perpetual motion–viewing change as a key source of innovation. This attitude can easily be observed in the wide range of products that Nike offers its consumers. It is another example of the company’s use of emergent strategy to good effect.  “Do the right thing.” (Even when it's the hard thing). Nike thinks of itself as a responsible global citizen, embracing the stakeholder view of corporate social responsibility. It encourages its people to be honest and transparent and to promote diversity and sustainability.
  8. 8. 11 Maxims (cont.)  “Master the fundamentals.” All the innovation in the world is useless if you can’t put it into action. A crucial part of Nike’s success is its ability to refine its performance–the recent growth in profits suggests that it’s achieving this.  “We are on the offense–always.” To stay ahead in an extremely competitive environment, Nike urges its people to act like leaders in their field to achieve victory.  “Remember the Man.” The late Bill Bowerman is still held in high esteem throughout Nike, both for his understanding of athletes’ needs and for his innovative spirit.
  9. 9. Nike’s Core Management Values  Lead  Coach  Manage  Inspire * In that order
  10. 10. Heroes  Philip H. Knight
  11. 11. Nike Top Athletes  Michael Jordan; 6 time NBA champion
  12. 12. Nike Top Athletes (cont.)  Lebron James; 3 time NBA Champion
  13. 13. Nike Top Athletes (cont.)  Kevin Durant; 2013-2014 NBA Most Valuable Player
  14. 14. Nike Top Athletes (cont.)  Cristiano Ronaldo; 2 time world cup champion
  15. 15. Rights and Rituals  2 day orientation for every employee  “Story-Telling” Understanding the heritage both employees and customers  Every design is telling a story and the foundation of Nike which is to improve athlete’s performance  Philip Knight “But we have a little bit more than a history. We have a heritage. Something that’s still relevant today. If we connect people to that, chances that they won’t view Nike as just another place to work”
  16. 16. Employee Rewards and Benefits
  17. 17. Globalization  Nike has employee’s in 6 continents
  18. 18. Diversity  This table contains North American totals by ethnicity. As you can see from the table, their culture is diverse.
  19. 19. Innovation  Nike is big on innovation, they say it’s the key to sustainability  They added an innovation team to establish a sustainability product team  Nike also works with different organizations to advance innovation
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